Review | Ford Shelby GT350R | The Dying Superhero

(light music) (engine revving) (engine revving) – Now if you’re somebody from America you probably know all about
the technical details. But if you’re somebody from Europe that doesn’t have access to this car, let’s talk about why it’s not just an old-fashioned Mustang. Now, yes, there’s some cheesiness to it, but overall this is as
hardcore as you can get. The front end has been completely reworked from a regular Mustang. It’s wider. The fenders have been redone. The hood has been lowered. The front has aerodynamic purpose. There’s changes made
to the front splitter. There’s a splitter to
create frontal down force. There’s different duct
work that helps flow from actual front right and
front left part of the car that has transmission and oil coolers, and it actually flows through the coolers, through the wheel spats, and
then out the back of the wheels to move air towards the front
and the back more cleanly. All right, if you’re still not impressed because every manufacturer
claims they have aerodynamics these days,
let’s talk about cooling. This is a monster V8, high revving V8, and this is not a car
that is just designed to hard park on the street. It’s not just another
Mustang that can go fast in a straight line and
can’t do anything else. If you’re going to take this to a track, you have to worry about cooling, which they’ve also addressed
with this hood vent here and the way that the actual air flow moves through the center grill. Not only does it serve as a flow point for air intake induction,
but it also cools the motor and helps move air out of the engine, which is really important,
because this isn’t just one of those faux track cars that you take out there for 10 minutes and then you have to worry
about something overheating. When you come along
the side of the GT350R, you just realize how wide this vehicle is. I mean, it is incredible. The fender bulges, front and rear, just the style and the
lines of this look amazing. If you’re not a muscle car person, this actually may convert you. But one of the big reasons
why the fenders are wider are these monstrosity of tires. You have actual 305
series rubber in the front and 315 in the back. They’re running these Michelin Pilot Cup Sport II tires, which are essentially going to go in the garbage
after probably 2,000 miles. I mean, there is literally
no tread on here. You can just hear them
disintegrating as you drive. But the R also gets this
carbon fiber rear wing. The nice thing is, it’s actually painted. It doesn’t show off like,
“Oh, look, I’m driving around “with a carbon fiber rear wing.” It is actually painted black. So that’s a nice touch. Technically, if you order a GT350R, it doesn’t come with a trunk. Well, it comes with a trunk,
but there’s no lining. It’s just bare metal. The new owner of this car is
going to actually get trunk. It is completely lined. It is totally usable,
like any other Mustang. Now you’re probably wondering, “Okay, what the hell’s
wrong with this car? “Is this just another fanboy review?” It’s not, because this GT 350, much like the GT and the
Eco Boost that I reviewed, this comes out of the same factory. It’s no different. It has the same problems. Panel gap, a lot of the panels
don’t line up perfectly. There’s a ton of gap in
a lot of these areas. The paint quality is just not good. The orange peel is just ridiculous. Some of the matching
between the plastic bits and the actual sheet metal are just, well, not perfect. That’s exactly what you get all around this Shelby GT 350, much like all the rest of the Mustangs. They don’t build it to
the highest quality. The actual standards that
they use to produce it aren’t that of a higher end car, despite the price tag here. (marching drum) – I thought you said this
pile has magnetic suspension. – [Man] It’s magnetic, yes. – Yeah right. – [Man] It does. – Looks like plain ass shit to me. – No the (mumbles). So, before we get into any more dialogue about the pros and cons of this, let’s talk about the GT350R specifically. – Tell me about it. – This actual vehicle was
designed in a wind tunnel, the aerodynamics, not the full scale car, but a scaled down model of this. And that’s how they came up
with the front actual splitter, this front pan all the
way to the rear pan. So what they did is they took
this splitter on the GT350R, it’s much bigger, and it’s
designed to set up this panel and these kickbacks here to flow air under the bottom of the car
to cool not only the trans, the actual center tunnel of the car, all the way back to the
diffuser in the back to help get air flow right
into the actual cooler for the differential. The other part of cooling
that’s super important with this car, and I’m
sure the first gen owners, or the first model owners
