Remove A Bike’s Rear Wheel With Wheel Nuts

Remove A Bike’s Rear Wheel With Wheel Nuts

Identify somewhere to hang or rest the bike
frame once the rear wheel is off. If the bike has rim brakes open the brake.
If the bike has disc brakes, take extreme care to keep control of the bike. If it topples
over while the rear wheel is coming out, but the rotor is still in the calliper, the rotor
will bend. If the bike has a derailleur gear select the
smallest combination of sprockets and turn the pedals so the chain drops onto them. The
slowest at the front and the fastest at the back, in each case the smallest available
cog rear wheel. Select a tool that fits the nuts exactly.
They are most likely to be 15mm. Note the position of any washers between the nuts and
the fork. Turn one nut a few degrees to check it can move. Unscrew the opposite nut fully.
Return to the first nut and loosen it. Stand behind the bike with your head on its
centre-line. Grab the left side of the bike with your left
hand, the seat-stay or luggage rack is usually the best place. Place your right thumb on the end of the nut
on the right side. Use your right fingers to pull the derailler body back towards you
so it rotates out from under the rear wheel. Lift the bike off the rear wheel. The rear
wheel will stay on the ground as the bike comes up. If it sticks in the frame check
if there’s anything blocking it’s path, if not it may be that the frame is slightly
too narrow for the hub in which case you can give the rear wheel or tyre a downward tap
with your right fist to get it moving. Unhook the chain with your right hand to lift
the bike with your left.

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  1. Sorry this video was unhelpful. I have a stripped bolt on that tire so I can’t remove it to change the flat. If you could make a video on how to remove stopped bolts on bike that would be very help . Thanks .

  2. Back in the day, bicyclists used wingnuts instead of regular nuts, in order to change a flat tire by untwisting the wingnut with your fingers without any tools.

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