P!nk Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

P!nk Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

Do I have to be serious? Yes. No, you have to be
completely honest. Oh, that’s hard. Not serious, but honest. So the first thing that comes
to your mind, honestly, and then you– [DING] –hit that. I’ll thank you in advance. OK. What is something you do
that embarrasses your kids? Wake up in the morning. [DING] [LAUGHTER] That’s not true. It is true. Everything I do. No. Everything I do. Willow– She said today, “Are
you wearing that?” [LAUGHTER] And then she said, “Mom, your
hair is like one big bang.” [LAUGHTER] “Thanks, honey.” [LAUGHTER] Who was your first
celebrity crush? Brooke Shields. [DING] I’ve said so many
different people. [LAUGHTER] And now I can’t remember who I–
then all of a sudden, one day, I was like, “Oh,
that’s who it was.” But now I don’t remember. Donnie Wahlberg? You mean Donny Osmond? [LAUGHTER] No. [LAUGHTER] Donnie Wahlberg. No OK. I think it was Tatum O’Neal. All of a sudden it just
dawned on me that it was her. Was she in Blue Lagoon? Paper– was it Moon? Something moon? Brooke Shields. Maybe it was Brooke Shields. [DING] Brooke Shields. I don’t know. [LAUGHTER] All that, and I
already did that. I know, but I couldn’t remember. OK. It’s my show and I can
take as long as I want. [LAUGHTER] What’s the craziest rumor
you’ve heard about yourself? Oh, that’s easy. I was on tour in Germany. And I read on my
website blog that I was in a gay bar in Louisiana
oil wrestling and that I lost. [LAUGHTER] I was fine with the rumor
until it said I lost. [LAUGHTER] Wow. I would not have lost. [LAUGHTER] No. No. And we’re going to have
you on the show wrestling with someone to prove it. [DING] Perfect. What’s the dumbest way
you’ve hurt yourself? Slashing tires. [LAUGHTER] How old were you? It wasn’t that long ago. [LAUGHTER] Whose tires were you–? Carey’s. [LAUGHTER] It was Thanksgiving. [LAUGHTER] Holidays are stressful. Oh, my god. [LAUGHTER] [DING] [LAUGHTER] How many tires did you slash? I got clean through
the first one. He has a raised
F250 and those tires are very thick,
thank you very much. And the second one I
lost a little steam and I hit the metal
part in my hand just went straight
down the knife. I got 13 stitches. But here’s the thing, I
didn’t need any anesthesia. [LAUGHTER] I couldn’t feel a thing. [LAUGHTER] All right. What’s your perfect date night? Oh, where it’s not my idea. OK. Does he come up with good ideas? Nope. [LAUGHTER] No? Anything. I would do anything. Maybe he’ll do it now
that he’s watching this. No. [LAUGHTER] My spouse gives the best–? [LAUGHTER] No, my parents are here. [LAUGHTER] He checks my oil. Put your– look, the
fingers are in the ears. He’s really good
at checking oil. [DING] [LAUGHTER] If you can’t sleep in the middle
of the night what do you do? I knit. Oh. And I heard you’re
a good knitter. I’m a really good knitter. Knit me something. Would you like a hat,
a scarf, or a blanket? Yes. All right. [LAUGHTER] If you weren’t a singer
what would you be? I would probably
be a social worker. You’d be a good social worker. Thank you. You care deeply about people. [APPLAUSE] Yes. Yes, you do. [APPLAUSE] That’s it. You didn’t even get in trouble. We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos. Like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. [SCREAMS] Oh, [BLEEP] God, [BLEEP]

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  1. I've always loved pink they used to say that she was to hardcore she wasn't feminine enough but I love it no matter what they say about her she's always the same I♡PINK

  2. P!nk: it was Thanksgiving! holidays are stressful!
    everyone: uhh, what?!
    P!nkfans (because we know the story behind it): OF COURSE!

  3. Pink I’m up for you to be my social worker. Mines in hospital and isn’t doing anything for me so if your up for the job give Leicester social services a call and say hey I wanna be the social worker for summer stiles.😂💕

  4. I love their conversations. These two are always uplifting and have great chemistry together

  5. P!nk is like the cool aunt that every time you see her she appears with a new husband and her kids are your best cousin friends you hang out and meet dudes and girls at parties during the holidays

  6. God.. 😄😂honestly Ellen and pink in one frame. I'm just watching for more than 200 times.. seriously it's always awesome to see again and again. Love you Ellen and Love you Pink.

    Totally its always been refreshing to me Ellen. Love you so much. You are my inspiration for the whole life. Love from India.😘😘😍

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