RC ADVENTURES – Modifying my Ford F-150 FX4 w/ a Roll Bar & Chase Rack – Bonus Slow Motion Jumps

RC ADVENTURES – Modifying my Ford F-150 FX4 w/ a Roll Bar & Chase Rack – Bonus Slow Motion Jumps

– [Host] Alrighty, let’s see what we have on the table today. Welcome back to the show, my friends. I know you’ve been tuning
in for quite some time here and you recognize this
Trail Finder two body. Now the Trail Finder two is a type of one tenth scale electric truck kit, or RTR, ready to run version, that you can get from a company
called RC Four Wheel Drive. This is the Toyota Hilux, the Mojave body with some extra hop ups or you know just kinda add ons I bought on EBay. These are rubber flares that I installed as well as a snorkel
and this back roll bar here is actually sold
by RC Four Wheel Drive but because in the last video
that I did with this truck, it was a music video, I
did a little bit of jumping and it was very very cold out and I actually on the rocks
over torqued my front axle and the alloy housing actually
exploded on this side. (engine revving) Very unusual. It was quite cold, but
even in the cold runs I’ve done before, I’ve
never seen that happen. So we had a flaw or
something get in there. Maybe a piece of rock got caught in there and it just exploded. I’ll put a little
information bar right here so you guys can see the
video if you missed it. So what I’m doing now
is because I’m waiting on the front axle housing to be replaced, I ordered one up a short time ago even though they’re not in stock, so I’m on the waiting list. This body won’t be in
use for a little while. That’s too bad cause I
really like this one. (laughs) This back bar, this roll bar, I installed and you’ll see why in the video. (truck crashing) It is for protection that
goes across the back, right? You don’t wanna land on the
top and break one of the sides cause that’s what happened
to kill a Toyata truck a long time ago is I
didn’t have a roll bar and I actually broke
the beams on either side which really ultimately
just killed the cab. So I’d like to use these
roll bars on the back. Since I can’t use this body,
I’m gonna swap this out. Sometimes I do this actually
with my different trucks. If one truck is broken and I need it on another truck of course
if it’s not an important part I’ll part it out and you know,
pay Peter with Paul’s money, (laughs) so to speak,
figuratively speaking. But what I’m gonna do today, you can see I’ve already
removed this back roll bar. And the reason why I’m gonna do that is I’m actually gonna use this in my Ford FX Four that I have. You guys saw me install a
rear bumper on it last video. Gonna install the roll bars on this one because it’s getting a little bit closer to my one to one scale look. Alright, here’s a look at my full size. I did have a red one years ago, but I switched it out to
a blue for my new truck, and here is the chase rack on the back. Now it does have a spare tier, a mount right in the middle,
as well as the light bars. Now I don’t have these pieces
for the bar I have inside, but I could always make them easy enough. And notice that my bar comes
just above the top of the cab. That way if there ever was a rollover, it would have some support in here. Now because this bar actually
wasn’t made for this truck, I believe this is a New Bright truck, also got it years ago on Extended Chassis. And I did cover that in the
last video that I was doing. I’ll add another link up here so you guys can see the
video if you did miss it. I also had to mod the back a little bit to get proper shocks in here. I had to cut it right here to expose the top of the shock tower
as well as right here. Now these wheel wells
are a different shape than the one that’s on the bar, but regardless, kinda floats in. I want it to be sitting right about there. The spacers I’m gonna use
are actually just repurposed side body mount posts. Now, normally these would
stick out on either side of a Trail Finder two or a
different vehicle like that where you need it to have body posts extending out to the side of a truck so the body could fit
and attach to the frame. And what I’m gonna do is
because they are pre-drilled, which is perfect, I’m
gonna cut them down to size after I measure what I need over here. Plus, I may be able to
use the extra pieces for the spacers I need
on the back right there. So it looks like I need
about half an inch. Just gonna use some painter’s tape to wrap the piece I need to cut. That way I can clearly
mark on this black piece and see exactly the line that I need. Safety glasses on. Always, I always use safety glass when I’m using anything to cut, of course, any kind of hot plastic or metal. (whirring) Gonna use a dremel, a rotary tool. Just dry fit the pieces, see if I have approximately
the right height. (drilling) Alright, so because I’m