found this out right away, if they didn’t have a track pack, they had a problem with trans heat. So, this car comes with a trans cooler and an engine oil cooler in the front left and the front right. The other part of that
is there are brake ducts in the front left and right that help move air flow into
these monstrous Brembo brakes. And that air actually does cool it, and part of this aero
panel also has kickups here to blow air directly onto the brakes. So they really did think about this. It wasn’t just some
panel they threw on here to smooth out just air flow. – It’s just some little
spat that hangs down? – Yeah, just a little piece
of plastic that shoots a little air duster can of air on it. There’s vents that come out
of the actual wheel wells in the front from the engine
oil cooler and trans cooler. That air blows specifically down and these coolers for
the brakes actually help to move the air through the
back spats behind the wheels. And these back actual vents
go out the side of the car to dissipate heat and smooth air flow out. So this is actually really
cool for a production car. There was a lot of thought given to this for something you wouldn’t
typically think about in an American kind of
mass-produced sports car. They did a really good job on it. Your actual brakes, again, are massive, single-piece Brembo brakes, 15 1/2-inch rotors that are
actually a two-piece design, although it’s a full two-piece because you can’t remove
the hats from the rotors. You have to buy the whole thing. But they are technically a two-piece because the hat is aluminum
and it’s pinned in the actual– – They pinned it in. – It’s pinned in there. So the brake rotors
are directional-veined, like a high-performance dish should be, so you can’t just swap
rotors back and forth. They are per wheel. The actual front hubs on this car are aluminum, which is different
from the regular Mustang. And they chose these
upgraded aluminum hubs not only because of the size
of the brakes and the wheels, it’s to help with steering field. You have dual ball
joints on the bottom half of the actual hub. Again, this is for
steering fields, stability, and to control the extra,
the load on the wheels, or actually on the
suspension and the hubs, and also has upgraded wheel
bearings in the front. And that’s totally different
from the regular Mustang. So that’s a lot, actually,
just in the front half of this car, and we’re not even done, yet. – No? – No, let’s get to one of the
things you noticed right away. – What, the plastic drain plugs? – Yeah.
– The plastic oil pan? – The plastic composite,
no they call it composite, which could mean anything. This oil pan is a first for them. It includes a baffle and a
different pickup all in this pan so they didn’t have to separate the two. And this was designed for high G4s, which also adds extra two
quarts of oil to the motor. – I was gonna say, 10 1/2 quarts? – Yeah, it’s like something
like 10 1/2 quarts, so it’s two– – Of 5W50? – 550 and they actually gave
this the correct oil weight over the GT, which runs a pathetic 520, which is gonna turn into diarrhea water, you know, five minutes on a track. So this actually has the
correct oil weight for this car and heat is not an issue
with the oil cooler. Although, I probably would
take out the motor craft oil and put some serious
synthetic fluid in here if you’re tracking it, just to be safe. But, that’s just another part of this. The trans is totally
different from the GT. This is a TREMEC unit, not the cheap crap they put in the GT that feels
like it’s gonna fall apart after 30,000 miles. This is supposed to be a lot more durable and you can tell by
the shifter feel it’s– – Well, yeah, I saw it has six gears and then it has one race gear? – Yeah, the race gears what you– – Is that how it works,
it’s CVT for race mode? – Yeah, yeah, it’s a CVT. Actually, it has a CVT built into this so you can just go into
this pure motorsports mode. – [Scott] I was hoping to see
a carbon fiber drive shaft. – No, there’s no carbon fiber drive shaft. Let’s knock this out right now. When I was at that GT350 event, I looked at this car front
and back and I drove it and I thought they could
have done so much more here. Why isn’t there more aluminum? Why is, like you said, a
carbon fiber drive shaft? Why isn’t there more
attempts at dropping weight in this chassis, aside
from adding $20,000 wheels? Wouldn’t that make more sense? And then you drive this thing and you realize the price point. If you could get this car for
sticker, the regular GT350, it’s $65,000 and it’s a really
compelling package for that. If you were to add all
aluminum, aluminum chassis, aluminum body panels,
forged aluminum control arms on all this stuff, you’re
