Replacing a Rear Axle U Joint : Installing a Drive Shaft to the Transmission

Replacing a Rear Axle U Joint : Installing a Drive Shaft to the Transmission

In this clip, we’re going to talk about the
proper service procedure for removing and replacing a rear axle U-Joint on a Ford Explorer.
In this step, we’re going to talk about re-installation of our drive shaft into the back of the transmission
and onto the pinion flange. As you can see, there’s one spline in here that’s twice the
size of all the other ones. That’s called a Key Way Spline. That matches up with the
output shaft of the transmission. This drive shaft goes on, only one way. We’re going to
want to make sure to line that spline up before you put this back into the transmission. I’m
going to duck underneath the vehicle now and install my drive shaft. I’m going to go ahead
and slide the drive shaft into the back of the transmission. Slide it all the way forward,
you’re going to need that room when you lift the rear portion up and slide it where it
goes. As you can see, my pinion flange has moved out of alignment with my index mark
on the yoke. What I’m going to do is roll that down until there lined up. You can see
the index mark on my drive shaft here is going to indicate the proper alignment for my drive
shaft. You’re going to slide it into place like so, you may have to turn it a few degrees
to get the very proper alignment. Right there. That is the proper way to reinstall your drive
shaft the vehicle.

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  1. used this instuctional video to replace rear u-joint on my f150 this morning. Took less than an hour. Job done. Was cluless before watching this video. A#1 First class. Thank you.

  2. Another thing,don't use U joints from AutoZone and look on the box: Made in China.Use Spicer or Presicion instead which are made in the USA

  3. Those are called half shafts, sometimes referred to as drive shafts. Half shafts are usually held in by snap ring transmission side and a castle nut on the other side.

  4. Good video but would have been nice to see inside the transmission at the splines that you mentioned.. visually seeing that key way you mentioned.

  5. what about the gear box oil if im replacing the shaft can i do quickly it before it leaks everywhere or if i let it drain out how do i fill it back up and fill it to the right level?

  6. no need to align transmission shaft, it should be marked and aligned only in case of divide as the transmission shaft has balancing plummets

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