Repairing An Automotive Tire Bead Leak With Sealer

Repairing An Automotive Tire Bead Leak With Sealer

Aluminum wheel refinishing… So you go through here (procedure), and after you get done bead blasting it, Check this out… If the wheel had a machined aluminum finish, spin the wheel and use sand paper in order to restore the circular machined appearance. (laughing) Now that’s precision ladies and gentleman. That is precision. (sarcasm) So ten months after putting out that video on how to repair a bead leak, it decided to show its ugly head again. And I did the same thing as last time. Ground the corrosion, did the bubble test, and all was okay. Six hours later, it was flat again. In actuality, this rim should be replaced because the corrosion goes 2/3 of the way around this rim. And that’s just not good. But if i can apply at least temporarily, a ten dollar fix, to buy me a little bit of time, Then I’ll go ahead and give it a shot, and
we’ll see how that works out. Professional Use Only. Well, since I’m the one using it, I guess that makes me a professional. (laughing) How exactly do we use this bead sealer? Well, I’ll tell ya. The directions on here actually leave me with more questions than answers. Am I supposed to let this stuff cure before I remount the tire? I don’t know So I went ahead and did in my own testing. This stuff is actually a rubber It’s a really tacky rubber. This has been on here for over twenty four
hours and it is still tacky. But here’s the thing If I put this stuff on and let it cure. And then I go to seat the bead, the tire bead will rub it off. So there is no point in doing it like that. But if we apply soap to it after it has cured, Then it won’t come off as the tire slips right over it. And once the soap dries, the tackiness comes right back. So that’s the plan we are going with. So let’s get to it! Alright, so I put three coats on here. And I did put it all the way around the rim so it’s uniform. I don’t know if it is going to work, but uh… we are about to find out. I decided to change things up a little bit. I’m gonna give the bad part of the rim this smooth bead here. Hopefully that will give it a better chance to seal. Shit! You’ve got to be kidding me! (Laughing) April fools!!! It takes more a tire to piss me off like that. But really though, the gouge that is in that tire does not go all the way through, but it’s not safe to put it back in service. Doesn’t matter. New day and a new tire. This tire actually tells me which way to mount it, so I’m going to mark it so I know which way to put it. So after giving both beads their fair share of soap, I put the wheel in between the 2×4’s. Which are only there as a precaution to
make sure the tire does not contact the sealer just yet. This is virgin rubber, so I might miss this twenty pounds that I lost over the past few months. Remember to use the drop center. Oh yeah, no problem. And again we get to use our bead holder. Now it is time for the leak test. Looking good. Next video… Bubble balancing. So stay tuned for that. Come on, a little bit more excitement than that. That’s not fake, is it? (giggles) That’s gonna look so obvious that it’s not funny, Yeah it is! Whatever!

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  1. I'm going through the same stuff but I'm not young like you . . . lol . . . took the truck down to Discount Tire and they pretty much did the same as you. Mine hasn't leaked yet for two weeks. Good job!! Rog

  2. Thanks for commenting. I must not have done it totally wrong if they and I did about the same thing, lol. Hope both of our wheels are taken care of for now.

  3. Another great vid Sunny i love how you add out takes at the end lol too funny keep making them love to see every one!

  4. Did you that vid i just posted on Slack lining they had that in town at a park setup showing about it very odd but still cool!

  5. Thanks for posting your vids! Well done and gives me food for thought on a couple slow leaks on my wifes BPA Ultra with the factory chrome GM rims. We've had local tire places work on it, but it's still slow leaking, but much slower than happens in your original vid. Like your weight bar home built tire holder! What do you use to edit your vids?

  6. Give that sealer a shot. It worked for us. Yeah the tire holder build turned out great. I use Sony Vegas 9 for video editing. Thanks for the compliments.

