Quizzing Employees on our Wheel Wall?!

Quizzing Employees on our Wheel Wall?!

– Hey guys, what’s goin’ on? It’s Alex from Fitment Industries. You might notice that there’s
a bunch of wheels behind us and you guys have asked us to review our wheel wall. So, instead of doing a really boring, stat focused video, we decided that we’re gonna pull our own videographers and photographers
of Fitment Industries out into the wheel wall that most likely have no idea what’s on this wall. And ask ’em if they can figure out which makes and models they’re looking at. We have about, I’d say 60 wheels up there. I’m gonna guess that
we’re gonna get probably about five of them correct out of all 60 for the average group here but, we’ll see what happens. So, the first person that we have up today is Dominic. And Dom is our online analytics guy. Come on over here, come on over here. Alright, so, you guys, Dom here from the gallery, in case you didn’t know, Dom knows a lot of stuff about numbers. You’re a number guy, right? – Yeah, I’m a number guy. – So, Dom, what are we looking at? We’re gonna start bottom row, I’m just gonna pick off a couple. We’ll start it off easy. Brand new wheel line, what are they? – [Dom] You said we’re starting off easy? – [Alex] Yeah, this is the easy, we just got these from Rohana. – This is the.. RF, is it RF or RFX? – RFX. – RFX… 11 – Alright, yeah, you got it. – Yey! – So you got three of the 60 wheels right, because they’re all the same model. – [Dom] Sick. – [Alex] Alright. I’m
gonna do one more easy one. What’s this one? – [Dom] ESR… S1-T. – What? – ESR… ES1-T? – There you go. Alright, alright, so now we’re four out of 60. So let’s throw a little loop. What is the TSW? – [Dom] That is the TSW Oslo. – [Alex] Oh wow! What the-? Alright, alright, alright, we’re gonna kick it a nickel. We’re gonna go from this
one, we’re gonna go up one, two, three, four, five, six. That Klutch wheel. – [Dom] Yeah I got enough. – [Alex] Alright, alright, cool. You get out of big red
beeping over that one. You didn’t get that one right. Alright, let’s try another one, okay. We’re gonna move over
here, we’re gonna move over to the Rotiform, four up. What is that? – [Dom] Rotiform IN.. T.. INT (laughs) I don’t know. I don’t know this one. – [Alex] Okay, so- – [Dom] Rotiform, that’s
the- is it the forged one? – [Alex] No. – [Dom] Damn. Yeah I got nothing . – [Alex] It starts with.. uh – [Dom] I? – [Alex] No. It starts with a (clap) (laughs) what does your
girlfriend tell you when she’s mad at you
after you send her a text explaining something? – [Dom] Oh! Kay (both laugh) No. I would say like, o-kay, yeah. – [Alex] Okay, so, K. – K. – Alright, so what’s
something you need to do in the morning, before you go to get in the shower? A lot of times you do
it, you gotta get ready for the day. Before you
jump in the shower- No. It starts with a P. The letter is the word. (laughs) – [Dom] What? What is happening? I don’t even know what’s happening here. (Alex laughs) – [Alex] It’s the Rotiform KPS. I don’t even know- – [Dom] KPS? – [Alex] Yeah. I was trying to see. Before you get in the shower, you go, and you go pee right? Or, maybe.. okay, whatever. And then. I was gonna
do an S but whatever. We’re not even there yet, we’re not even there anymore. – [Dom] Okay. – [Alex] We’re gonna do one more. Let’s do… Alright, now look at this one. What is it? (loud exhale) – [Dom] Cosmis racing. – [Alex] So far, so good. – XT.. – Yeah? – 206-R ? – Nice job. – Let’s go. – Alright, alright. So, we’re gonna leave it at that. We don’t wanna humiliate him too much because if we get really into it or any of that top row it’s just not gonna work out well. So, how many did you get around? You only had one wrong. – Yeah. – That’s not bad. – The Klutch. No, I got
two, I got the Klutch wheel and the Rotiform, yeah. – Alright, so you got two wrong. Alright, so, Dom is gonna take a break and we’re gonna bring out the next guy. – Cool. – So next up we have Corey, Corey is our graphic design guy, right? Corey, what would you say you do here? – A good amount. – Of what? – I make graphics. – Holy moly. Okay, so
we’re gonna be talking about the wheel wall. Corey how much research have you done on our wheel wall before
we made this video? – I answer all of the questions online about wheels. – So you should be pretty good at this. – Theoretically. – Alright, well, we’re gonna get started. We’re gonna start off over here. We’re gonna start it off
on the right hand side. We’re gonna keep it easy, come on. Bring it in, bring it in. What is this? – 3SDM – Easy. – [Corey] 0.04 – Wrong.how many spokes? – 0.05. 0.05, people. – We’re moving over to this one. What is- – 0.06! Bingo! – Alright (claps) – 0.02 – Wrong. – One. – Wrong. – Three. – Wrong. – Nine. -Yes. – 0.09. – Well, technically, you’re
still one out of three, though. Just because you ran
