Review: Shinko 804 and 805 Adventure Trail Tires

Review: Shinko 804 and 805 Adventure Trail Tires

one more opportunity for new tires here
on the market we have the Shinko E 804 and 805’s. this is Paul he’s an
instructor with the school here he’s going to be trying these out I just spooned these tires on the other day so we’re going to try them out and
see how well they hold up hey folks I’m Paul back to give you an
update on these Shinko tires I’ve been running for last 2,500 miles they’ve
held up really well doing really good on the street they corner pretty well they
don’t seem to walk the way your normal knobbies do you’ll get that that wiggle in
the middle of the corner. I’ve ridden on dry roads wet roads hot roads cold roads
running on the street I was running I think 40 on the rear and 35 on the front
just trying to get a little more wear out of them compared to you know some of
the other similarly priced tires like the Kenda big blocks these got a lot
better mileage than the Kenda’s performance wise was was pretty similar
but yeah I enjoyed the higher mileage compared to the tkc 80s so the mileage
was similar but at half the price I’d rather go through two sets of these you
know just my opinion when I got on the Washington BDR drop
the the tire pressure down to 30 on the back and 25 on the front just because I
knew I was going to be going over a lot of big rocks and stuff this was on leg 2
and I wanted to be able to absorb some of that energy so I softened them up a
little bit the rear did we’re faster than the front one obviously there’s
more weight on the back and with it you know spinning in the rocks and the
gravel and stuff a little bit that they do tend to wear faster but overall they
have held up really really well in the rocks they gripped really well they
didn’t seem to cut or tear the knobs like I’ve seen on some other tires I had
some spots where it was hard packed big rocks that didn’t move and then baby
heads that rolled around on me and loose rock had a bunch of loose gravel that we
went through these tires do slip a little bit in the mud they have a
lateral drift and I think that it has something to do with the way the bar
pattern is set up this is a big advantage in the sand because they act
almost act like a paddle tire but in the mud there’s nothing to stop it from
sliding sideways you know the only thing I would change on these tires would be
to move these outer blocks and offset them into these channels so that they
wouldn’t slip quite as much side-to-side now I mean for the money you can’t go
wrong at $200 or less for a pair of these I’m very impressed with the
mileage and I’m very impressed with with the durability and and how well they
grip on a variety of different surfaces

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  1. I have these on my 14 strom 1000 and love them. But one thing I wanna change is the front tire to something that has more lateral grip. They definitely want to wash on wet muddy stuff.

  2. Great video! I have the same bike and just ordered the 805/804s. Do you notice any negatives by running the 150/110 size versus the BMW specified 170/120?

  3. i love your skills videos…

    i work at a shop and we put alot of shinko tires on bikes. excellent tires for the price all around. i' spring for michelin on my sport bikes but all my other bikes get shinkos. good, fair review!

  4. Love love LOVE my 804/805 combos on my Tiger 800 XCa. Great to see BMW riders that don't poopoo the "STINKO's" as many B riders have called mine. Yes, lateral control is the only minus IMO. If they to offset the blocks a bit it would make them PERFECT but shhhhh…if everyone wants them they'll shoot to $450 a pair like the mighty TKC80s. LOL.

  5. Thanks for a good review of these, you were the instrument responsible for me purchasing these!.. Looking forward to these on my 1200GS.

  6. Yupper. Bought these about 4000km ago for my KLR and have reached exactly the same conclusions. Tough, ride well on all surfaces … except mud (and occasionally loose, dusty stuff) . Not terrible by any stretch, but they do sashay a little. Thought the same thing about alternating the blocks near the sidewall. Would help lock them in quite a bit.
    Good vibe and straight info on here. Liking it. Thanks very much!!

  7. …before embarking on my 2017 summer ADV ride of nearly 8,000 miles I equipped my R1200GS with a set of Shinko 804/805, shocked at the low cost! I installed Ride-On tire sealant in each tire to Ride-On factory recommendation for ADV riding as extra element of protection against puncture but also to ensure really perfect tire balance (this proved to very important BTW). The tires really were smooth on the highway, the rubber heating up nicely and showing themselves surprisingly sticky and neutral handling. Having said that there was a limit to their adhesion and they gave ample notice that they were at that limit allowing time to adjust… Two big negatives are the tire is only rated for 99mph (roughly 159kph) and when worn and cupping in the front, it is quite wearing to ride on the road – vibration and noise… There were times where I clicked 110mph passing a particularly annoying senior citizen who was rather insistent on NOT letting me pass – in the middle of bloody Nowhere no less… I felt a bit nervous for a few moments, imagining my entrails hanging from the speed limit sign for all to admire… The tires held just fine! At one point I was even two up with very full panniers, huge top case and with camping gear, topping close to 1,000 pounds (around 453kg) – moving along at 70mph, the tires performed perfectly… On this same adventure, I also did nearly 500miles of fast fire road, logging road and BLM access roads and I was SO hugely glad I had equipped these as my previous, less off-roadee Pirelli's would have ended me in places the Shinko's shined! Without doubt, the best value in serious off-road feet for the R1200GS!

  8. I can agree I have a set on my 08 KLR and love them. I’m thinking of getting a set for my 16 Tenere. For the price it’s hard to beat them and they spoon on and balance so nice!! Like you say I would rather go though 2 sets of these than pay the price of other tires. Thanks for the review.

  9. The 705 is a great 80/20 too for those with modest dirt needs; especially naked/standard and scramblers were gravel roads are common.

  10. Great all around tire I have over 6k and still more life. My biggest issue what the side to side grip was meh. I slid a lot. I ride in Maine so I have most everything terrain wise except tons of sand on the regular. I also had a massive cut in the body by a block base that showed belt under 1k miles. I couldn't get help from the company i bought from so i just ran it for a full year I had no issues. The TKC is crap compaired to this.

  11. Can you tell me how they handle on streets with snow/slush/ice?… looking to ride year-round in Seattle and Bremerton.

  12. Hows it in those turns, leans? I just put em on my harley to be able to do some trails but nervous on the street with em

  13. In the video, Paul mentions that he runs this tires at 40psi in the rear on the road, and 35psi off road.
    The 805s in the 150 width for tubeless, state a max pressure of 33psi?. Is there an issue running higher pressures than what is specified?

  14. I’m so torn on what to try next on my 1090. Any tire is really good enough to work on the Hwy if you don’t care how long they last, but bikes this big off road really need the most Knarley knobby you can get or you really don’t feel like the bike even belongs off road.
    Only going into my 3rd set on an adventure bike but so far, no matter how little off rd you do on these bikes, if you want to have fun doing it, you’re best bet is to cross longevity off your requirement list entirely and just go with the most off rd tire. And just buy new tires every 4-6000kms. The middle ground for off rd characteristics isn’t worth it in my opinion. Just go right to a Heidenau if you want it to last forever.

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