looking at over $100,000 car, easily, and that becomes out of the reach of your normal human
being that actually works a pretty middle-income job
or upper-middle income. It would make this totally unattainable and it wouldn’t be as cool. (sighs) All right, let’s move to the back. And again, there’s some things to go over. Your diffuser is designed to, it has actual holes to
create negative pressure and up kicks to help cool
the differential cooler, which is under here. It looks, it’s just a small, almost looks like a steering cooler. – [Scott] A little tiny trans cooler? – Yeah, it’s a very tiny, very tiny. It does, it looks exactly
like a trans cooler. But there is a pump connected
to the differential, which moves the oil into
and back into it to cool it, which is critical if
you’re just pounding around out on the track. So they not only designed
a cooling solution, but also an air flow
solution to help aid it. – I believe they even
stamped the gear ratio on the back, 373. – Yup, that’s right. – [Scott] Gonna have to look it up. – Your rear lower control
arms are very similar to the GT Mustang, but they’ve
been modified for this car, for rigidity, for the extra load. Again, you have different
physical bushings. The sway bar size on
this car, front and rear, is the same as the GT350,
the R is no different. The only thing really
different here in suspension is the GT350R has higher
front spring rates by about 80 pounds. So, there’s a little bit difference there, and I’m not quite sure, it’s
probably because of the tires would be my guess. The back, the bumper, this
is actually the exit point for all the air. This has dual purposes. It helps to create down force in the back, cool the back end, and have
air flow smoothly out the back, in combination with the
actual carbon fiber air foil. These wheels are designed
by an Australian company. They made them for Ford. They are full carbon fiber,
which most people know, and they geek out over these things because it saves 50 pounds
over a regular aluminum wheel for all four. – So that’s a lot for as
big as these things are. – And they’re huge. The negative part about it
is it creates this level of phobia because you know
some asshole’s gonna come up and either key them or try and steal them because they cost so much money. At almost 4000, near $4000
a wheel, that is just crazy. – You would think they would come up with some better lug nut design than something from a Toyota Corolla. – Oh my God, those lug nuts are horrible. I don’t know who actually
thought, you know, “Let’s make these, let’s
put these esoteric wheels “on this car and then put lug
nuts that look like this–” – It’s horrible. A single nut, six lug, seven
lug, all with different keys. – Yeah (laughing) so they guy
who’s trying to steal them like slits his own throat. He just cut the wheel off, instead. But yeah, these wheels
and tires are really cool for a production car, but I
mean, there are trade-offs. If you’re gonna drive this on the street, you have to be super careful
because one damaged wheel is really expensive. – Can they repair these wheels,
or you gotta replace them? – No, they have to be
replaced because they crack. So, the tires are the same story. Now, they are amazing on track, and Ford will claim,
and a lot of people say that these Cup 2 tires are
your best track day tire that you can dual purpose
on the street and track. Well, I’m sure everybody’s
gonna argue that, or most people are gonna argue it. But you get these tires literally no tread in the center of it. It looks like they’ve already been cooked, which is probably gonna
be great in the rain, and I doubt you’ll get
over 2000 miles on these. I’d be shocked. – [Scott] 2000 miles just
driving on the street? – Well yes, street miles 2000. – I think you could get more than that. – What, if you just hard park it and drive around the Starbucks
drive-thru 2000 miles? – Yeah, just drive around the square and have people look at
you and rev the motor. – (Laughing) How much did
you say these tires are? – This rear ones 545, 535? – Oh my God, where is that from? – Tire Rack. – What’s the front? – 535 for the back, 435 for the front. – So that’s gonna be one of
your biggest consumable parts of the GT350R is tires,
and you want a spare one– – If they last 2000 miles, and you’re doing 10,000
miles a year on this car… – God. – [Man] Scott, we’ve finally
made it under the hood. – [Scott] Finally. – I spent a long time looking at this. There’s a lot to talk about. You like that hood vent, don’t you? – I’m trying to figure out what this here little strap is for. – Quick release. – [Scott] (chuckling) Quick
release, slow release. – [Man] Quick release vent? – That’s in case you lock someone under your hood, they can– – Yeah, they can just pry
themselves out of that. – Right.