numbers all the way up to infinity doesn’t mean you- – I knew the style of number that is was supposed to be. – Sure. Okay. So how about this one? What about this 3SDM? – 3SDM 0.05 SF. – Actually, I think it’s 0.50 SF. So, we’re moving on to
the next one, come on. – [ Corey] Okay. – Come on over here. Come over, come over here. We’re going to look at- How about that one? Rotiform- – Rotiform 6. – Alright, that was pretty easy. Let’s move it over one.
What about that one? – R8 B12? – Are you sure? Okay, back to this one. – This is the beautiful, the refined, ESR ES1-T, with a carbon fiber barrel. – You get a bonus point.
What does the T stand for? – T stands for twist, because
if you come take a look at… …oh, this one here. This one (laughs) this
is the standard ES1, non-twist, ES1 with a twist. – True, true. Yes, yes. Alright, so down one, what is this? – [Corey] Cosmis XTU XT206R – Okay, so what’s this one? – XT 206R – Damn it. I was really hoping I could get you with that one. Alright, and finally, last but not least, this row, four up, the
silver Radi8, what is it? What’s the surname? – That is the sarcastic
ninja, I’m gonna go with R8B12 again. – I don’t think that’s right. Alright, moving forward,
we’re gonna do a couple more. We’re gonna do a couple more cause the team is like, Corey actually, even
though he does not look like he knows wheels. – (Corey whispers) I know everything. – He’s doing pretty good. He’s actually doing pretty good. I give you an A for effort. Rotiform, four up. Which one is that? – [Corey] Rotiform KPS. – Alright, I tried to
give Dom an opportunity to get that correct and
he completely failed. Let’s go up one more. What is the red one? – Rohana… Rohana RFX – [Alex] You sure about that? – [Corey] RF2 – [Alex] Are you sure? – [Corey] RF1. – [Alex] I’m gonna give you enough time- – [Corey] Rohana RF1. – [Alex] Are you sure? – [Corey] Yes. – Yeah it is the RF1. Nice job. To the right of that, the
black, the matte black. – [Corey] Road BVI Rohana RF2. – [Alex] Wow! And just to
throw a swinger in the mix, Bring that over here. Silver Rohana, one, two, three, four, five, six up, that Klutch. – [Corey] That is the Klutch… …mesh wheel. – What’s the model? – If you google Klutch mesh wheel Fitment industries dot com- (beep) – Alright, so, he got three wrong out of, how many do we issued?
We did nine or 10, now. – 14. – So he did pretty good,
he did pretty good. I mean, I don’t know what
I would have expected but I think you’re good. Let’s get you back to doing some graphics, maybe grab you some shoes. Okay, have a good one. Goodbye. Alright, so now we’re on to Mario. Now Mario is our videographer. He is the guy behind the scenes for like the wheel histories, suspension histories, tire histories. Does some syncs, some fife things, all sorts of good stuff. Alright, so, Mario,
we’re gonna start it off real simple, so you gotta come up close because the big ol’ camera back there needs to see what we’re looking at. And we’re gonna go, we’re
gonna start off the basics. So we’re gonna start off simple, we’re gonna start off with an easy one. Let’s start it off with
this one, what is this? – [Mario] Well, if I remember correctly, this is the EST1. – Already wrong. – [Mario] What? Really? – This is the ESR, this is the ES1-T. – ES1-T, so I was kinda close. – We’ll give you half the points. – [Mario] So that means
that this is the ES1. – [Alex] Correct. What
does the T stand for? – [Mario] Can’t remember. – (laughs) What? Alright, so if it is- – [Mario] Alright so this
one’s got like a directional, I’m assuming, it means
something with the twist? – Yeah, there you go. Alright, alright. So we’re gonna move to the right, we’re gonna throw you a little curve ball. What is this? 3SDM? – [Mario] 006? – Okay. How many spokes does it have? – [Mario] One, two, three, four, five, six. – See, you sounded pretty confident. You got that one right, alright, alright. So why don’t we go over to this one, then? – [Mario] Uh, I knew
this one but I forgot it. It’s gotta be like, a
00-something. Uh, 001? – Spokes? – [Mario] Five. 005. – Hey, there we go. And what about a wheel
that you actually own? – [Mario] I don’t know. Maybe the 004? – (laughs) Move on. Without looking at it, what
is this one right here? – [Mario] That is the… …206R? – [Alex] Alright, alright,
that’s good, that’s good. Alright, we’re gonna
move over to the left, we’re gonna move over to the left, let’s move it over up,
four up to the Rotiform, the first one, what is that? – [Mario] TPMS. TMS. (Alex laughs) The
Rotiform PMS, is that it? Is that right? (Alex laughs) I don’t know. Uh, gimme on the next one. – [Alex] Okay, alright, the one- – [Mario] That’s the 6. That one is a 6, I remember that one now. – [Alex] Alright, alright, that’s good. We’re gonna skip a
