Rating Your Trucks! || From The Gallery, Couples Edition

Rating Your Trucks! || From The Gallery, Couples Edition

– Hey guys, Shawn with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. We’ve got a From the Gallery for you guys. We’ve got the ladies with us again. Per your request we brought them back, and this is my lovely wife, Emily. – Of course I am Banker, Custom Offsets, with my lovely girlfriend, Tayler. – Thanks, that was really nice. – You did good, you did good. So as you know we go through and review some of your submissions to the gallery, and we’ll tell you what we think. There’s gonna be a
little spin on it today. We’re gonna have the ladies go first and then we will translate. So, I think the feedback
from you guys last time was, you appreciated hearing from the ladies, but maybe that pretty blue thing wasn’t exactly the lingo you’re used to. So we will then translate that, so that you guys understand what it is that they’re pointing at and think is really neato, benito. So. Banker is gonna do his
best to hold it together and tell you what we’re seeing. So our first truck is
gonna be a 2014 Ram 2500. It’s got 22 by 12 Fuel Mavericks, Nitto Ridge Grappler, 35×12 and a halfs, and it’s gonna be lifted on
four inches of BDS suspension. So it looks like it’s got
a two-tone paint to it. And I will let the ladies
take it from there. – I don’t like the two-tone colors. – Yeah I hate the two tone.
– I don’t know why, I like everything color matched. But… – [Banker] You mean like having that marker chrome bumper color
match to the two tone? – [Emily] No, no, no, no, no. – [Tayler] No, like if the truck is black. I like everything black. – [Emily] Yep. – [Tayler] Like CO2 everything’s white. Your truck, everything’s black. – [Emily] Oh, he even has that engine. Look at that. – [Tayler] Okay, that’s kinda cool, how that’s color matched. – [Shawn] To the air intake. – [Tayler] (laughs) – [Shawn] And what was
the other part there? – I believe it was, like… Use the turbo. Yeah. Oh, he’s got some banks on it. Oh, okay. So he’s got, she’s built up a little bit. – Okay. And it’s all paint to match after-market for the engine build. But yeah, the two-toned
thing, I would totally agree. I am also one of those. I think it’s a very classic look, and I think that’s why
some guys like that. I, on the other hand, am not a fan. – [Emily] He’s got a stack on the top too. – [Banker] That’s how you know it’s fast. – [Emily] (chuckles) – [Tayler] Remember the comments. – [Emily] (chuckles) – Because, you know, basic. – What do you think of
the mirrors, ladies? What do you think of the mirrors? – I hate the mirrors. – [Shawn] Why? – [Emily] But that’s a Dodge thing. You know all the memes with the… – Moose. – Moose. – Yeah. You’ve been paying attention. – They’re pulled out.
– Very nice. – Yeah. – I’d probably get rid
of the running boards, and do a little chrome delete on there, whether it’s paint to match
one of the two colors… – [Tayler] Maybe he needs to– – What do you think of the two-tone? You haven’t said anything. – It doesn’t bother me as much as it seems to bother everyone else, but– – [Shawn] I think… But
you’re a classic guy. You like old-school stuff. You like classic. – [Banker] Yeah. – And I think that’s what that is, is that’s kinda a throwback feel for me. – You know what it is? It is the factory giving you your secondary accent color. – Yeah. – Makes it easy.
– [Shawn] Maybe it’s the factory making that
kind of decision for me that I’m not comfortable with. Feel like they should
stick to making everything the same, and we’ll take it from there. – You’ve got Mavericks, which
are, you know, super common, and he went with the ridge grapplers. So, one of the better tires. So, I’m guessing this truck
does a little bit of work. – [Shawn] Yeah, it’s a clean set up. Twelve wides and a four inch
is definitely a good ratio. And the 35’s, the wheel wells
look pretty, you know, decent. They’re not stuck, but
they’re also not skating. You ready to rank it? – Yes. – Remember it is a one to 10, and on three, you say the number.