– That’s what that’s really for, it’s not for cooling. So, on the front of the car, this whole hood has been lowered. This is just lower than
the regular Mustang. So, you get this carbon composite
just kind of front shell for the radiator support. And they decided not to
cover this up because, well, obviously they
want to show off the fact that it’s carbon fiber composite. The second thing they’ve done here, the whole point of getting a high RPM, a stable high-revving V8 was air flow. So the whole engine has been
designed from the ground up. This is not the same as the 5-liter. The block, the heads, all different. Now, the intake manifold
is also different. It’s very similar to the 5-liter, but the overall, it
still has long runners, but the actual diameter’s larger. Again, air flow, larger valve diameter, and higher lift. It has a 14 millimeter
lift, which is really high for a 32-valve motor,
supposedly, of this type. And then, of course,
they did this short ram cone-style filter which seals on the hood, to create a good seal,
they don’t cover it up. So in terms of air flow,
they actually use air flow from the front grille, but it’s restructed because they found that it
creates so much air turbulence, so they use it partly
for air intake induction for this filter element, and
also to cool the engine bay off and it moves air through
here pretty nicely. – [Scott] I’m gonna go in
the car and take a nap. – Part of reducing friction
is they use a deck plate honed block, which means
the bores are more even. That allows them to use piston rings that have less friction, less resistance with the cylinder walls. Actually, piston rings account
for most of the friction inside the motor, too. And what they’ve chosen
is 12.1 compression and they’re using court injection, only, no direct injection here. – What kind of octane
fuel do they recommend? – It’s 93, or 91 minimum, but 93 is where you get the most power. They use the forged flat-plane crank, which is different from some
of the other competitors with the way they drilled it and the way the pins are set up. So, really, there’s so
much that you can learn about this motor. They’ve done so much here
to try to get this car as high-performance as possible, to make this really one of
the premier high-revving V8 motors in the world. That’s more designed for track. This is specifically
designed to be a track motor. But we don’t know if this
5.2 is gonna hold up. There’s not a lot of people with the car, and not a lot of people with
a ton of track miles, yet, or miles in general. – Oh, I’m sure 50% of the
people who are driving them are just gonna putt-putt around, like they do in some killer Corvettes. – Yeah, I would not do that to this car. I’d be flat-out all the time. (strong musical burst) – I’m really shocked
such a high-caliber car doesn’t have run flats on it. – Every car should have run
flats, or packs, your favorite. – Does it have a spare in the back? – No, I don’t think so. I don’t think they’d waste the weight. – Well, I–
– Maybe. – If they give you the option, take it out and throw it in the garbage. – Oh, right, exactly. Which actually, that’s
a good lead-in to this. I’ve been on the track with the GT350 and the GT350R more than once, and that’s where I developed
my fondness for it. I didn’t get as many laps as I’d like. Of course, I’d like a
million laps in this car, to be honest. But I just wanna show you
a quick highlight reel of my time on the track, and then we’ll kind of talk
about the pros and cons of it. – Did you take the four-cylinder
eco-booster on the track? – No, that was so rare and unavailable that I couldn’t even get near it. They had it on a rotisserie. – That’s too bad. (drumming)
(engine revving) – Yeah, that was nice. Again, just a little
touch here, just a touch. (revving motor drowns out speech) Yeah, just a little bit, slightly abrupt. I’m talking minor things here. Yeah this is, uh, you’re
very good actually. – Oh that’s great. – Wish we could teach more people to do the shifting like that. We might actually keep stick shifts. – The GT350R is a superior track car because you have common sense things like ridiculously sticky tires, much more aggressive arrow, and enhanced front spring rates. It feels more confident,
more firm, more planted, and there’s a lot more feedback. It’s a very neutral car. It’s one of the few cars I’ve been in where you just feel the utter
confidence to go flat out. The trans, the brakes, the brakes are incredible on here, without being carbon– – You like those, those are
on/off switch like your FRS is. – But when you’re at high speed, I mean, it’s like you can