  7. Hi Charlie, very informative videos you make, keep up the good work. I am a car mechanic from Germany. I started to use a manual tire changer 12 years ago in my barn at home. I guess for most people here this is very unknown and they only know the modern electric machines. Mine looks a little different to your one and the ones you can buy from harbor freight over there. Actually mine is from the 70s. I ordered a bubble balancer one week ago when coming across your video although I have a electric spinning balancer I am curious how good it will work. The bead leak sealer is a very new thing to me. I think in the workshops they would sell you a new rim but why not trying this. Great stuff. cheers Patrick

  8. Im thinking about doing the same thing. I have one chrome rim that will drop 20 psi every 3 days because of corrosion. Is that stuff still working?? Im not sure if I want to do this or just some used wheels and tires. I already bought the bead sealer. Thanks, Kevin

  9. finally found a manufacturer of this stuff that gave directions. the way they show it is to mount the tire first but not seat the bead.  brush the bead sealant onto the bead and then inflate the tire.  the rubber will fill in the gaps and dry to a solid but flexible consistency.

  10. I'm having a air leak on my tire and they told/showed me it was cause of the rim the air is coming out and they told me to buy black sealer. Just wondering if it's this one that you are using. please message me back. Thank you

  11. A good follow up, thanks for taking the time out, and explaining the Bead sealer. Your right about the instructions on some of this stuff. Thanks. Subscribed.

  12. Fixed a leak on my motorbike front tire with this great product. I think its best to put on the bead seal and pump the tire back in place as quick as possible. Then the bead seal will dry in place. Really has not lost any air at all now! Just a bit of paint flaking and corrosion inside the rim was to blame. Been 7 weeks now and the tire is still solid.

  13. Just found your videos. Informative for the non-mechanically inclined.  How about some details on your "Bead holder"

  14. I own a bike, yamaha r15 v2.0
    problem is, i dont spot any needles or holes in my rear tyre nor is the rim bent or anything
    but in a span of 2-3 days i am losing my air pressure from 40 to 8-9.
    I cant figure out the problem, can anyone help me out please?

  15. A brillant video; professionally produced and eloquently explained. I'm on my way out to fix the bead leak om my '84 Suzuki. You've given me renewed confidence, sir.

  16. Great video man!! You make installing a tire look so easy, I have trouble with my trailer Cheers!!

  17. Man that as one Great and Funny Video but very helpful thanx !  YOU Need to Send THIS to America's Funniest home video's! The damaged tire was so unexpected ! Good thing you were thorough enough to spray the other side!

  18. HOW do you stop the wheel leak if it is porous? Replace the wheel? No signs of any leakage under water. After 3 attempts tire shop can't find leak. They sealed the wheel. It still leaked in 2 days. Then Tire was sealed all the way around on both side of whee and 2 days later still leaks. Tire or wheel? They can find no leak in water in either case.

  19. Another great video from this site. Liquid rubber? Bingo, I have an idea for when the brown stuff hits the fan. I will buy a can just in case the Licker stores are closed. I don't want to get the girls pregnant.LoL

  20. My 05 TSX alloy rims were leaking so i was like, f it, and got a set of cheap Accord steel rims. it needed new tires anyways so it was not too inconvenient. But when i do see the OEM alloys on other TSXs, I get a weee jealous ;-(
    One day, i do dream of driving on my alloys again. but probably not, my tsx will probably be junked before these current tires wear out

  21. Great video's! The bubble balancing and outakes makes it feel like a Will Ferrell production :O)

    Questions for you

    1. I don't have a compression tank for air which I could definitely use for an impact gun for all other repairs but at least to seat the tire without using the ether trick! I have a small one I plug into my cigarette lighter but it doesn't have much force although I did manage to seat my first tire with fire and the second using the portable air tank by putting four 4 x4 fence posts pressing around the tire to keep it pinched and it worked. Any suggestions for specs if I were to buy a compression tank. How many gallons/PSI needed to seat tire, minimum requirements. What do you have in this vid?

    2. One of my tires has a slight tear in the bead and the metal cord is exposed but the rubber hasn't torn off and I was wondering if i could use a product like this black bead sealer gooey stuff and let it cure overnight to fix it and then mount the tire. I don't want it to tear even more putting it on. I am planning on mounting it with rip on the inside of the rim and starting that section leaning over and pushing the secure side down for the first half that way it never endures stress not from the first side of the rim or the second especially when using the spoons or tire irons.

