Paradise Rim Trail,  St. George, UT | Snow Canyon State Park

Paradise Rim Trail, St. George, UT | Snow Canyon State Park

okay I see the truck hey it’s Eric with
ride labs and I’m with Jeremy Jones Trenton, Music Man MTB over there and we
lost Nate we lost Nate but we’re with Nate – and
we’re in st. George and we’re gonna ride paradise rim apparently has some fun
little drops and things like that so let’s go check it out that’s the drop Eric these are the drops
that I’ve seen video like it looks like at least a 6-foot drop right there oh
yeah is he going for the big one right away it’s pretty it’s pretty huge okay I
see the truck it’s a rock right here haha whoo that’s fun
that’s beautiful feels so good Daniel you do it SiC drop on paradise rim, I’m going to spec it really quick. oh that’s a big bunny hop to almost flat you can roll that but the
roll guys when you’re coming down this role in looks fine just booed or even
off you even rolling like this well I’m gonna keep going it I’ll hit on the way
down follow this stuff looks awesome Wow pretty ah shoot ah you guys got stayed left and hit the
drop oh yeah oh nice dude great tow-in was awesome
yeah those guys what today was literally amazing Trenton says and that was
paradise room and that was a lot of fun so if you’re not subscribed click the
subscribe button and follow on for more mountain biking

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  1. p.s. Yes, I know how to spell pedal, I was in a hurry and I don't want to re-render and re-upload the video, so I'll just take your flak below haha!

  2. So good! We gotta go over to the turtle wall side next time and also go all the up paradise rim. There's so much over there. Love it. Thanks again for the awesome day trip to St. George!

  3. Hey, I've been a little out of the loop lately.. I forgot, are you riding an Instinct? How does it compare to the Ripmo? Thanks!

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