– I won’t mess up this time. – Don’t panic. So one, two, three. (all talk at once) – Seven? – I said five. – I said seven. – I said seven, and I don’t know why. – You don’t know why. – It’s probably a six, for me. I probably got excited. – I didn’t even mess
up this time, you did. – I was so into telling
you guys the instructions, I didn’t think of my own number, so I think I just said the first number, and didn’t think about the truck at all. – Okay.
– Not gonna lie. Ready?
– Yep. – Ready for the next one? Our next one is a 2017
Ford F-250 Super Duty. It’s got some (murmurs) 24
by 14 negative 73 offset. The Fury Off Road Country Hunter M/T 40 by 15.5, which is in our 24. And then the Keldraman Air Suspension. – Okay um the, these yep. – The mudflaps? – [Emily] The mudflaps no. I’m guessing he has to have them on, because his state requires that, but his truck is beautiful. – [Tayler] I like it, but I
feel he could’ve went with 26’s. Those are only 24’s, right? – [Banker] Yeah. – [Emily] Yeah. – [Shawn] So if he has
to have the mudflaps why does he have to have
them for this photo shoot? This isn’t just– – [Emily] I’m just guessing. I don’t know why anyone
would want mudflaps. – We’ll I mean their rock tamers, so if he’s pulling a boat or
something expensive behind it. – But he’s not. – Right now. I see what you’re saying. He could have taken them off. – [Shawn] Because are those removable? – [Tayler] I don’t like
many after market bumpers, and I like that one. – It should be rock tamers. Well, you have a set
that we put on Co2 once. They usually bolt to the hitch, so I would imagine that
they are removable. – Why do you like that bumper? – [Tayler] I don’t know. That whole truck is very clean. I like that. – I would agree. It’s really sleek. It’s not the big… that bumper. – The Bubba Gump bumpers. – [Shawn] It’s a beautiful truck. – [Emily] It is. – [Tayler] Yeah, I like it. – [Shawn] It’s all PTM white. Like everything’s whited out,
so you know I’m gonna be bias. – [Emily] Except this– – [Shawn] That is actually
the truck I told you to build, and you decided to go
black with it for our car. Just saying black sells better. – [Emily] I don’t think the wheels should be any bigger that that. I think those fit perfect. – [Shawn] Yeah 14 lights. – [Emily] Do you think this
picture is as high as it can go? – [Banker] It’s four to six and I believe. And it’s four to six and then
a six to eight I believe. – [Shawn] So that’s
got to be cranked up to eight right there. – [Banker] Two options, it’s
probably at the highest, um. – [Shawn] To be clearing 40’s like that. – Okay I think we’re ready to vote. – You ready? – Yeah. (Laughter) – It’s not that hard. – It is hard, when you know
what your talking about. – One, two, three. – Nine and a half
– Nine – Nine
– Eight – What was yours? – Nine. – Nine. – Eight – Eight? Why what are you mad about? – Maybe I just can’t see
it but a kelderman is a very expensive kit and
there’s a lot of components and he just left it all black
and that kinda makes me sad. [Shawn] – Oh so he had the opportunity to really do some highlight colors? – [Banker] Yes – [Shawn] Did he even do white? I think he did it appears
that that’s all white. – [Emily] It woulda been a ten but the – [Banker] I can’t tell – [Shawn] But that
doesn’t look like it is. – [Emily] Mud flaps – [Shawn] And he doesn’t
have wheel liners. Your just mad that it’s not
white oh no that’s silver. – [Banker] It’s chrome. – [Shawn] It’s Chrome, there you go. – [Tayler] Oh yeah
– [Emily] Matches his wheels. – [Banker] Well you got chrome
shocks which is an option. – [Shawn] And I believe
the drive shaft is white or polished. You steal that? You mean the chrome? – I’m less mad. – Cause it does go with
the polished focuses. – Yeah, they are a basic force design. – So you were nine and a
half, what’s the extra half? – I love it, the half
was just the mud flaps and I was really upset that
he left those on there, I don’t know why they’re on there. I have a set for CO2 and I
think that’s the same thing, it’s like a universal and
you can just take it off, so I made mine super removable, so that when I’m pulling a car if I don’t have a shield I can use them. But I don’t wanna cruise
around looking like Grandpa pulling the RV. – [Banker] Well, California
plates, I’m sure he has to. – [Shawn] Oh that is a big Cali thing. Unless those guys make a removable set, when you go to the photo
shoot you take them off. Or the clear plexiglass ones, those make me a little less upset. – Ask Connor Handly, – That’s a photographer – Oh, sorry. – What does that say?
