REIFEN STRETCH EXTREM! Notrad Reifen auf 7,5J | 115/90/16 | WIRD ES DRIFTEN?!

REIFEN STRETCH EXTREM! Notrad Reifen auf 7,5J | 115/90/16 | WIRD ES DRIFTEN?!

Yo friends, welcome to another video on NOFCKSGVN Factory I’m glad you turned it on again
today we planned something crazy for you
It will be really funny, you will have already read it on the title we have tire extreme stretch or Tire stretch extremely and we have here spare from an old E36 with a … Now watch out: 115 90 R16
and here we have a 7.5J rim and
there the tire will come on it so You see a subtle difference between this tire and this one So, as you can see, a very subtle difference between these two wheels so this tire is going to sit on this rim! I am very excited if that will work. So friends,
we have such a manual tire changing machine here We never mounted a tire with this thing but we dismounted a lot Works perfectly
with manpower because a hydraulic system unfortunately we do not have to
disposal Unfortunately, it would be nice at the moment
but will not come soon enough We will take this thing for now, I hope that we mature as well somehow get the tire back on it. That should work pretty well! First we let the air out! We have
here our universal tool that you almost need to work on the device completely first soap so we don´t break the tires! Now you just have to secure it and then move on. Well, nothing for beautiful rims in any case! Because you’re definitely pulling the paint off here! But that’s just a drift rim anyway So friends this is our 7.5×16 rim And this is our tire for it
Here you see my hand with it so you can imagine how wide the thing
is. That is not much! 115 on 7.5J, I am very
excited So here again use soap on rim and tires that you can do the proper thing Press the tire here on it Now rub again with soap As friends see, we have about twice the rim width of the tire, and Let’s try this tire on it
it gets adventurous We have already installed our compressed air gun here We will now wrap this bike tube around here It is now a 16 on a 16 inch
rim, usually it is good if you always have an inch smaller tuber Then the tube is definitely
nice fitting. Now you put that around your rim here Of course, not necessarily for public roads It’s not supposed to be for the street, it’s only for scientific purposes now. That should actually be enough in principle
you use this only for your gap it closes your air gap here you have to pay attention in any case
that the valve That does not always work on the first try Half in the tires stuck and let the other half look out Yes that looks good! Here at the front, the valve should not slip in! Go on! Yes, go through So now he should pop on it . So now it´s going to sit on the wheel! Once he’s down on it we can pull up the valve Yes, he’s on it So friends now you have to remove your valve here! And now you pull out the valve with some force! So the bike tube is now almost gone. Keep pushing! Of course, the bicycle hose is in here in the tire But you have your own tires stretched at home, without much effort If it does not bother you. Not necessarily suitable for public road traffic So friends, the tire is on it now, but unfortunately we have a leak! Yes the tire is on it, but because the hose has warped a bit Does he have a little leak here now! Yes, it is corrosive! So friends, that’s Tire Stretch extreme! Unfortunately not quite perfect
because we have a little leak Because the hose is unfortunately something in between! But…. I would say it fits! So here we have about 4.5Bar / 652.67PSI on it, I would guess! A 115 tire on a 7.5J rim … it’s possible! The leak also seems to be gone * Laugh * that looks stupid! LOL That looks so stupid!
honestly! So here again for comparison: The 3 / B rim, I do not know exactly what that should be for a width! opposite to the 7,5J rim with
the 115 tire on it It is definitely possible, we have proved it! We will test it now on the car And how the whole thing is going to drive! Do not do that at home! If you like the video, let’s give it a thumbs up Then we will do it again with a 17 inch rim! And do a little bit of drifting, we
have a 125 80 17 here so 10 further in the broad, 10% cross-section less And all of this we’ll pull onto a 8.5×17 rim if you want to see it, definitely thumbs up! And definitely
comment down below what you think about it! So I would say we mount the wheel on the car! And drive it around! And look what happens! Here we go! so friends, since the whole course is not stupid enough for us When you do stretch, you have to have fitment, of course! It is clear! That’s why we have this 20mm spacer And we’ll throw them on it! And then mount the wheel on it, I’m very curious Now almost everything is ready. We have fitment thanks to the spacers. Not really “Fitment” We have not lowered the vehicle now. We have stretch and we have Alloy Wheels The only thing we need now to be natural in the To play Stance Scene
Of course, the tire needs to be glossy to make it look pretty Let’s put some tire shine on it! Again, much helps a lot! The cloth must of course also lint Exactly! Do not use the original sponge! I’ll get you even more lint cloth! You also want your stretch to show off! The tire shines now, looks like new! Great! And I would say, it can not get any better! We’ll let the car down! He’s standing! That looks silly! * LOL * So you have a lot of travel here, absolutely safe! If you want to see it all on a 8.5J 17 inch rim, then give the video a thumbs up We start the test drive now! I’m excited! Honestly! By the way, this car is a 318 ……… TDS DIESEL! Whooohoa … the first bumps here! But so the driveability…it´s okay or not?! I do not even think so
bad, honest! So we drive now 30 km / h, up to 30km / h it works perfectly! yes okay you are a bit too
more used to your car Do you notice any differences? It is higher in any case! It is definitely higher in the back right. Yes, you can feel that! That there are felt 80bar on it, but otherwise …. I’d say we’ll just do it next time … I do not know … No, we’ll do both sides and then we’ll do a big burnout Now we drive 50km / h, a speed at which an impact on a solid object can be deadly! The tire is sitting! Madness, honest, really cool! So friends, so far the wheel does really really good! I would say, definitely suitable for everyday use! * LOL * We’ll see again, how the whole thing is in the extreme case! If that even works !? I do not think so! I think we drive home on the rim! Do you believe that too?
“I do not think so” 115 to 7.5J With 4.5bar … will that last? That looks really funny! I do not feel like standing outside! That holds! Yes, yes! So the profile looks really good from the tire I have to say! So he really does that! The tire looks good too! Now you can see the running surface a bit better! So friends, if you liked the video, then definitely leave a like there! Then we will definitely do the same video again With 17 inches and definitely a much wider rim! I go there in the direction of eight and a half up to nine and a half
Something like that It’s going to be really funny! And then we do much more funny things to test test the wheel really through and through If you’re up for it, then Destroy the like button! Otherwise, I would of course be happy about a subscription as always Look down in the info box, there you will find the link to our online shop, there you will find great stickers, caps are also available soon! And see you in the next video … I’m looking forward to it!

