Paint It Black Hit the Track — Hot Rod Garage Recap Preview 71

Paint It Black Hit the Track — Hot Rod Garage Recap Preview 71

(Guitar Scales And Symbol) (Guitar music) – So we bought this MGB as a ex-race car, and when we dug into the suspension, there was almost nothing upgraded in a way that made any sense. It’s not usually you
can just stick your hand in and pull the coil springs out. It’s not a good sign. Besides that, the whole
front end is basically stock. So we went to Moss Motors and
we got their coil over kit, It’s pretty sweet, it replaces
the upper and lower arms. These have what are called
lever shocks, up front, so instead of having a linear shock that works with a rod inside of a case, it is, sort of a box, and it bolts right to the upper arm and it’s super weird. So we’re going to get rid of that and convert it over to
a regular linear shock. They sent us over some shocks, our buddies at QA1 replicated those with ring rates that we like, so we can run QA1 stuff all the way around. (slow guitar music)
(hammer and power tools) So what they want you to do is bolt this template plate in to your upper lever arm mount, and
drill like 65 little baby holes. And then I guess-
– Then you knock it out. – Knock it out. But we’re just going to hammer
it out with a plasma cutter. – I am either going to cut a hole in this, or cut a hole in my arm, one or the other. – Try for both. – Something’s getting cut.
That’s all I got to say. (metal grinding) – So the Moss Motors’ kit replaces that upper arm slash lever shock, with some billet blocks,
and two piece upper arms, and a place to bolt the
coil over in the middle. So the other part of the kit is to replace the central part of the lower arm, which is just a spring pocket, with this insert which is now, picking up a coil over,
shock and spring combo. (soft guitar music) (power tools) – Okay so the upper and lower control arms are installed, the QA1
shocks are installed. I see these rotors have seen
an enormous amount of heat, do you know anything about that? – No. Couldn’t be me. Was probably me, uh, holding on for dear life … – They’re still smoking from the last time you drilled them.
– Yeah they’re terrible. – So because we had to move the steering rack forward
and down a little bit, in our MG to clear the 425 liter engine, I had to now move the sway
bar. I built these spacers and I’m going to make a
much shorter end length to connect it to this lower A arm. (drilling) And so that’s it for the front sway bar, I lowered the bar down the
four inches to clear the motor, and then wound up using
a much shorter end length to connect it to the control arm, and it should be good to go, and hopefully Lucky’s done with the back. – So I just got done fabricating a little rear sway bar mount, that
doubles as a floor reinforcement, ’cause the fuel fail’s
going to sit back here. Fix it with fire! There’s a lot of things on this
car that are going to break. However, the rear sway bar, slash floor reinforcement mount, will not break. Maybe. – Alright so Lucky’s buttoning
up the rear suspension, just a couple odds and ends, making sure everything is tight and we’re good to go back there. Now the car’s going to be a four lug regular bolt on wheel in the back, so I went out, found a MG Triumph dismantler in Ohio, that
sent me these regular bolt up four lug hubs so I can run a regular wheel in the
front, too, so they’ll match. And what’s nice is I also
took this opportunity to go to Moss Motors and finally upgrade the terrifying breaks on these things. They have a cool slotted and drilled rotor package that comes with EVC pad, green ones which are pretty burley. So between these front breaks
and rears that actually work, this thing might be
somewhat safe to drive. (bass music)
(power tools) So those sweet breaks
are finally on the car, one last thing to make sure
this thing actually handles, I went up to my buddies at FALK and they sent over a
couple of 205/50 15 RT615K, these tires are awesome
and, you know what, it’s time to take this thing to the track. – We’re going to paint it
black, and hit the track. (spraying) (guitar music)

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  1. This show deserves two million dollars thrown at it monthly. I'll say it once and I'll say it again investing in your future means spending real money on what you have now.

  2. Watched your whole video (need more power), I'm using a 8.8 also (9" ends, Detroit Locker, 49" wide), I also have my SBC completely behind the front axle centerline (51%-49% weight dist.). Mines just a fun street car but I can chase most modern sports cars through the hills (blow by on straights). I'm a big fan of small cars with V8s, yours looks like lots of fun. My sbc is a bit much (alum.rods, 12+-1 comp., ported 492 heads, .600" lift solid roller). keep the shiny side up

  3. For those looking for more free content, Motor Trend has a new show with Freiburger on Facebook Watch called "$3K Hooptie Challenge." They've released the first 6 episodes a few weeks ago: (Facebook account not required)

  4. Miss ya boys too bad you aren’t back on Youtube permanently. I subcribed for a few month to motortrend and not worth the money for the content basically you and guys and Roafkill. Hope you doing good

  5. id love to actually watch this episode but the player keeps crashing on both my phone and my PC. fix the dam thing and MAYBE i might consider paying for premium

  6. Is anyone able to watch this video on MotorTrend? I can't get beyond 21 minutes. If I get to 21 minutes, while Tony has the MG sideways, it jumps to the end. Most other times it errors out and says something went wrong, but out of the 20+ times I've tried, I only managed to get to 21 minutes 3 times. Every time I watch it, video pauses but the counter keeps running, then it jumps ahead 10 seconds and I lose those 10 seconds. The episode doesn't make much sense when you lose big chunks of it. I clicked the link for help but either there is a robot answering questions or it is someone that has never seen the site. They keep telling me I need a subscription to watch the episode.

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