Plywood Coffee Table with Casters!!! 🔴

what’s up guys this is Sean from modern
design minimal and today I’m gonna be building this rustic slash modern coffee
table, it has a low profile design some it has some casters on the bottom so you can roll it
around your living room and it was relatively inexpensive two 4 foot by 8
foot sheet so maple plywood is what I used and I’ve got some links in the
description below if you wanna go check those out some of the tools and things
like that I use… really easy build so let’s get started alright so here we go
I wasn’t planning on recording this so I forgot to record this step right here so
that board that thick board right there that you see and what that is is two
sheets of plywood glued together it’s seven inches wide by four feet long and
I just glued them together and that’s how we got that thick board like that it’s
an inch and a half roughly what I’m doing now is I’m making 12 seven inch by
7 inch squares now originally I won at 16 7 inch by 7 inch squares but I want
also wanted to stick to using just 2 4 foot by 8 foot sheets of plywood and
It didn’t work out to where i could get 16 i could only get 12 but it’s
still gonna work out you’ll see what I’m saying later on in the video oh just so you didn’t have to measure
every time you just take the last one and you know mark a line like you just saw
there and just slice right through it we’ll end up with 12 7 inch by 7 inch
squares making sure my saw’s at 45 degrees the miter angle here and what you want to do
here is just on all 12 of those lil’ 7 inch by 7 inch squares it’s
gonna take 45 degrees off of them and then we will glue those all up and make 3 cubes
so we’ll make 3 cubes 7 inch by 7 inch by 7inch cubes and I want you to remember this piece
save at least eight of those should have more but save eight of them because
since we don’t have the 16 squares like these that we need it you’re gonna need
8 of those forty five-degree i guess which would normally be waste pieces but
here pretty straightforward just take off you know for the board’s 7 inch by 7
inch boards glue them all together like like so like you see here I got a link
in the description below to like what type of glue I use some of those other
things the quick clamps quick clamps the quick grip clamps by Irwin
they come in really handy you don’t really need them but um I got some links
down there below if you want to check them out just kind of wipe it off the
squeeze out too with a damp rag be easier to sand later on I’m using 18
gauge brad nails it gets the half-inch ones just whatever you use just you know
try not to make sure they’re long enough to hold the boards together but also
make sure they’re not so long that they’re shooting out of the tops and
shooting out of the sides and all that good stuff
I got a link in the description below about my nail gun and stuff like that
that buzzing you hear in the background that’s my air compressor just kicked in simple as that
me three of those and remember these things again I didn’t plan on recording
this thing so I forgot to hit record when I was making this but it’s pretty
simple you just take 8 pieces like this and glue them all together just make
sure the finished side of the plywood is sticking outwards and you just glue
them up together it’s really easy and you can brand nail them together I think
I use half inch bread nails here is it you know put some wood filler on there
if you want to not necessary for me I’m using a good darker stain as you’ll see
so I started out hand sanding these things it’s thinking maybe I could get
it done with that just screw that man I’m gonna bust out the orbital, speed
this process up a little bit and I’m using a hundred grit sandpaper
here this seemed to work pretty good, I mean the ply was already fairly finished
and I’m using three quarter inch maple plywood you can use whatever
you want that’s what I’m using mister Stain I’m using is a dark roast wiping
stain for Minwax little movie magic here BAM so this sheet you’re gonna have two of
these left over cuz this whole project takes two sheets of plywood four foot by
eight foot sheets of plywood this is what it looks like when it’s all stained
you’re gonna take the three cubes put them in three of the corners and then
that cylinder that 8 sided cylinder put that in the last corner glue them
all down Brad nail them all down and then here’s our second sheet here and
just be mindful of what side you use because you know when you use it a saw
it usually tends to blow out one side of the plywood that’s the side you want to
face down the ugly side you want the pretty side to face up so just keep that
in mind just give it a light sanding hundred grit sandpaper just to get some
some I like those little markings or whatever off there’s that wiping stain
now I rub this stuff and I just rub it in until there’s no more streaks it’s
pretty easy now just use like a terrycloth rub that all in
and next we’ll flip it over this is the good side right here so I’ll save that
side for last and what you didn’t see is I glued all four sides down and we’re just
gonna throw some Brad nails in there don’t go too crazy and again if you want to throw
some wood filler or something like that in there
go right ahead I didn’t bother it’s so dark you can’t really see it these are
the the casters that I’m using they’re three inches I got a link in the
description below if you want to check those out they work out pretty good they
glide pretty quietly now I got I ended up using two locking ones and two free
ones – 2 one’s that don’t don’t lock that’s up to you whether you know want to put locking ones on there or not as you can see here I’m doing like an artificial patina where
I’m taking a blowtorch and just burning it up burning it up, burnin sort of a
pattern into it you can do whatever you want here get creative and charred up
real good and I’ll take that rag that I use the stain it with and just rub that
char in just so it doesn’t come off on anything here I’m you got an iron on
some edge banding I didn’t get the whole thing but you kind of get the point
there you just scrape off the excess I think I’m gonna go out and get a
cheaper iron so I get yelled (by my wife lol) at yeah he’s kind of sand the edges down give it
like a little nice little chamfored they caught chamfer edge and staying up
stain it all up stain it up the rest of that edge banding just to make it a
little bit more finished this stuff is awesome
I use this stuff it’s for floors but I use it as a finish on a lot of my
furniture projects if it’s hard enough on floors it’s got to be hard enough for
furniture I just put it in an all-purpose spray bottle spray it on
wipe it in just try you know not not to leave it to shrieky a nice thin layer
you can spray spray it on like generously but just make sure you rub it
in real good it’ll take all the air bubbles and stuff out of the air so you
don’t have to worry about too many air bubbles just get it somewhat saturated
rub it in real good I did the bottom panel then I’m gonna take a blowtorch
again and just briskly run that blowtorch all over the surface and what
this does is it gets any bubbles out and it helps it helps to finish cure a
little bit quicker you can do this as many times you want I think I just did
it twice and even when this thing is sitting in your living room or wherever
you can apply this finish again you don’t need to use a blowtorch every time
that’s just that blowtorch is more than just get that first those first couple
of layers cured quickly it’s pretty quick even if you don’t blowtorch I think this
stuff sets up in a half hour or something like this it’s on the bottle
the directions and everything yeah there’s our finished product hit
the thumbs up and subscribe if you like what you see here good there’s a couple
of spots where I didn’t stain it real well but that’s my bad I know you guys
can do just as well if not better than I can leave some comments below let me
know what you think you got any ideas you got any uh anything just let me know
thanks for watching oh and real quick I wanted to give a quick shout out to the
sound providers they provided the music to this video
ww sound providers calm they have royalty-free music they just want to get
their music out there and share it with the world so if you need some vibe
some chill vibe music by about to go head over to .

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