Pathfinder All Terrain | Discount Tire

Pathfinder All Terrain | Discount Tire

Down the road, she won’t remember the arguments
about bed time on a school night, what phone you gave her, or didn’t, or even that soccer game you missed. Today is what she will remember. When getting there is half the fun the Pathfinder
All Terrain is the tire for the job. It will be there for your lazy Sunday drives, your commute during rush hour and your adventures with the ones you love. It’s comfortable yet durable on the pavement with a modern utility focused tread pattern that pulls through off road. Made for 15-20″
wheels in sizes up to 33 inches, its got everything you need in a truck or SUV tire and nothing
you don’t. Available exclusively at Discount Tire, the
Pathfinder All Terrain delivers confident steering response, reduced road noise and
sure footed off-road traction to take you everywhere that’s important to you. Today
won’t last forever but the memories will. Sometimes its a simple as being in the right
place for the moments you won’t forget and the Pathfinder All Terrain is the right tire
to get you there.

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  1. Don't ever let them sell you these POS tires. Went through 2 sets and they rode absolutely horrific. WILL NOT BALANCE, and they will blame your truck in every way possible. Bounce jump shake and thump to death and they will say it's your truck. BS. Worst tires I have ever seen in my life and I installed tires for 3 years and never seen anything like these. The cheapest off Mudd tires I installed rode 10 times better than these street rated tire from Discount. Don't let them steal your money with a pathfinder tire you will get screwed.

  2. Great tire. Have put thousands of miles on mine and are wearing great. I have a 2012 Ram 1500 and haul 500-800 pound loads all the time. And for their pricepoint it makes it all the better.

  3. Bought these for my budget Overland rig. What is the lowest I can safely air down my 31.6" 265/70/R17? Anybody have some input on this?

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