– Connor Handley. – Fermn8tor.
– Can you use the Fermn8or, and ask him why he didn’t
take those mud flaps off? ‘Cause then he would’ve got a 10. This ones a 2018 Ford F-250 Super Duty. Its got American Truck cuts, 22×14 -76, and Toyo Open Country
MT-37 13 and a half’s, and it’s on the McGaughy
Suspension Lift eight incher, and silver, it appears,
with lots of chrome accents. Ladies? – It’s…
– I don’t like the wheels. – It’s not a, it’s not going
to make you turn your head, it’s just– – What don’t you like about the wheels? – They look like a flower. – [Banker] What kind of
flower are you looking at? – [Tayler] Like, I don’t
know, I like the big lift. – [Shawn] Yeah, it’s all concave. – [Tayler] Yeah. – [Shawn] It’s definitely a spoke wheel. Not everybody’s come around
to that way of thinking yet. – [Tayler] And I feel
like there’s so much more he can do as like a
bumper, and headlights, and maybe a new grill,
and new mirrors maybe. But I don’t know, it’s kind of basic. – [Shawn] So he should start over. – Or start.
– I mean it’s not bad! Like it’s still cool but I feel
like you could do way more. – [Shawn] I always love
the McGaughys though. – [Tayler] Yeah. – [Shawn] (mumbling) – [Banker] Oh, those are radius arms. – [Shawn] Radius arms, ladder bars, they call everything a ladder bar if it looks like a ladder banger. – [Banker] I’m going to
get you a ladder rack. – [Shawn] Let’s not ladder all the things. – I think it’s just really basic, I feel like, put a set of wheels on it, and it’s not, lift it and call it a day. – [Shawn] Maybe he did.
It’s a really good lift kit. American Trucks is doing well, they’re pretty popular wheels. I don’t know that that style, that design, is overly popular. I think the big concave
wheels are still kind of like, the Fuel Assault did
well, but it’s like ah, – Yeah. – That’s kind of like an SUV look, and I think that’s probably
what you’re reacting to. I think it’s a good fit.
– It’s an eight inch lift? – 22’s and 37’s, yeah. – How does he get in that. – Uh, those back two step bars. He jumps and runs.
– Oh. – You’ve gotten in the Super Duty. – Once.
– Twice! And I was hurt both times. Amp steps drop down,
those stay at that height. – Yeah. – Well yeah, but we got got in that one and it didn’t have amp steps. – And I got hurt. Twice. – Yeah I got hurt too. – See, this guys gonna get hurt. – Maybe he’s tall, I
didn’t have a problem. – I’ve pulled a muscle in my back. – And my neck, my neck and my back! (laughing) – Don’t even sing that. – Let’s do this one before
anybody else gets hurt. – And three, two, one. – Six
– Five – Six
– Five – You guys all went five? – I said six. – Okay, six six and five five. – It’s basic. – [Shawn] It’s a good start. – [Banker] Yeah, he did something. – [Shawn] I’m glad he did it different, because a lot of people do
run with the same wheels, so it doesn’t make me made that somebody tried something different,
like I would take off the stock running step tubes, and I would go with amps. – [Tayler] step tubes? – [Shawn] Step tubes, running boards, there’s like a hundred words. – You never heard of step tube? – No I never heard of that. – How about ladder bars,
any radius times, nothing? – I’m going to teach her
more truck stuff later. – Turns out it’s not Super Duty day, so now we have a 2010
Chevy Silverado 1500. It’s on American forces, 26×14 -90’s, Fuel Offroad Country Hunters again, M-30. – [Banker] Fury. – [Shawn] What’d I say? – [Banker] Fuel. – [Shawn] Did I? – [Emily] Yeah, you did. – [Shawn] (mumbling) But this one happens
to be on Fury Offroad, you can tell I’m running Fuels now, like I want everything to be Fuel now, everybody should be. Fury Offroad Country
Hunter MT37 13 and a half, and again it’s on a McGaughy
nine inch this time, and it’s a 2010 Silverado 1500. – [Tayler] I love the color.