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  1. Ich hätte nie und nimmer geglaubt, dass das funktioniert. Deshalb 👍👍👍 für diese verrückte und kreative Aktion 😊.

  2. Ich hab hier auch nochn Notrad liegen. Wollte ich auch mal runter brennen. Brauche nur noch ein zweites😂

  3. Und dann fahrt ihr mit dem Reifen auch noch auf öffentlichen Straßen 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Stretch extrem, mit dem 35er Querschnitt komm ich niedriger als mit dem Müll. Keinen anderen Sinn hat das Stretchen…sinnlose Sache, komplett unbrauchbar aber bei der Hälfte eurer Videos fragt man sich eh nach Sinn und Verstand. Wundert mich ja das ihr nich wieder die Kante raus geschnitten habt um tiefer zu fahren..🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  5. Das nächste Mal mit oil spray rein sprühen und anzünden dann passt es müsst nur Luft drauf machen es gibt Videos darüber lg

  6. Moin, andere Frage warum seit ihr wieder in der anderen Halle? Darüber wolltest du ein Video machen. Habe ich das verpasst oder kam das noch nicht?

  7. 8:10 Wahrscheinlich weißt du nicht wie breit eine 3B Felge ist. Du sagst doch die Größe du Fisch 😂😂😂

  8. Alter Verwalter seit ihr Krank drauf ich bestell das Privatfernsehen ab wenn ich jeden Tag ein Video in dem Unterhaltungswert von euch bekomme! Like Button zerstört Glocke geläutet !

    Grüße vom Bodensee

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