Paper Cutter | Paper Ream Cutter | Paper Rim Cutting Machine

Paper Cutter | Paper Ream Cutter | Paper Rim Cutting Machine

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  1. Good cutter for the price — even though I'm on my 2nd one. One problem is the packaging — this cutter is heavy, and the winder on the paper compression bar sticks out. Though there is some styrofoam in the area, it's not enough for this sturdy part to survive rough handling — my first cast iron handle was broken in half and the 8mm hardened steel shaft was bent — not sure from what height this unit would have to be dropped to accomplish that, but FedEx managed it. Bottom line, this needs to be a user-installed part. To Amazon's credit, they picked up the broken cutter and I had a new one in less than a week. So save your packaging! until you check out your unit.

    Other users have complained that the handle on the winder comes off because an inner part breaks in half. It's not broken. Find the two pieces of plastic and put then together in the slot on the winder, then shove the handle back on. It's not the best design, but it works — just don't pull on the handle, or it will come off.

    Finally to the cutter. The directions are almost non-existent, and those that are there are a laughable, unintelligible translation from Chinese. A real hoot. Basically follow these rules:

    1) Only one set of hands on the cutter, period.

    2) Use in good light.

    3) Raise the compression bar enough to insert your sheaf, sheets, or book

    4) Align the intended cut with the blade

    5) Lower the compression bar enough to keep paper from moving.

    6) Release the latch, pull on the handle, then re-raise the handle until it latches. Voila.

    I use this cutter to de-spine books and manuals for scanning. It chomps through anything I can get under the bar — perhaps an inch-and-a-half — like butter, and produces a clean cut. I have scanned a hundred thousand pages using this cutter. For the record, I use the cutter without the plastic safety shield — it's much easier to see what I'm doing — but reinstall the shield when the cutter isn't in use: the blade is sharp!.

    I can add that I took the first cutter apart trying to repair it on my own. I liked the engineering I saw. There's nothing "cheap" about this cutter for the price. Good luck with yours.

  2. Wow! This Heavy Duty Paper cutter is no joke. I have cut 200+ sheets of paper with more ease than when I used a Fiskers Deluxe Bypass Paper Trimmer to cut 10 sheets of paper. Be warned – this Guillotine cutter is HEAVY. Seriously heavy – not easily moved at all. If you have dedicated space for this very large machine, its a best buy, but do not buy this if you are an occasional crafter or not sure if you need a heavy duty paper cutter/trimmer. This is not the machine for you. If you have a need to cut 100+ sheets of paper at once at steady intervals, then pick this machine up now!

    Incredibly fast shipping. 5 minute installation time – pretty self explanatory actually. I watched a video on youtube before it arrived and it was easier than the youtube video made it seem.

    Be prepared for the weight of this machine though – it is HEAVY!

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