hi guys! welcome back with me Gouzo! so sorry, if im not upload new vid in 1-2weeks, im very busy i’ll try to upload 1-2vid per week soon.. help me to reach 1k Subscriber, OK? Finally guys! this is a moment really wait from 3month ago… i got a Minorous card from Pet Adventure! Finally, after 3 month waiting i got ths card, lol i use 2 alt char for pet adventure.. bcs i play in mobile, i cant handle 3character.. im happy bcs got a new mino card, from pet advent, its nice bcs it unlock atk+8 in adventure book.. for deposite, im not deposite mino card, because in this episode, because in this Episode whitesmith axe dont have extra Damage to L Monster so the deposite cant work for now. someone said, in EP.4 Vecer Axe, hv extra L Monster .. but i prefer to use Doom Axe, because it will useful when mechanic (3rdJob) So, i just want to share my lil happy moment now we will discuss about i share to all of you how important Cart Revo to defeat MVP’s .. than cart Attack in a few MVp i didnt said cart attack is not good, but cart revo is more useful in a many MVPs so (text…) 1. (text) it more useful to kill fast Minion from BOSS MVP or MINI we fight.. 2. (Text).. different with cart attack which not work use converter element and, cart attack is single damage, cart revo is Area Damage i think, cart revo is more useful than cart attack in many MVP’s 3. (Text) .. 4. (Text)…. 5. (Text)… it will give high damage to earth, dark, and undead monster /MVPs (text…..) in tier 6++ u can get extra Arm Cannon Damage… Mechanic Skill Ok, Start with my Highlight MVP! Happy Watching! so Guys! to be a Last Hitter Whitesmith on MVPs we need to know about situation and condition in our channel.. about who our competitor in channel, how their damage, and we must have more high damage than our competitor example is champion, if ashura champion is more high than your revo damage, you cant easily last hitting MVPs… and if there are any LK with high damage is to hard to solo.. but last hitting LK is more easy than competitive with Champ 1st i try in Orc Lord Lucky, its spawn near my waiting spot i got first hit and the key to be last hitter is, you need to be patient to click Revo skil to LH need a good timing to last hit revo if you continuously do MVP, you will know when to use the skill at the right time lucky got an EOD.. 2 million but now it very long to sold in exchange xD 2nd OL, i try with my LK Friend, new friend from my channel.. i got an extra attack from LK skill, Lords Aura bytheway, in ths video i dont use any alloy attack because, now, the fact is , mvp die in 5-10 sec, i just need to last hit it.. i’ll use alloy when competitor is more stronger it will waste ur money when u use alloy.. but, when you already dominance ur server, and make the server to be yours, just maximalize ur own damage.. my damage is 2,6m in orclord with lord aura next mvp is drake, as usual i use my revo crit build and bcs this video is focus to explain why cart revo is important on many mvp.. use str,agi,luk, and vit cart revo is useful too to 1 hit/last hit mvp, like drake when you use 2 skeleton worker, full buf from WS and fire converter i just use flame heart and full WS Buff, OT, WP, Otmax, loud exc,, adren it will increase your damage for now, my revo damage to drake is around 500-600k when solo MVP +extra DPS from auto attack.. you need to know the right timing, when you click revo to last hit mvps.. you can adapt it from this guide video next mvp is Eddga.. my first Eddga, solo mvp, lucky bcs i meet it first, and success first hit but being un lucky bcs it gone, teleportation before i butterfly to town, the first hit still mine ok, i meet it again, and i didnt expect i will get mvp, but i did it, i last hit it maybe it because my competitor damage is not really high, and i got first and last hit… if my competitor is more stronger than me, it wll difficult, when it teleport, it will die in a sec… so i got first hit, and last hit, and not really high damage,, just 700k.. bcs first and last hit, i got a lot of point to be a MVP so after that, im in eddga again, im not be a first hitter in this scene im not use strong food like wil icecream.. just 4 gatter place.. so my damage is not really high, but because my competitor is below me, i can get the last hit and being MVP so again, the key being last hitter, is we need to know the right time when we click revo to last hit MVP 4. is Orc Hero.. anyone said, why always earth monster n00b :”) just try ur another mvp! ok i’ll explain, when solo mvp, the best target is Earth mvp/dark mvp.. but dark mvp suitable with party mvp.. bcs it have high matk and will make you die fast 😀 orc lord and orc hero is my speciality and suit with my equip right now after i successed to refine+10 wizardry and got mino card, use my zeny to craft 4 accesories card.. kaho and santa poring, it will increase ur damage to mvp ! and the most useful for me is kaho card, because i can solo OH and OL… btw, now i rarely use Greates General card and Magnum break from marine sphere card.. because its wasting money yo change it.. orc hero is a good target for whitesmith revo type with doom axe… in orc hero again, i got first hit im not use alloy and buff priest.. my damage is just 1,2m use 2 minoand kaho and fire converter reach 8,9M damage, and just first hit it i fail to last hit it, but still got the mvp because my max damage… last scene in 3rd Orc Hero… luckyly no anybody here… if you want serious hunt mvp, you can often to change channel… looking for the best channel… in the morning, or work-time, or dawn… not all of MVP mafia is 24 hours hunting, their human too XD 5th mvp is osiris because now im rarely use GGeneral card and magnum break, my deal dps damage is not really high it just deal 46-crit 118k dont forget fire convert and here i not use high star food.. and not use alloy… so just 400k Revo, in previous guide i reach 600k dmg is not using any medium boss card, still just 2 mino… my card is not suit to medium boss… i just rely on use right converter to boss.. so i got first and last hit… and MVP next one , is deviling cart attack build is good for MVP with low HP btw, cart attack is good too for last hit MVPs ex: angeling, drake, gtb, goblead, deviling and etc but in this scene i still use cart revo build, you can look, how i click revo and hv a good timing to last hit it… based on experience, im sure you all can do that too… when u need to revo or no if we fast or late too click it, mvp is gone to others… i also often get last hit stolen… next is strouf, because i forget to use marc card, i got freeze from mobs in UW.. so thats WTF moment.. lol 2nd scene, i succes to got mvp in strouf… all is you need is right timing to revo mvp and use the righ converter t boss.. next, my progress in 1-2weeks… actually, my progress wasn’t too good, because I failed to refine weapons, and spent a lot of my money on weapons from my runes, adven book, and pray guild.. i got extra attack +710.. now, about my status is… my stat is 99 str, 70 agi, 33 vit, dex 31, luk 43… for skill.. in my job 70/70… and enough gold medal… i take cart attack runes,.. but it still tier 3 runes but my CA hvnot really high damage bs it still tier 3 as usual, when you reach 70 you can take , Loud exc 15, adrenaline 20, and meltdown 20.. or you can switch 20 loud with 15 adrenaline… dont forget skin temperin 10 weapperf, othrust and othrust max is the “must have” skill for white smith… because is the bes buff for you and ur team mates… cart boost.. and you can add speeding up if u use matyr leash… for human heart ligh, i not take it because i think it best for experiment or WOE soon… ialready use thara frog too.. go to my equips… not really big change than before.. the enchance is go to bad…. offhand still use floral bracelet with marc card, i change it with rosa bracelet too when not freeze skill boss mvp… tight success to +10, but not have good mora… need moral ignore def 5-20%… garment, my ancient cape is broke too.., next my shoes is rune boots.. give more extra atk 3% from selling mino, i got rune boots and more deposite… card/headwear.. and succes luna brooch to +10 , but still not success to mora luna to melee atk… and matyr broken too… my 2 acc is slotted with acc card… 2 kaho and 2 santa, it will boosst ur damage to high mvp… here i have card marine sphere to launc magnum break skill to any job (originally for swordman) and greates general card for multiplied damageor call spirit in few sec next this is my scared axe.. lol… from +8 goes to +4 , because i really want to hv +10 doom… that failed refining make my zeny gone, and wasting money.. i this week and last week, i just wasting money for refining my sacred axe, lol, demnit bruhhhhh so like i said before, my progress in weeks is not good… headwear u can use cat ear beret or starlight ship or rudolph horn for face u can use, hockey mask, goblead mask, and add more ignore def with nut on head… for mouth i use spiked scarf, wing is Devil wing, and tail still Windperch drake … and dont forget to invest horong card, to woe soon.. yep, thats is my equip still not good, i reach more damage bcs deposte, runes, and invest card like mino, and other acc card… next is my rune in 314 gold badge, and 210k+ contri as usual, first take 5 cart revo… takes demihuman damage and str green too.. 5 Change Cart…. must 5, because with that rune it give more damage cart next cart increase 5 5 axe refining when u get enough medal. take 5 axe refining, 3 in downline, and 2 in upperline.. and you can see, i take cart attack rune too, it because my medal is enough for revo, and can use the rest too cart attack 3.. and in my revo build… when u not have enough medal to hybrid, dont take cart attack, better u take, damage to fire monster, and u can take it without take a cart attack, you can take it from down or upper path… my damage fire monster is give extra damage to eddga, moon light flower and other mobs with fire element…

