Replacing Front Axle of 2004 Acura TL

Replacing Front Axle of 2004 Acura TL

there is snapped right off if you want to keep your wheel from spinning put a screwdriver into the rotor like that [sound of a saw] [Music playing] So this is uh, I think the first bolt to replace here on the wishbone here there’s one on the other side and then there’s a… pin and the one underneath here has to be removed first… and I wish I had another pin but I didn’t
get one. all right this is a close up… there of the cotter pin, gonna get
needle nose and try to hammer that out nose pliers or anything there like that
just grab that and then you take the take the hammer and pinch it and hammer it out [hammer banging on metal] and that’s how you get’em out (Inaudible) Cheap-O harbor freight punch probably two bucks for this thing [upbeat music playing and hammer banging] there it is [metal clang] yup, got it [loud banging and background music] ‘k so the key to getting lower ball joints
separated is to put the jack underneath the… uh, the rotor and put upward pressure on
it… and then use a pry bar to put downward pressure on it… you might need
an extra hand and then while you’re doing that you just whack it like I did before and the combination of those three things… and the shock of hitting it with the hammer it finally released the lower ball joint… so it’s been released that allowed us to get the axle out of the hub and then to get the axle out of the transmission we have to drop the… plastic shield so we could gain access
to the…axle. I used the same pry bar I I had to use the same pry bar I had to reach in in here behind get between
the transmission and the axle and pry it out and with a little bit of pressure it’ll pop out and then we’re at the umm, and then we’re at the point now where it’s it’s it’s um, we popped it out we’re gonna pull it out and some fluid will probably come out and then we’ll start the process of installing the new one and so when you’re installing a new axle,
what you want to do before you put it into the transmission is get this over
the axle because it’s while it’s not installed in the transmission it’s
easy to do it at this point but it will not fit over the boot, um, so step one get
this over the axle and then push that into the transmission he is on all right
last step torque that and up to 180 (background voice) wheels on alright, last step torque that nut to 180 foot-pounds torque, with a torque wrench and then we have to stake the nut so we just have to take that auto ring
of the nut and crush it into this groove [hammer on metal banging] just take a cold chisel hammer it in [loud banging] that’s it! [feet shuffling] and if you if you pinch the rubber before the, the joint turns as you pick it up… it’s going to twist the rubber and then keep it twisted… when the car is sitting on it’s own weight that make sense? [cameraman voice] ya I know what you mean you want to pinch the rubber at the point where the car is at rest [light rock music]

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  1. Do you have ABS? I just put a new cv axle on and now have an abs light on and abs doesn't work.

    I also looked at the part description and all of the aftermarket ones say they don't come with an abs tone ring… Anyone have similar issues?

  2. when you put the old axle beside the new one was it shorter? My son just got this axle and it is 2 inches shorter than the one off his 06 TL. This is the third time we have ordered in an axle and it is shorter. I am at a loss here.

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