– [Emily] I love it. – I don’t like chrome,
but like the accents, I mean, I like CO2, but like the bumper has the little bit but
it’s not like overwhelming, and I guess the door
handles and then the wheels. – [Shawn] So you do like Chrome. – [Tayler] I don’t though!
But I do like this. – [Emily] I don’t like chrome
either and I like this truck. – [Banker] I’m conflicted, ladies. Oh, go back! – [Emily] It’s sharp. – [Banker] Are you excited
about the purple wheel lights? – [Shawn] No, I actually saw
the spike lugs, the studs, were paint to match. Oh, those were wheel lights,
I thought he also had the face plates or
something painted on there. – [Tayler] I love those wheels. That’s probably one of my favorite. – [Shawn] It is a beautiful wheel, yeah. – [Tayler] And the little touch
of blue in there is sweet. Not to talk about color to
stress out you all, but. – [Banker] Can we go back to that picture? – [Shawn] Did he do the ladder bars? He didn’t, I wish he would’ve
done the ladder bars. – [Banker] I’m trying to
see if the truck is actually that blue or it’s just really well edited. – [Tayler] I think it’s well edited. – [Shawn] In that picture
it’s not that color at all. – [Tayler] Yeah, they’re
well edited because I pulled it out of the gallery. – [Shawn] No! We got tripped, it’s not even that color? – [Banker] So it’s a brighter blue – [Shawn] It’s normal blue. – [Tayler] It’s normal blue. – [Emily] It’s still nice, I don’t care. – [Tayler] I still like it. Blue and chrome together look sick. – [Shawn] I don’t know Banker, that messed with me when you pointed that out. I think he should definitely
paint the truck that color. ‘Cause that color is hot, right there. That’s gorgeous.
– [Banker] That bright. – [Tayler] I think there it
looks kind of like turquoise. – [Shawn] Okay ready to rank it? One to ten. One, two, three, – Nine
– Eight – 10
– Nine – Heard us nine, what did you say? – 10 – 10 and eight? Oh, ouch. – Why’d you give it an eight? – Let’s see the positive one this time, who gave it the highest? – Me. – Why? – Because it’s perfect. Like it’s clean, it’s
simple, but I know I keep saying other ones just need more, okay. – [Shawn] What’s not perfect? – [Banker] So let’s look
at this picture right here. – [Shawn] Yep. – [Banker] So I love the dual
axle jump to the giant tips. Absolutely Love that. (all talking) No, because this body
style, I have this truck, the body bumps in and looks goofy, but the plastics could
have been painted to match. – [Tayler] I guess that’s true. – [Banker] You can get a
chrome tailgate handle. – [Shawn] Yeah. So you just want the finishing touches. – [Banker] Finishing touches, the mirrors, – [Shawn] That’s why you’re a nine. – [Banker] Yeah. – [Tayler] Okay I didn’t
look too much into detail but I guess you’re right. – [Banker] Yeah you guys kind of get distracted by the pretty
blue, which isn’t even real. – [Shawn] Okay, let’s
go onto the next one, Emily’s really in love with it, she only gave it an
eight but she can’t stop clicking through the
pictures ’cause she loves it. – Well, I was– – No it’s interesting. Painter’s going to paint
this truck the blue that it looks like in
the rendering tomorrow. 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500. It’s on specialties, the
SF003’s 26×15 -103 offset, it’s on Conforcer
CF3000, 37×13 and a half, and it’s got the Full
Throttle suspension nine inch. – [Tayler] I love it. The wheels are a little
busy, but I don’t need it. And I don’t know just
because both of these have really nice pictures
they just look better, but, and it’s really wide. (mumbling) – [Tayler] Oh, that’s cool. – [Banker] So, at Showoff
Motor Sports I’m assuming they’ll fit– – [Shawn] That’s in Modesta?