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  1. Bang cara nyari ch sepi gimana bang 😢 susah bet nyari ch sepi, itu enak banget saingannya dikit banget 😵

  2. Hey Gouzo! Nice video! Please keep doing stuff like this! English subtiltes are very welcome!! Cheers from Brazil!!

  3. Hi Guys! greetings from Indonesia! English Subtitle is Available now! Enjoy my video! dont forget to subscribe my channel ! 🙂

  4. kak aku ws polos atk masi 3.5k, cm damage cart revo ga segitu, weapon gw masi 1 slot dan 1 mino, bisa selisih berapa kalo 1 mino dmg nya? apa pengaruh banget? sisa equip rune dan stats hampir sama smua. thanks!

  5. Bro.. Buat WoE nnti WS masih bisa make build itu ga.?
    Ato maen Cart Terminator aje yak buat rusuh ngestunt
    Skalian review WS di WoE nnti donks..

  6. Gini ni…
    Yang namanya milih job dan tau pake ..
    Tau karakteristik job yang dipake , tau maksimalin job yang dipake , tau plus minus nya ..

    Banyakan player ROM ini asal ikut orng aja ..
    Gimana ga cepat pensi 😀😀

  7. rune change cart ga usah diambil bro, pake buku aja, ambil abis itu isi cart sampe full, abis itu Ymir dan ga usah diambil, hemat GM . nice video.

  8. Hahaha same thoughts on pet advent card. I play rom on released date and got card from pet event tis month of May ahahahah

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