  22. Thanks, man! Not only for the tech-know-how, but provokin' them dang laughs outta meh = genuine, yo! My first ever leaked-out bead seal = flat. Yea, no tire pry bar too = gotta got to the shop.

  23. Just clean the corrosion as best as you can and put the bead sealer right before you mount the tire on both the tire and rim. Thats what my garage did

  24. i would have thought( Im no expert ) that going a little further cleaning up the bead (fine grit sandpaper to say 400 grit??) would help eliminate the bead glue? yes/no?

  25. Just an FYI — the company that makes that particular bead sealer offers directions online, found here — (I have it as well, and was also surprised at there being no directions on the can). The directions are very brief, but they do say to "apply a light coat of BEAD SEALER on the outside of the bead sealing area of the tire." Lots of folks recommend putting it on the rim, but this company says to put it on the tire. thanks for a very informative video.

    Was watching with family
    No need to hear foul language
    GREAT VID !! !

  27. Considering you had the rim off and cleaned, I think anything that stops the rust and corrosion, such as a good paint, is better than just on the tire bead. I just cleaned my riding mower rims and used rust-oleum. I didn't get all the paint off the other rim, which had some rust blisters and they popped up after painting. But I do think the bead sealer after painting should be better, when the tires are off. I had a GM Buick with chrome peeling inside and out and bought new steel rims and hub caps. The hub caps ( wheel covers) are ugly but my tires don't leak (around the rim) and I'm on my 3rd set of tires, years later. Fix-a-flat is not good for rims and should only be temporary like the spare space saving tires. I'm actually considering buy a CO2 system for filling tires and air tools. But that's around $400.00

  28. Hilarious!!! When I was making my old videos and have to do multiple takes, my wife thought I'm crazy because I was talking to myself 😅😅😅

    I did a repair on my chrome wheel a few months back without using the bead sealer, I only used soap and water, at that time it hold air with no leaks, but yesterday that wheel was down to 18PSI while the rest was at 32PSI. I will check for any nails or screws, but I think it started to leak again since I had a hard time sealing the bead after mounting the tire and the chrome had some really deep gouges from oxidation… I used a grinder to even up the surface where the bead sits prior to installing the tire but I used some anti-rust paint too, and it was slippery to the touch when it dried, that may have cause it to leak air out.

    Anyway, any updates on this? I will try applying the same bead sealer on the bead and put air immediately hoping it will make a reliable tight seal for a long period of time. What do you think?

    Great video sir! And thank you!

  29. Where the bead seals is far too ruff that has to be leveled off. It leaked out right away because the gap was too large between rubber and aluminium when you had pressure in the tire.

  30. The iron tip just ruined the black sealer you applied inside the rim; if it leaks ,do it again,but this time take it to a tire shop,they'll have a regular no contact machine.(lol,5 years too late…or maybe not…).

  31. I worked at Discount Tire, to use this stuff you put a light coat on both the tire bead and on the rim and then inflate the tire. Don't wait for it to cure before putting it on, put it on right away.

  32. Excellent video. I've seen other users of that style tire changer and they struggled so much. I ask myself why don't they use a darn bead lock or even vice grips! I've got a tire that needs that stuff. I'm not a fan of Slime.

  33. well Charlie sir thanks great video bro especially the big guy humor my older boys taught you were really funny for a minute there, will be trying what you did and yes i know taking the hole wheel off will lead to swollen joints, so it may have to see shop time….

  34. Bead sealer works pretty good. Some people have used Flex Seal spray or liquid as a bead sealer as well. I've seen some other YouTube videos where they put the sealer around the ridge of the tire.

  35. Question. How did that bead leak hold up after all that? Need to fix a bead leak and what to know how long it lasted you for? Or should I just go to them fixed at a shop

  36. Just came across your video today. I have the same bead leak problem with my UTV tires. I bought the same can of sealer. And the sealer left me with more questions than answers, too. Your video answered them. Thanks.

  37. It's just common sense that you would mount the tire then put the sealant around the bead sealing surface and then fill the tire and let the bead press and seal to the rim.

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