Proper wheel installation and removal with a quick release with washers

Proper wheel installation and removal with a quick release with washers

Hey guys, I’m Ben from Trek with a reminder about an important part on your bike  that is also one of the most simple to operate and that’s your quick release, So, this is a quick release. It’s important partly because it keeps your wheel attached to your bike’s frame. Now, there’s are a number of different kinds but a traditional quick-release looks like this.  There’s an adjusting nut, a lever, the skewer, and a cam or clamp mechanism. So, now that you’ve been refreshed on what a quick release is and what it does, let’s review how to properly use one and then test to make sure you have done it right.  How to install a wheel with a quick-release device with washers. Place the wheel between the fork legs and pull out the quick-release washers. While you hold the washers, align the brake disc and guide the wheel into the dropouts. When the wheel is fully in the dropouts, release the washers. They should fit into the indents in the dropouts.  Adjust the tension of the quick-release by turning the adjusting nut. The motion of the lever should have some resistance when it is about halfway closed.  If the lever moves too easily, tighten the quick-release nut and try again. Move the lever to the close position. Make sure the lever does not touch the fork or the brake. To test for secure attachment, lift your bicycle and hit the top of the tire with a solid blow. The wheel should not come off, be loose, or move from side to side.  How to remove a wheel with a quick-release device with washers. Move the quick release lever to the open position. While holding the lever, loosen the adjusting nut about six full turns. Keep holding the washer and nut together. While you do that, push the other side of the quick release, the lever end, into the fork Push in the lever end and hold the washer against it. Keep holding both washers. While you hold the washers, center the quick-release and remove the wheel from the fork. So there you have it. A simple guide to an important part of your bicycle that should be part of your pre-ride routine before every ride. For more tips and information about your bike, subscribe to this channel or go to

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  1. Interestingly, Trek post this just as they are issuing a massive recall worldwide on their QR's; should they have mentioned this on the video perhaps? Trek, you should have come clean right here to save injury, I have 3 of your bikes – all new – and I would have appreciated info about the recall right here on this video….

  2. I have a new Trek bike and I cant tell if the bike I bought has the defect.  Why didn't you make a video to highlight how a bike owner could tell!

  3. Can't wait to use my $20 coupon from the recall for the new bontrager tail light!! I love the ion 700 for riding at night. Trek bikes rock!!

  4. for a complete newbie… which way round t put the wheel… how to hold the bike. This makes it look easy but i cant do it!!! One side of the wheel has mechanism… the brake hits my spokes i find it difficult to hold the bike and manouvre the wheel. Shyte help video for a complete beginner. Experienced riders wont need this so why not show a better version. I dont care what the parts are called. I want to see it being done not stupid close ups of bits

  5. Have found another guy from bicycles Etc who's way better… no offence 😀 Showed how the disc brake slides between pads and can jam which was my problem. Showed the lever is on the side of the brake. Only just started riding and dont yet understand mechanics of a bike. Show newbies this stuff plz. Also another vid showed good and bad position of lever. So im not a complete idiot when shown properly. This post is for others looking on line like me. But this vid keeps getting first in line. Try Bicycles etc.

  6. Nothing about how a newbie should hold the bike to get the wheel back on. It's not as easy when you've just pulled your bike out of the back of the car and are trying to put a wheel on in a trail parking lot.

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