Project YZ450F | Spinning Bolt Syndrome Cured, Black Wheels, Big Gun Exhaust and More!

Project YZ450F | Spinning Bolt Syndrome Cured, Black Wheels, Big Gun Exhaust and More!

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  1. Cleaning the aluminum bits like the linkage etc makes it pop as well. Cleaning up the engine also helps the transformation be more satisfying. Love the videos keep up the good work!

  2. Make sure to jet the carburetor for the added air flow with the pipe if you don’t it will run extremely extremely hot and your gonna pop your valves

  3. Personally you never should of gotten the big gun exhaust. Should of gotten the blue titanium fmf exhuast. 👍

  4. You might as well go ahead and replace the back wheel bearings while you already have the tires off and prevents you from doing it in the near future

  5. Can we get a list of the parts you used and the prices?
    Anyways love the videos Man I watch them as soon as I get home from baseball

  6. I know you already know about ebay…but continually check it for used racing parts….i found a few high dollar goodies for cheap….the big gun was a pretty decent score …pipes are expensive so depends really what you paid. The rims look sick …im suprised you found the decals..gytr may make an ignition cover for this bike.. Not sure. Check out light speed racing…they make reasonable priced carbon fiber stuff….thats who made my ignition cover. Good luck with the build…i know weston from drw performance…he makes good stuff…i wish he made them for bikes…

  7. as bad as it sounds you should trim the exhaust to a shorty just like the one you removed but dont cut where it says Big Gun cut the opposite side and put new bolt holes🤷🏽‍♂️🔥

  8. The wheels look great black, the pipe however is not great in my opinion. Its your bike so do your thing but i have never been a fan of big gun, they look low quality to me and i have always had bad luck with that brand. There are lots of better looking, sounding, and performing pipes in the same price range but thats just my 2 cents. Another thing is if you decide to go with another pipe or not you should upgrade the header, that is where a real difference in power is going to come into play. Good luck on the bike and keep up the good videos, the build series are my favorites.

  9. 1 dollar a bottle, its £10 a bottle here in the UK which is bout 13 dollars! Thats bad, no wonder our queen can afford to live in a castle.Love the vids Mike👌

  10. Keep the videos of this project coming,love rebuilds and awesome job on the rims will definitely be doing that to my daughters 2013 crf 250l 👍

  11. Awesome build so far. I enjoy watching how you wrench and pulling out the JB Weld reminded me of how I was with dirtbikes.

  12. Did you ask to buy one with scratches? I don't know if I would send it back, but I think you notify the seller and send pictures because I am sure they will appreciate it. I would want to know if I was the seller.

  13. get some new foot pegs and get some asv levers look great on the bike and you could cut down your exhaust so it wont stick out to much

  14. Hey I have a question what jet in carb has to be jetted when upgrading the whole exhaust from header back if you can help me it will be very appreciated

  15. What’s the detailed procedure to painting the wheels? Do you let your primer fully dry before putting on black? What about clear coat on black?

  16. There is a special tool called an impact driver that you hit with a hammer to loosen bolts like that at least back in the day that's what they used in the 80s

  17. It is not the company's fault it is their shipping process or FedEx I have gotten a lot of parts damaged because of FedEx even carburetors that have been cracked in half because they drop it and throw it around

  18. Mike I need ur help,I’m going to be getting my first dirtbike and I was deciding between a 250 2 stroke or a 125 2 stroke or a 250 4 stroke what do u think would be the best for me for trail riding and hill climbing

  19. Dude nice bike build! I’m doing a similar build on my newly acquired 06 yz450f. Check it out and tell me what you think. Love that guys like us are restoring old bikes to a better life!

  20. Next time you paint wheels, rest the wheel on a lazy susan turntable, spin the wheel instead of moving the spray can. The result will look like a factory finish. Also, try plastic playing cards instead of index cards. No sticking or tearing. Love your videos as always.

  21. Used the same nut sert technique last week, and was surprised at how well it worked. Rims turned out sweet man! And the tank covers are “shrouds”😉 love the video man!

  22. Quick question bud, the pipe you put on is a slip on yeah? Did it just slide straight on the header tight? Im assuming you used some rtv silicon or something? I got a pipe to fit but concerned there might be not a good enough seal just sliping it on if you get me

  23. I’m still a huge fan of this era yz450f ( they just need some more hp like the new ones ) but are so much lighter and nimble then the efi yz. I’ve prob owned at least 15-20 of these bikes . Nice job with those wheels !! .
    But I did cringe when u took a hard hammer to knock those axles out . Going burr those threads . Use a soft mallet . And as for the spinning tank nut I’ve come across so many times . I just drill the head off eg start with a pilot and move to a 6mm drill the head falls off and there is heaps of thread to pinch with some pliers to get rid of the rest ( the thread leftovers never seem to be stuck/tight) . And then jb weld is your friend !!! Best stuff ever I just drill 2 small holes either side of nutsert and feed in the jb weld .

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