Plus Sizing – Finding Custom Tire Sizes – Summit Racing Quick Flicks

Plus Sizing – Finding Custom Tire Sizes – Summit Racing Quick Flicks

Welcome back to our series on wheels and tires,
today we are going to talk about custom tire sizing. When it comes to putting non factory
size tires on your vehicle, most of us are probably going to want to go with plus sizing.
Plus sizing meaning that we are going to go with a larger tire package than what originally
came on it. The reason we are probably going to want to do this is to fill the wheel well
a little bit more as well as fill up the width of the wheel well a little better. Doing this
is probably going to get us better performance and make the car look a little better as well.
Doing this though can be an obstacle and there is couple of things you want to consider before
making a tire selection for your vehicle. One is the overall height of the tire you
want to go with. Lets say the car originally came with a 26 inch tall tire and we want
to go with a 28, that is fine but you want to make sure you have enough room to do that.
So what will consider are the wheel well dimensions and try to figure out what is actually going
to fit in the wheel well assembly. The other this is the overall width of the tire that
you want to put on there. And that would be referred to as the section width when are
to look at the tire dimensionally. What you will notice is that when tires are listed
they are listed by tread width and section width and they are very easy to get confused.
We want to avoid using the tread width because that is just a contact patch that is going
to touch the ground. The section width is actually the overall width of the tire. The
thing about section width is it can be dictated also by the width of the wheel being used.
The wider the wheel width gets means the shorter or the narrower the section width is going
to get. Whereas, the narrower the wheel gets the more section width you are going to get
because the tire is actually going to bulge out more. Now all of this works on our early
model vehicles pretty easily, but for you guys that have late model vehicles that have
ABS systems on it, there could be some obstacles with doing this. The reason is, you are going
to have a couple issues possibly pop up. One is, if you go with staggered tire sizing,
meaning big rears, smaller fronts what can happen is at highway speeds if you have an
ABS system on your vehicle the tire speeds can be so different front to rear, that it
can actually make the brake system engage the ABS system at highway speeds and cause
a problem for you. We don�t want that to happen so you may want to consider that before
making this decision for that type of vehicle. The other thing is that if your vehicle is
operated off of wheel sensors or wheel speed sensors, this could be a problem as well if
you go with a different tire size and it can knock off your speedometer greatly. The good
thing is that the speedometer issues are usually easily fixed with a computer programmer. Keep
an eye out for our other wheel and tire videos. Thanks for watching.

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  1. ? I have a 1984 Chevrolet silverado c10. It currently has 15 inch wheels on it and I would like to upgrade to a larger wheel size. I'm thinking of going with the 20 inch torq thrust M from you guys. Could you let me know what kind of issues I'll have with the 20's. And what is the best tire for the wheel that you guys carry? (Not sure on width or offset, but I want to go with whichever handles better)

  2. Hi CachasDeOro173,
    Do you mind giving our tech department a call at 1-330-630-0240? This will require some additional information. We look forward to your call. Thanks for watching!

  3. if you could help be nice. I have some tires that are 225 70 r14 and I'm looking to go to 15 in tires could you help me know how much more track and higher my car will be with 1 size bigger tires.

  4. Hi, great informative vid ! You raised a flag for me, how much tire dia. difference would be too much (frt to rear), I want to put larger tires ( better road contact) in the back of my 2009 300C and the matching Yokohama 18" tire is about 3/4 total dia. bigger… Would this cause somme problems with the computer…? Thanks in advance !

  5. hello I have a 2006 ford expedition tire size p265 70 r 17. my question is I want to go a littler wider tire what size can I use? thank you

  6. Hi
    would you please tell me! I have a BMW 1, F20, 2012 116d. and I want to add second hand tyres and wheels that are in the following size:

    275/30 ZR19 96Y XL (8.5Jx19)
    255/35 ZR19 96Y (9.5Jx19)

    Would that be suitable or I can not place them?

  7. My tyre that comes from the company is 155/65 R13 . So I wanted a wider tyre what size modification is best for the good efficiency of the car without affecting my car's suspension and braking system?

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