go so deep in a corner with this car, and that’s
the point of the firm pedals. You feel the confidence just to kill ’em. So I really liked that about it. The GT350’s no slouch, either, it just feels a little softer. And that’s just mostly because
of the tires that are on it. And less aero at high speed. It doesn’t have as much stability, but you’re splitting hairs. If you’re not some like
straight-up hard core track rat, the 350’s gonna serve
most people really well. (peppy piano music) So, the first thing I do before
starting out on the GT350 is I go to the mode selector
here and select sport mode, especially for the street. The only thing that I
change is steering mode I switch back over to comfort. It feels more real, less synthetic, and actually some of the Ford
guys confirmed that with me, on the track, especially. It feels more natural. But the shocks go into
a sportier damping mode where there’s more voltage sent to them and the oil gets thicker, so your damping is more aggressive. Your exhaust tone goes
to sport, so it’s louder. You’re just ready to drive
faster on the street. In a serious track car, sometimes
you expect serious things. And the GT350 is one of those rare cars that actually offers
you a lot of the tools that you would expect. All of the gauge information, you have cylinder head
temperature, inlet air temperature, engine oil temperature, trans temperature, and you even have an
oil pressure gauge here. Now, why that’s critical is helps you to know certain things, like for example, if your engine’s still cold, you’ll see your oil pressure gauge pegged at 100 psi at 2000 RPMs. You know you shouldn’t be revving it up. Conversely, if you’re on the
track and you start seeing you’re at 30 psi and you’re at 8000 RPMs, you know you’re gonna lose
the motor pretty soon. So that’s one nice thing
that I haven’t seen in a lot of cars, especially
sports cars recently, that they made sure that
all this stuff is there. Let’s talk about driving
this on the street. First and foremost, it is so overkill. I mean this car has so much capability, and you’re only gonna use 10% of it, kind of, I guess, like
the human brain, right? This car, the first thing you notice, especially with these
305 and 315 tires on it, it tram lines everywhere. As soon as you let go
of this steering wheel, you feel it just pulling
one direction or another. It follows every nook
and cranny on the road. And that’s something you
typically feel with cars with super sticky tires. But this is taking that to the next level. It’s unbelievable how much this car follows pavement imperfections. (engine revving) We’re gonna put this in sport mode. Exhaust is turned up. Steering I’m going to change to comfort, because it feels the most natural. We’re gonna push it
through the turns here. (revving engine) This car is fucking insane. I mean, for the street, it is so overkill. I can’t believe it. Jesus, this car is something else. You’ve gotta drive this car
if you can get into one. All right, let’s take
this through the turns. The brakes, you know, the GT
brakes with the performance pack are amazing. This car, it feels like super car brakes, without having the carbon
ceramics, of course. There’s zero issue with confidence here. That’s what I’m talking about, you can just go foot to the floor, no issues with over-steer,
it doesn’t under-steer. This car is just incredible. I have to say one thing. I’ve been in a lot of
cars recently on track, and the only thing I can compare this to, in terms of just tingling your whole body and connecting with all your
senses is the Ferrari 458. This car has all those elements. Of course, it doesn’t have the chassis, but in terms of feel-good,
the feel-good nature of driving a car, especially
on the track, this is it. I wouldn’t have any other
car at this price point. As we settle down here,
one of the big negatives with the GT350R are these tires. You can plan to completely remove them if you’re ever gonna
street drive this car, because I’ve never been in a vehicle that collects more rocks than this, unless you actually had R-Compound on. And for the street, it’s horrendous, because I don’t know how
you’re ever gonna keep your paint looking well. I’ve already heard weird
noises and creaks and rattles from all the rocks collecting in here, and it’s just one of those
things you need to be aware of if you’re buying this car. Let’s talk about the manual
transmission in the GT350. This is one of the best manual
trans I’ve been in, actually. The S2000 is top-notch. The BRZ FR-S is pretty
good if it holds up. Those are really my
two favorite gear boxes aside from the ND Miata. This is somewhere in the middle. It feels so confident, it
