Pre-Runner Tacoma or Overland Tacoma!? || This or That

Pre-Runner Tacoma or Overland Tacoma!? || This or That

– Good morning and welcome to the news. I’m your host, Fuller
with sports with Brad. What’s going on guys? Fuller here from Custom Offsets– – Wait, start it over
I was rubbing my eyes when you started. – What’s up guys? Brad here with Custom Offsets. Custom Offsets TV, on the YouTube. We got a special guest here,
his name is Parker Fuller. – Oh, I’m a special guest now? We have another episode
of This or That today, where we take your
questions that you dropped in the last video and then answer them. So Keaton’s got the questions,
he’s going to ask ’em. – [Keaton] That was good. – Did you like that? Little back and forth. – [Keaton] Full Pre-runner
Tacoma or full Overland Tacoma? – Haven’t you had these questions before? – Not this specific of one. A Pre-Runner Tacoma or an Overland Tacoma? These people know me. – Overlanders? I’m just gonna go with the Pre-Runner. – So, I’m gonna go with
the Overland Tacoma because in Wisconsin
there’s not really any place to use a Pre-Runner. – [Brad] You can go to the dunes. Go to Silver Lake Sand Dunes. – Right, but it’s still like
a long drive to get there. Overlanding you could actually do, like we do have some
decent off-road trails. – That’s true, you get way
more use out of an Overlander around here than a Pre-Runner. – I mean like, would it be
fun to bomb through the city in a Pre-Runner? 100%. But I might actually
use an Overland vehicle. So I would take the Overland Tacoma. – [Brad] I would take a Pre-Runner
just ’cause I don’t like the Overland stereotypical person usually. – Wow, I feel like that
was a direct call-out. – Not at all, not to you. – No, not to me, I’m not talking about me. – Oh, yeah. – Yeah. – Definitely was. – All right. – [Keaton] Jeep Gladiator or Hummer H3T? – Okay first of all, the
Gladiator is pretty much an identical copy, physically to an H3T. Just saying. But the Wrangler, the
Gladiator is a better vehicle. – Do you know what I saw the
other day on the highway? Like on the way to work? An H3T Alpha. – [Brad] The Alphas are kinda cool. You get a 5.3 in ’em. – [Fuller] This is a V8. But I think I would take the Gladiator. – [Brad] Probably Gladiator. – [Fuller] The interiors on the H3s are really boring and plastic-y. The Gladiator at least
looks like the new JL. – And most H3’s have
the stupid five cylinder so they’re gutless turds. – Yeah, they don’t go anywhere. Not that a Wrangler does either. – Not that a 3.6 is ripping but– – But they’re rumored to
come out with a diesel too. – They do have the four
cylinder turbo now. – Yeah. – In the JLs, I don’t
know if that’s made it to the Gladiator or what but– – I’m assuming it will if it hasn’t, and the diesel is coming so, I’ll be– – There’s a JL! – Look at that, there’s
one out the window. Yeah, I’ll take the Gladiator. – We’re Gladiator boys. – I don’t know if I’d go that far. – [Keaton] McGaughys seven
inch lift or BDS 6.5 inch lift, and why? – This is a hard, what
vehicle are we talking? Like, I don’t know, if
it’s the same vehicle? I mean, McGaughys doesn’t make
a lot of kits for everything. – Well if its a 6.5 it’s probably a 2500. – Stop yawning! – It’s past my bedtime. – It’s this lighting, I
think, is what the problem is. – Well, if it’s a 6.5 inch
kit it’s probably a 2500. – I’m gonna go, I don’t know… – I like the McGaughys kits actually. – I like McGaughys but I like BDS too. I have more experience with
BDS, so I’m gonna go with BDS. – I kinda want to pick
McGaughys just for the sake of argument, but I really
don’t have like any facts to back it up. They do have nice looking kits. You get them in a better like, I guess if you’re building a show truck, they do have really nice finish. But BDS also has a really nice finish, it’s just not like a show truck finish. – But then BDS also
offers coil-over systems where McGaughys doesn’t. – Yes, but McGaughys
offers a seven to nine adjustable lift shard. – Coil-overs are adjustable. – True, but not with as
much range of motion. But coil-overs have a better ride. There’s pros and cons of each
one, I can’t really pick one. – Potato, potato. – [Keaton] New Nissan
Titan or Toyota Tundra? – [Brad] Toyota Tundra, for sure, 5000%. – [Fuller] The I-force V8. Do they still use an I-force? – [Brad] Yeah, I believe
they call it that. Go on, what’s your answer? – Tundra. What did they want? A Nissan what? – [Keaton] Titan. – [Fuller] No, the Titans are small. Unless you get like the
Titan XD or whatever it is. But I would take a Tundra over the Titan. – [Brad] Yeah. – I had a Nissan Frontier
as a rental truck one time. – I’m not a big fan of
Nissan products in general. – Remember the VQ35? – Yeah. – Everybody remembers the VQ35. – Yeah, some people can’t forget them. – Yeah I would take the Tundra. I don’t know, I think it’s better looking. I also think it’s better performing. – Better looking, and the
Nissan engines usually move pretty well. They
have a lot of horsepower, but definitely Toyota is
going to be way more reliable, hold its resale value way better. – Like crazy. – Yeah. – It’s a no-brainer. – It’s absurd. – [Keaton] Fuel Coupler or Fuel Maverick? – They’re actually really similar styling. – They’re kind of similar
but those ones are like the tinted, has like the tint on it. – They have double dark tint yeah. That’s one of the finishes. – The Maverick is way
more like, overplayed. Everyone has Fuel Maverick, ’cause that was like the new wheel, but it’s a classic, clean looking wheel. – I think you can’t go wrong with it. I think it fits on many, many vehicles. – I would say, I would
have to say Coupler. Just because it’s a little
