Removing a wheel with Disc Brakes

Removing a wheel with Disc Brakes

Hi, I’m Michael from Ivanhoe Cycles. I’m going to show you the basics of removing a front wheel from a bike that’s got hydraulic brakes. This is a Giant Talon, a women’s version. I’m going to remove the front wheel. Just loosened the skewer and unscrewing the nut on the other side. Then the wheel comes out. We may be doing this to fit the bike in the car or put it away somewhere, that sort of thing. What can sometimes happen, is if somebody presses the brake lever, the pads close up and they don’t come back out again so then the disc won’t fit back in. You can use a nice, clean screwdriver gently between the pads and just lever it open again, very gently not burring or making any damage on the pads at all. The other thing you could do is, when you’ve just removed the wheel, use a spacer One of these, will just clip inside there. You could press the lever all day and it won’t cause any problem at all. When you are going to put the wheel back in, you just take the spacer back out, and replace your wheel. Goes back in there nicely. Do the skewer up again. When putting the wheel in, make sure that it’s square or flat-down in the drop-outs. This will make sure that the disc is not rubbing at all and that the wheel’s true in the forks. That’s basically how you do it! Thanks for watching. If you’ve got any questions at all, come and see us at Ivanhoe Cycles. Thank you.

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  1. Thanks. I bought a GT Avalanche 4 years ago, and have hardly ridden it. I'm riding to a new yoga class this morning, and need to lock the bike outside. I knew I needed a refresher. This was super helpful, as my bike shop is definitely not open at 7AM on a Sunday.

  2. OOOOBEY I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. We can provide you with a spacer if you still need one! You can either go into the store, or email the email address that shows in the video at 1:26. Good luck!

  3. Do front detachable hubs, like the one on the video, hold the front wheel onto the bike better than front hubs that are non-detachable or require wrenches to undo nuts at both sides of the hub?

  4. bro my bike is pretty much old and i can fix up the disc brakes but the screw wouldnt move its kind of stuck and very hard to move those screws? what do i do?

  5. I'm always confused as to the correct method of loosening the quick release nuts. Since both can rotate, is there a golden rule on which you should use to screw tension?

  6. Hey Ivanhoe cycles I was wondering if the fount wheel will ever come off while riding because my frount wheel has almost came off while riding! Is it something to do with the wheel being not put on straight?

  7. Exactly what I was looking for !
    I just bought a Scott 950 and was looking for a way to fit it into my girlfriend's car. This works. Thanks man.

  8. how do you remove this tire when your don't have a nut on the other side that you can put your fingers on? mine is flush with the fork

  9. How do I get the tires back on once removed? The discs no longer drop in flat. They wedge in, against the pads. I have loosened both sides of the pads, even to the point of the pads coming off, to see if it makes room, but oddly, it still wedges. It seems like it should be very simple, but I just can't get them back on. It's a Mongoose Seeker with front and back disk pads

  10. Please help me when i move my bike i can here that the disk is rubbing to the pads. What should i do?

  11. On my bike (voodoo bizango) when i spin the lever the bolt on the other end of the bike just keeps Spining, i tried to hold it still with a spanner but some bolt or something smashed and now it moves fowards and backwards. Sorry if im unclear, i dont know what im doing wrong?

  12. Thanks for that, I'd heard not to squeeze the brakes while the disc was out but didn't know you could just gently reopen it. People were mentioning having to bleed the system which is not something I'd want to do on the side of the road!

  13. Hey Ivanhoe I just put together a schwinn 26 inch. The front tire got disc brakes.But it still kind of rub.What should i do.Thank you.

  14. Hey! can anybody tell me if its possible to install a Front brake in the back? i got a bike with a front Hydraulic brake and wanted to switch it to the back

  15. Can I buy something to put on my forks, so they don't get damaged when I take of the front wheel and lock it all together? 🙂

  16. I thought you couldn't turn a bike UPSIDE DOWN if it has hydraulic disk brakes? Can somebody put me straight on that?

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