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  1. This looks like garbage. Would of been easier to just add a predator skin to the other games exactly like this that have existed for years and are already becoming a niche game.

  2. Sad, that soldiers doesn't look like Arnold and his badass friends, from oryginal movie. This game reminds me of Evolve. And that game died pretty quickly.

  3. things that releases around April:
    Predator hunting grounds
    Resident Evil 3 Remake
    Half life alyx
    Doom eternal
    The last of us 2
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Borderlands 3 (Steam)

  4. Как я понял это онлайн
    Тип Ты играешь ли бо
    За Хищника или за солдата

  5. I am viewing this video at 555 dislikes. I am not from Thailand but I do know that in thai pop culture , 555 refers to hahaha. This feels like a creepy reference to predators fake laughter in the movie.

  6. Just got one question. Why is the predator using a compound bow with some basic arrows?

    He has a thought guided laser cannon…

  7. As long as this isnt just some play and pay garbage. I'm down as long as it doesn't end up being full of microtransactions. But got the feeling that's what it's going to be.

  8. Some short ideas:
    If they have skins for players, they could add:
    Mortal Survivor Skin (based on Scorpion from the MK series since a Predator appears in MK10)
    Arnold Schwarzenegger (you know what that means)
    Terminator Skin (again, related to Arnold Schwarzenegger)
    For game modes, maybe something related to AVP, including hordes of Aliens, ending up with a final round aganist a Queen

  9. Feel like this is gonna do an Alien: Colonial Marines and just be so hollow to play. Kind of in the same way Evolve was. A really simple but amazing concept that just lacks polish. I really hope I'm wrong

  10. This game will probably be like Friday the 13th. You will play it a lot once it releases and then rarely. You might sometimes end up remembering the games existence and try to play another round to realize the servers are not full like before.

  11. I hate the movement From looking at the gameplay I feel like im going to a normal soldier with a predator moded skin and the fact it gives you a normal scar as a gun and not sum alien gun is wack to me and the graphics make me think I’m playing unreal tournament U like the explosions and blood and animations

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