couple of these toughies, we’re gonna bring it up to the Amin wheel. – [Mario] I only know this, cause Amin owns this,
it’s the sarcastic ninja. – [Alex] There you go. Okay, alright, now we’re gonna move it to over, to the TSW. – [Mario] TSW, what was it, the Oslo. – [Alex] Do you know
what the sub names are- the sub models of TSW’s
wheels are named after? Bonus point. – [Mario] No. – Turns on famous race
tracks. The Nurburgring, the Oslo, all that sort of good stuff. Um, let’s bring it over
one more to the Rotiform. – [ Mario] That is the-
I can’t think right now, but don’t tell me. Is it the, uh, LASA- LASR. – Alright. Not bad. How about the bottom three right here? – [Mario] Those are easy, the RFX 11’s. – Okay, what’s the RF stand for? – [Mario] Rotary forged. – Okay, we’re doing pretty good. What about this one? – [Mario] That is a
tough one, what was it? (beep) I remember but I don’t. Or no, I forgot. I really forgot. – Okay, alright, I mean that’s alright, that’s alright. I will even allow you
to look at the wheel, but what is this one right here? – [Mario] See, I can’t read this far, but that’s another one with an RNM, I just don’t know what it is. – [Alex] What’s the brand? – [Mario] Oh, the MR11, Cosmis. (laughs) Is it not the R11? Yeah it is, MR11. Or does that say something
else? Am I blind? It says MR11. Is it not? (laughs) I don’t know what’s so funny. MR2. I’m an idiot. I’m officially an idiot. Well don’t put two lines that, anybody that reads that is gonna say 11, if they didn’t know. – Oh my Lord, okay. I thought that you were doing a great job, so, we’re gonna keep doing
just for the sake of it. Five wheels up, the red one up there, what is that? – [Mario] Uh, it’s a
Rohana, what is it, the.. So, it’s the RFX 11 (groans) I can’t remember. – [Alex] That would be the RF1. – [Mario] RF1, okay. – [Alex] So, what’s the one right? What’s that platinum? – [Mario] The RF2? – [Alex] Alright, okay, we’re good. See? We’re getting there, we’re getting there. And, how about that small Klutch fuel, right in the
middle, that mesh one. – [Mario] Is that the SL1? – Alright (mumbles) What about one to the
left, that black Klutch? – [Mario] Honestly, I don’t know. ML1? – [Alex] Alright. And let’s just end it, come on in, come on in,
we’ll end it right here. If you can get this one right, you automatically win. – [Mario] The ESR… I edited a video with this in it. I forgot, I’m sorry. I failed. – Alright, so Mario did an amazing job, he almost got- – I mean, it wasn’t bad- – I think, yeah, I think
if we put a curve on it, you might have not done half bad. So now that we’ve got Mario done with his impressive performance here we’re going to move on. Now we have Andrew. Andrew is like the OG
Fitment Industries guy. He’s, you know, we look the same. It’s besides the point. We are going to quiz you on the wheel wall. So I am going to ask you what wheel makes the models on the wall, and you have to give me the make and the model of it.
You think you can do it? No, no, no. We’re not gonna do ’em all. We’re just gonna pop quiz it. – .50. RFE. RFX11. SR09. SR12. SR08. RF2. RF1. RF Rotary Forged, SR is it 12 maybe? MR2. Rotiform KPS. Rotiform 6. Radi8 R8CM9. Radi8 RAB12. Radi8 RAT12. Rotiform LSR. Radi8 R8S5. Cosmis, uh, (mumbles) Yeah, XC206R. – [Alex] zero zero. – [Andrew] MR2. 3SDM 006. 3SDM 005. 3SDM 009? Next to the Klutch.. SL.. SLC… Three. SLC 3. Konig ultraform. Konig rennform. Konig F1RF29. 3SEM… Zero zero… …6? 3? 6? 3? Rotiform LASR. R32. R34. That’s the new 3SDM 009,
so that one can’t be the 9, that’s simple enough. I don’t know the Spec-1 wheels very well. Black Klutch is the ML7. Concept One CS6. Concept CS5, or CSM5. Or no, that’s the SM5,
that’s the S5, I think. Rotiform RFX5. RF2. RF1. ESR… ES1-T T for twist. R… ES… ES2? ES3. – [Alex] Well, okay, well
that was really great for me to host and for
Andrew to just list off 50 of the 60 wheels. We’ll do a tally, but I think regardless
on how many he got wrong, it sounded like he got them all right, so, thanks. – I know most of them. – I mean yeah, I could tell once you got to the Radi-8’s that it was game over, I mean, it’s not like
I’m trying to host it, but, you know, it’s cool. – [Andrew] I think that’s it. – Alright, so, we had a couple of the guys take their tests on the wheel wall. Let’s see if you guys can figure it out. If you can get all of these wheels right, every single wheel, we’ll
drop a little picture, maybe a link in the description for you. If you can get every single wheel right, drop it in the comment section below, you’ll be entered in, we’ll
give you a couple t-shirts, we’ll give you a good ‘ol goodie bag, some decals, can Koozies, all sorts of good stuff, just because we like giving stuff away, but I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe, let us know what you’d like to see next and of course, we’ll see you later. Peace.