feels so good and so direct. And then the clutch
take-up is almost perfect. I’ve never missed a heel-to-toe downshift. I’ve never had a problem route-matching. And it’s actually one of the best parts of getting inside this car. Somebody might ask, “Well
how does this compare “to the Mustang GT6 speed?” And that feels like absolute
garbage compared to this. This is so much better,
that if I had a GT, I’d be looking up how to swap
one of these into that car. Overall, driving the GT350 and the R, I would have to say this is definitely one of my favorite cars I’ve ever driven. There’s no doubt about it. But the biggest sticking point is, yes these seats are amazing,
the steering wheel feels good, the trans is good, all the
driver input points are superb. But this interior is just
so below what this car is. I would say that if you’re somebody that’s very picky about your interiors and you want more of a prestige car, this might actually be
a deal-breaker for you. But if you can close your eyes and forget about some of this,
you’re gonna really enjoy driving this car. (drawn out instrumental note) The interior of the GT350R. Now, let’s talk about the differences here between the regular GT350. The first thing you’re gonna notice is there’s no back seat in this car, which is obviously for weight reduction and it’s more purpose-built
to be that track car. The next thing is, if
you just opt for this as the base model, you get no head unit. You get really no sound system. You get no a/c. Now, this car, actually,
the future owner’s gonna get the tech pack, which is the
actual ped unit added back with a new Ford SYNC, and a/c, which makes this more of
the streetable GT350R. One of the best things, and
probably the worst things about this car, depending on who you are, are these RECARO seats. And it’s a combination
between cloth and alcantara. This is about the best balance you can get between a street and a race seat. It is just so damn comfortable. Now, if you’re a rap artist
and you’re toting around the twerk team of women,
and they have asses that are wider than about 17 or 18 inches, this is gonna be a
catastrophically uncomfortable driving experience. Now, if you’re tall it works, but it’s just the width and
how these bolsters are set up. They are so rigid that
it’s just not gonna work for some people. The next big change in
here is the steering wheel. The bottom portion is flat and it is actually leather-wrapped, which is probably where
you wanna keep your hands if you’re daily driving, because the rest of it
is alcantara-wrapped with a center leather bead at the top to kind of tell you where center is. If you’re never had an
alcantara steering wheel before, first thing you’re gonna
notice when it’s new is how amazing it is to hold, until you start using it every day and you sweat through this
and it turns into just, like someone ground up Oreos
into it, it feels like shit. So, if you’re using
this wheel on the track, it’s best to use when
you’re using racing gloves, for the most part. The next difference with
the R compared to the GT350 is just little details, like your mode selectors
on the steering wheel. You have direct access
to your damper modes, normal and sport. The next is your steering wheel button that actually changes your steering feel between comfort, normal, and sport, which is nice to have
the direct access there. And then you have your
overall mode selector, which is normal, sport,
weather, track, and drag strip. You can change it all
from a physical control. Also on this car, you don’t
have to go menu surfing to quiet your exhaust down. Down here you actually
have a physical toggle for exhaust mode between normal and sport, or as I call it, piss off
all your neighbors mode. (engine revving) Now with the type package,
you get the new Ford SYNC, which is vastly better
than the Microsoft version that was in here before, that
was just a drudgery to use on many cars because it was
slow, cumbersome to get around. And then other cars, it
just seemed to be fine. But this new Ford SYNC system,
which ditches Microsoft, is just so much quicker to use. You could tell there’s
processing power behind it, response to touch, your volume control, there’s no delay or lag
for any of the menus. It’s pretty intuitive. Your mapping is pretty
good because it allows you multi-touch control, which is nice because you don’t have a command knob. You don’t have a central command knob, you have to use the
touchscreen for all of this, which kind of sucks, but in here, you’re probably gonna buy
this car without that, anyway. Overall, the use of it
is really not that bad. If you wanna have it in here,