Modesto, California? It’s Billy right? – [Banker] Yes. – [Shawn] So we’re
looking at this one now, it’s 37 stretched time, so
it’s 13 and a half stretched, and 25×16, what are you
ladies thinking about the wheels and tires, let’s start there. – [Tayler] I love it. I mean it is only a nine-inch lift, so for 26’s it’s a little
big, but I don’t hate it. – [Banker] A little big? – [Shawn] It’s a 1500. – [Tayler] Like the tires
are really stretched. – [Shawn] Super stretched, (all talking) – [Tayler] I don’t want to drive in that. ‘Cause it’s going to be really, you’re feeling every bump, right. – [Shawn] It’s got to ride like you’re running on the wheels, right? I’ve never been in one
that’s that stretched and that low profile. – [Banker] I would imagine, I don’t know, this is not my style to say the least. – [Shawn] What are you mad about? You mean wheel and tire setup? – [Banker] Yeah, I mean so
you spend all this money on specialties and I get it, you want to draw attention to them, but that design is a little wild for me, and then to stretch 13 and
a halfs on sixteen wides, I get that there’s like no
tires available in that sizing, but there’s literally a think, too – [Shawn] Right now, I think it’s the Fuels and the Conforcers, and I think even the Furies are
all sold out in the country. They might be catching up and
when this airs in a few days the might be caught up, but
that’s currently what I know. – [Banker] It’s such a cheap
tire, that blows my mind that he’d spend all that money. – You know why guys do that, though? Because I used to hear that too, and then I realized I do it. Because you’re gonna
get a new set of wheels next year anyways, so for one year why would you buy the
3000 dollar tires that you can only sell for 1500
on craigslist next summer, so when you’re going
through them every year, what’s the point of the mileage warranty, what’s the point the better tire. This is clearly a show
truck, he’s not driving this every day with a nine
inch lift and 16 wides. Could be, in Cali, those guys
know how to party, maybe. But I do think it’s a really
nice, put together truck. I think it goes to the
video we did a little while ago where you can
either do the light bars and the lights and all this stuff, or you can focus on
getting the wheels you want and doing the big, clean,
expensive lift kit. And I think this one just matches the current style of
spending a little more. – [Tayler] I would, so his
tail lights are super red and it drives me bonkers. (all talking) And then he has those red, – [Banker] Check out your orange markers. – [Tayler] All those little things that are relatively cheap, he didn’t do, so that’s… – How about those sport mirrors, did you guys like that it
still has the little mirrors? – [Emily] No. – [Tayler] No, he needs tall mirrors. – [Shawn] So this seems
like if he’s just starting, this is perfect, wheels, tire, suspension, and now it’s time to like
bank or set on the last one, get into the details, get
into the headlight build, get into the mirrors, get into the, I can’t remember what I just said because I’m aging rapidly. (mumbling) Oh, tail lights. Tail light, dirt brake light. Clean truck though. – [Banker] It is a clean truck. – [Shawn] At least I like
the direction it’s going. (mumbling) – How I made it was the
work truck edition of it. (laughing) Three years older. – Lowered on 24’s. – On the horse, like it was also black and a Chevy. Okay let’s go ahead and rank it before I feel like I don’t
know what I’m talking about. – Last time you went
one, two, three, can you – Three, two, one! – Seven! – Oh, weak.
– Wow. – Can we redo that. (mumbling) – Three, two, one! – Seven
– Seven – Nine
– Six – Nine? – I don’t know if it’s
just because the pictures are professionally taken, but, – [Emily] I think I like that
one better than the blue one. – I don’t know. – [Tayler] I like black and white trucks. – [Shawn] I think what this proves is that even those of us who
kind of agree on style will rank the same truck very differently and that’s why you should
always build your truck for yourself and not anybody else. Because everyone that looks
at it has a different opinion. I honestly thought we were
going to be close together, and they were going to
be all over the place, but we’re actually all all over the place. That is another episode
of From The Gallery. Hope you guys enjoyed. Let us know in the comments
what else you wanna see, and if we should let the
ladies come back again, because we brought ’em back a second time. Peace.

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