using these spacers, I actually have to use longer screws than the ones that are provided. This is the one that came with it, and of course, here’s the
one that I’m gonna be using so it can actually make
it through the spacer and still grab onto the front of this bar. So I’m gonna have to bore out
the center of these spacers. Just myself at least. (drilling) Doing it slow. Now that it’s gotten snug, I’m gonna switch over to
using my channel locks, just so I don’t have to
risk hurting my fingers. (drilling) (vacuuming) Removing the back body screws I put in to help adjust the height
of the bumper we put in. And the front two screws. Normally when I’m taking
screws and nuts out, just to make sure I don’t lose them, I will put them together before
I put them off to the side. Alright, so one thing I didn’t show you is that I actually ground
down one side so it was flat so it can sit nicely against the cab area. Okay, so now that’s in there, and of course the box is gonna keep it a certain distance away, so what I wanna do is
push it up against the box and measure the gap that’s
between this wheel well and that back bar. (drilling) One and two. Now, I did have to shave the
spacers on a bit of an angle to account for the
roundness of the wheel well. (drilling) So there we go. As we look at the bar,
we can see it’s straight, comes just above the cab. On the inside, everything
is nice and strong, lifted, four screws have everything
attached properly, and I can put the body back on, but before I do, let’s do something a little on the crazy side. Here is a spoon, just
something I have laying around. I don’t have a piece of angle
bracket or anything like that, just easily accessible, so why
not use something like this? If I wanted to attach that
tire, all I would need is something that looked
somewhat like this. And if I took that spoon after bending it, put it in the truck such as this, I should be able to drill
a whole right down here and through the center of the spoon to be able to mount up a
tire right in the middle. (drilling) See, RC doesn’t need to be expensive. You just have to be
creative with what you have. Now, of course to hide the
fact that I’ve used a spoon, just to make it look more
scale looking, (laughs) good old electrical tape
will black this out for me. Then I’ll cut the end of the spoon off cause it’s a little big long. (whirring) Use what you have on hand some days and you can get the job
done and do it well. (drilling) Okay, so with a hole drilled
right through the spoon, I put in a small washer, a
longer screw to the other side. Gonna mount that right through the middle so the screw stick out here, take another washer, stick it there, and of course, the mounting nut. Gonna pre fit and bend it so I know exactly where
I wanna have that tire sitting right about there. Gonna use another little
washer through the screw, place the screw through
the bottom of the body, take the tire mount mounted on top, and use a nut to tighten that up. (car rattling) And once it’s tightened up, now I’ve got the back mount for my tire. Not too bad for just little spoon. Hey, now I might wanna
put in a second screw just to make sure it’s super tight and doesn’t turn around. I don’t have too much movement here now, but will add a second
screw right in the front to ensure that this is mounted properly. Look at that. There we go, my friends. (laughs) Pretty simple, well, overall. Just takes a bit of ingenuity,
but it was fun to do. So, (laughs) I’m happy with that result. Everything is strong, sturdy. Now when this flips upside down, it will protect the top of this. Yeah, it’ll get scratched, but it really won’t
crush the pillars here. You know what? Everyone was saying that it
looks like this part rubs and that it is just
slightly off, and it is, but it doesn’t rub anything
to be noticeable at. Maybe, maybe one millimeter,
but nothing that’s concerning. So, built to look like my full size truck just for fun as a side hobby thing to do. I’ll add some more as I
go, of course but I figure I might as well just kinda
putter around the shop here and see how scale it does look. (whirring) (slow motion whirring) (whirring) (slow motion whirring) (whirring) (slow motion whirring) (honking)

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  1. it is a 1/10 scale and I found out what it was it was the motor it stoped spinning it's the titan 12t550 but what can I do to fix it or do I have to buy a new one

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  10. If you have an extra nut, it'd help to put that on the top side of the spoon to hold the bolt in place as a stud, so that when you remove the not and washer on the spare, the bolt stays in place. (Realistically you'll probably never pull the spare off again, but just a tip!)

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