it’s not gonna annoy you as much as the previous version did. Now, the other thing is, you
can turn this screen off. You can actually black
it out and turn it off. But at night, the back light is still on, which really sucks, it
doesn’t go completely black. You see a little bit of backlight bleed from the actual inverter or the LCD. Kind of last but not least,
this is something to really note and I’m gonna give you a quote
from my almost 70-year old mother who saw this car and got in it. She said, “It looks so much
cooler from the outside “than it does from the inside.” And that’s because this is essentially really the same Mustang
that you get before. Yeah, there’s different badging. Some of the instrumentation
makes a lot more sense. But this is the real
weakness of a Mustang, and where all of the
cost-cutting comes in, from the dash plastics that look like they’re out of something
from a B or a C-segment car. The upper dash, it just
looks cheap with this like plasticized stitching. And I think Ford has this whole concept of making the Mustang faux retro, where there’s little design elements as a throwback to the old car, but mostly it just clashes and looks cheap with the rest of the
modernism that’s in here. I think going forward, they
really need to look at this. If they’re gonna have this
level of a sports car, if they’re gonna continue to improve this and take this to the next level,
they’ve gotta work on this. And not only that, it’s
just the finish in this car. You know, this is basically a new car, and you can already hear
resonance in the plastics and the interior trim rattling
when you rev the motor out. I just got out of a GT, my buddy Jack’s. You know, he’s got
20,000 miles on the car, and it sounds like it’s
just falling apart. Everything rattles and creaks in it. And that’s just historically
the way Mustangs have been. So yeah, I know it’s built
on a budget platform, and all that, but it’s really
just drags down this car. I’d like to see them really work on this for the next generation, and just ditch some of the cheesiness. Now the GT350, the engineers
actually did dump some of that, like on your speedometer. It no longer says ground speed. We joked around about it and said, “Well, where’s the projections
off the side-view mirrors? “Why isn’t there a cobra hissing?” And they just shook their head. You can tell Ford performance doesn’t want a lot of that stuff, and I
just hope they can strike some balance between
performance, modernism, and just kind of saying goodbye to some of the retro elements that kind of take this
car down a little bit. (spacy instrumental music) So after spending some time on the track, on the street videoing this, driving it and experiencing this car, this is one of the best
sports cars I’ve ever been in. And part of that formula is because I can actually afford it. Most people could
actually afford this car, without being in that 1% bracket. It’s car that people aspire to own. It’s an American car that
has kind of transcended outside that old broken formula of, well, it can only go straight. It looks good, it drives
good, it sounds amazing. It has an amazing manual transmission, and it remains one of the
last high-horsepowered naturally aspirated cars on
the planet that’s any good. Now the big question,
would I take the 350R over the regular 350? For somebody that does random track days, autocross, and just enjoys driving, I would say that I would probably take the regular GT350 over this. Now, if you had the money and
you wanted the limited edition and the numbered edition car,
this might be more for you. But the problem is, finding
this anywhere close to MSRP. There’s some dealers
charging upwards of $100,000 for this car, and that is just hogwash. (gentle instrumental music) This vehicle does not belong to me. It does not belong to an
automotive manufacturer. And I don’t do fundraising, I don’t ask for money on this channel. But this GT350R actually
belongs to a local business, a non-for-profit who bought
this to do some fundraising for their company. They only employ disabled
veterans, people of disabilities, and they’re trying to raise
money for their company. And it is kind of personal
to me because my dad has a service-connected
disability from Vietnam. So it kind of makes sense
that I have their car, I’m doing a video on it, and I’m gonna post a link
for you guys to check out the fundraiser or for the raffle webpage. But that’s all I’m gonna
say about it in this video. Check out the other videos about it. And if you like it, great. If not, no hard feelings.

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