Rennie Scaysbrook Pikes Peak Motorcycle Lap Record – Cycle News

Rennie Scaysbrook Pikes Peak Motorcycle Lap Record – Cycle News

Chris Fillmore: “You obliterated it!” (screams) Kelsey Harmon: “Are you ready for it?” Kelsey Harmon: “9:44.963!” (screams)

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  1. OMG what a ride! It is more like a MX ride how bumpy it is! Mad respect! And as someone already said, the reaction at the end is so RAW… it shows how much you put into every millisecond of that ride! Dang!

  2. It's amazing how you can come off from being so focused onto pure relief and joy so fast. Well deserved, and he looked amazing from my point of view when I was there.

  3. I'm debating with a mate about a car been quicker up this mountain so is this the fastest to date 2 wheel bike and what's the time ..I'm stupid Google has many times I can't work it out ??..I'm sure a petrol car is quicker

  4. The raw emotion at the top. It truly revealed just how much relief you had that it was over. Knowing what can happen on that mountain. Relief, pride, joy, excitement, accomplishment, adrenaline, and then…horror and sadness, and feeling like it could have just as easily been you… I don’t know how you held together all those emotions at one time. I really wish it didn’t have to be so bitter sweet…you rode your ass off!! Congratulations!!!

  5. I can only imagine the rush you get from completing this course one mistake and you dont exist anymore.Well done you smashed the course.

  6. I only learned Carlin existed 2 days ago and for all the die hard fans anx everyone that loved him im truly sorry for your loss he seemed like an amazing dude and one hell of a racer! This type of racing here is epic to say the least and its so full of passion m hooked for life!

  7. I'm confused. Where on a bike can you put balls this big on? Are their special saddle bags to hold them, or just sling 'em over your shoulder?

  8. God that bike was bouncingp all over. No thanks, my balls ain't big enough. Props to all those riders…

  9. 10:23 Rip Carlin Dunne.Gone with the thing that he love to do..
    Goggle it
    The hour without media: Pikes Peak Hill Climb shuts down press after Carlin Dunne's crash

  10. Not a lap, a straight shot to the top. I drove the peak in 1988 in a Datson with my buddy David Miller of Auto Sport in Colorado Springs.

  11. Loved every minute of that roller coaster ride! From straight ripping and nailing the turns, to the butt pucker moments avoiding the guardrail, and what seemed like backing it down just a smidge on the bumpy top section.

    My favorite has to be the raw emotion once past the finish line. Love seeing Fillmore coming to congratulate you. Once you hear the actual time your emotions overtook me some and I teared up. I can only imagine the amount of focus that mountain demands. You can hear it in your breathing as all those emotions come out at once.

    Congrats yet again on an awesome ride and the new record.

    R.I.P. Carlin

  12. Nothing like conquering a challenge, nicely done buddy! You only hit the stutter box once or twice. You rang that aprilla out!!

  13. Great Ride. Looked like a Handful coming into those Hairpins after the Big Squirt between them. The Aprilia sounded beautiful as well. After his previous disappointments it was good to see him get the record.

  14. Those front shocks are amazing!
    Gearing and suspension played a huge part in this epic ride to the top ,great riding skills and a little luck always helps though

  15. Congratulazioni
    Mamma mia che velocità nei curvoni in cima!
    Staccate da brivido
    Guida sempre al limite

  16. After racing for years and with many trophies, I drove up the Peak last summer in a Ford Expedition, and, could not believe how sick this road is. I was scared to death in an SUV….I just cannot imagine the courage and strength these people have. Don't die before you have a chance to climb this mountain.

  17. Lap record ??? What was the original record ? Done with a plac 50 …shit I'll blow this cunt just going work in a morning..

  18. Congratulations Rennie. You put everything on the line for this result and worked so hard. Totally understand if you walk away on top. Cheers from down under👍🇦🇺

  19. How fast could an Indian 750 or Harley Davidson 750 Flat Track Racer Motorcycle with a skilled rider like Jared Mees go on this course? An upright riding position as compared to the road racing leaning forward position.

  20. Ha ha! Nice ride. Dude is screaming like a wasp is inside his helmet ( I got stung in the jaw & arm dirt biking, kept riding, whatcha gonna do? Ride!)

  21. In memoriam Carlin Dunne, the GOAT on the PPIHC. Fantastic ride by Rennie Scaysbrook. I rode the PPIHC on a similarly gorgeous day in early June this year, at a far more leisurely pace, that mountain is bloody scary!

  22. Too bad the whole vid is shown from the bike's view – they need to get a camera crew in there to make a proper film of these guys. Watching this just makes me dizzy

  23. Damn, if that's riding a motorcycle what the hell am I doing? Guess I'll have to call it kind of like motorcycling. And as I'm sure has been said already, "I'm not sure how he even sits down with balls that big."

  24. OMG! This is truly emotional, knowing what happened soon afterwards!

    Nothing is taken away from Rennie's stunning achievement. Goddam that is scary even sitting here in my chair. 👍

    But we will still remember Carlin and his potential time forever! 😔

  25. I’ve just visited Pike’s Peak today. Last 3 miles had to take a bus, as there’s limited parking up top due to the construction of the new visitor’s center. We didn’t really do much at the peak still got super dizzy!! So Rennie, how the f… do You deal with pressure changes in Your ear during such a fast ascent? How about dizzyness? Amazing!! Kudos again.

  26. You measure the speed of a bike by looking at the speedometer
    but you measure the speed of the rider by looking at the timer.
    this is phenomenal riding

  27. Congrats on your victory Rennie! Outstanding riding. Fantastic camera positions too. I especially love the one on the left front corner. I got to watch intently to how the ohlins was behaving. Were you completely comfortable with the setting? I thought i noticed a few times when she wanted to start a little head shake as you drove out of a turn. Steering damper? LoL, I'm no racer, just a rider and enthusiast. That moment starting at 5:42 – great save! Thank you, and the whole team, for this video.

    My condolences to all who knew and loved Carlin Dunne. So sorry to lose a fellow rider.. RIP

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