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  1. one of the best channels ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ…
    just looking for something cool for my audi tt 8j but I do not know which wheel tire combination I drive the best..
    nice greetings from GermanyโœŒ๐Ÿผ

    HOPE I WIN ๐Ÿ˜›

    3SDM 0.50
    Rotiform RFE
    ROHANA rfx11
    ROHANA rfx11
    ROHANA rfx 11
    ESR sr09
    ESR SR01
    ESR sr09
    ESR rf2
    ESR rf1

    ESR sr12
    SER ES3
    ES4 ES2
    ESR ES1
    ESR ES1T
    3SDM 006
    3SDM 005
    3SDM 0.04

    Cosmic MR2
    COSMIC XT-206R
    COSMIC XT-206R
    COSMIC XT-006R
    COSMIC XT-005R

    RADI8 R8CM9
    RADI8 R8 B12
    RADI8 R8 T12
    RADI8 R8S5
    COSMIC XT-006R

    XXR 567
    XXR 530
    XXR 527


    SPEC-1 SP-8
    SPEC-1 SP=10
    SPEC 1 SPM-80
    3DM 0.08
    3SDM 0.09


  3. You need to add all the "volvo wheels" to that wall, Ocean Mk18, DTM, Volvo 850R wheels. etc. all the swedish volvo boy dreams ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. This actually helped me out Iโ€™ve been looking through videos trying to find what some wheels were and this video helped a lot thanks guys๐Ÿ™

  5. I'm in love with those bronze/chocolate Rohana RFX 11's. Those need to be on a jet black Audi A4/6 or a snow white BMW 3 Series.

  6. Just bought a new set of Rotiform TPMS. These wheels are special because the whole design is just a blank metal disk with a readout of the psi of your tire.

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