different and less flashy. That’s like me. – Less flashy. – I’m not a flashy guy. I’m not flashy I’m just classy. – [Keaton] Did you say not classy? – Wait, not flashy, just classy. – [Keaton] Swapped charger with Cummins or Power Stroke swapped Ford Mustang? – Definitely not a Power Stroke. – Really? – [Brad] So I would have
to go with a Crummins. – [Fuller] What was it? Putting a Cummins in what? – [Both] A Charger. – Or putting a Power Stroke in a Mustang. You know I think you may
actually be able to practically do it if you use the small,
the baby Power Stroke. Like the three liter. – No I’ve seen, I’m pretty sure there’s like a six liter swapped, six liter Power Stroke swapped Mustang. – I think I’ve seen that. I know I’ve seen a Duramax
swapped Camaro before. I’m gonna do the Power
Stroke, in the Mustang. – [Brad] I’m gonna go with the Crummins. – [Fuller] Watch out crowds, here I come. – ‘Cause Crummins is a better
engine than a Power Joke. – We’re gonna offend so many people. I’m sorry guys. – [Keaton] Brad’s 8.1 or Fuller’s 6.0? (laughing) – You literally took that didn’t you? Well what do you think I’m gonna say? – Okay so this one we
didn’t have people ask, so this one I just told Keaton to ask. ‘Cause I bought a six
liter 2500 from Brad, and then Brad missed it so much that he went out and bought one too. But he found an 8.1 instead. – I oned-up Fuller. – Yeah, more liters and an extra gear. – I mean, yeah obviously I win, and– – But your truck’s falling apart. – How would you know,
you’ve never seen it? – You told me! You told me as you were driving it one of the fender flares flew off because it wasn’t attached to anything. – Because I was going so fast. – Oh, wait but didn’t you
say my truck was faster? – I may have said that. But, so that, all right. – I haven’t been in your
truck, but I do love my truck. So… – Don’t worry, Fuller– – Do you have crank
windows or power windows? – Crank. – All right. – But I have power locks. – I don’t. I don’t have power locks. – So 8.1, definitely. – 6.0. – [Keaton] Bonus question. Chick-fil-a or Popeyes? – Chick-fil-a. – Chick-fil-a. – Absolutely.
– It’s not even a question. The reason why we asked
this question is ’cause we just got both of them in town. Chick-fil-a has been rumored
for like three years, and then suddenly Popeyes
came to town and was like look Popeyes! – [Keaton] They have good sandwiches. – [Fuller] And then it was like– – [Brad] Yeah they came out
with the chicken sandwich– – And then it quickly, I think pushed Chick-fil-a to finish their
store within like two weeks. So… But Chick-fil-a’s still better. – Absolutely. Chick-fil-a is definitely
the better choice. Popeyes has it’s place, but… – [Fuller] I’m also not like,
everybody rants and raves about the Chick-fil-a sauce. – [Brad] Absolutely, I
love Chick-fil-a sauce. – I don’t think the sauce is
like anything that special. However, their chicken sandwich
is really freaking good. – It’s freaking good. – For a fast food chicken sandwich. – Yes, I love the Christian atmosphere. – We haven’t been able
to actually get one yet, because the line’s been so long. Like, 100 plus cars. – Yeah, it’s still exactly like that. It wraps around like 10 buildings. – Yeah, it’s bad. – Popeyes was bad too. – Chick-fil-a, if you’re watching our address is 3989 East Endeavor Drive and we would love some chicken sandwiches. – Love, some chicken sandwiches and I would greatly appreciate
some Chick-fil-a sauce. – You put it on everything.
– ‘Cause it’s delicious. – That’s another episode of This or That if you guys have any questions
that you want us to answer whether it be truck-related
or food-related apparently, you can drop those in the comments below. Make sure you like, share, and subscribe and I think that’s the saying. You got anything Brad? – Nope. I hope you get a new lawnmower. – I’m trying. Peace. (upbeat music) Dude, it’s shaft driven. – They’re all shaft drive. – And it’s a V-Twin Kohler – Oh, it’s a Kohler, ew. – That’s one of the best motors ever made. 25 horsepower, 50 inch deck. – Dude I’ve never had
good luck with Kohlers. – They already did the head
gasket recall, it’s (beep) 2010. – Is it liquid cooled? – (beep) the guy even picked it up with the same (beep) truck I have. – Was my whole lawnmower
rant on camera, I hope so, that’d be great. – [Keaton] Okay! – Sell me your lawnmower if you have one put it in the comments below. – It’s gotta be a riding lawnmower. – It’s gotta be a rider,
at least a 42 inch deck. – Ready to cut. – I’d really prefer 48 or bigger. – Do you prefer hydrostatic versus? – I do like hydrostatic. – And then what’s the price range? – Under 100 bucks. – Ideally, I’d like to pay free, nothing. – Oh and, you have to deliver it. – Yep.

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  2. What?!?! You guys just now got a Chick-fil-A? Here in Atlanta there is one every 5 miles and each and every one is packed solid every day except Sunday

  3. Oooohhhhhhh. Is that what the intro of these videos is supposed to say? I typically just hear whatsgonaguysmynmsfllrwthcuzomoficecusomoffsis TV on the YouTube.

  4. @customoffsets
    Can you suggest me a full suspension set up for both front and rear solid axles that may or may not include lift kit and which should be a hybrid between a prerunner and an overlander basically I want haul about 25000lbs overall (truck+bed+tow) as well as offroad racing which means high speed jumps and a little bit of crawling?

  5. I’d have to say overland rig every time. Why would you build a race truck that can’t even go fast? Once you lift a taco and put big wheels on it, it’s gonna be slow as shit and that’s boring. Building a pre runner with a v6 is just silly.

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