PACIFIC RIM 2 Movie Clip Scrapper vs November Ajax Fight Scene NEW (2018) Sci-Fi Movie Trailer HD

PACIFIC RIM 2 Movie Clip Scrapper vs November Ajax Fight Scene NEW (2018) Sci-Fi Movie Trailer HD

Told you this is not a toy! Your gonna get us killed! Oh my god… That’s November Ajax! Pilots of Unregistered Jaeger This is the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. Power down and exit your Conn-Pod. No no no no- Dont give up! You give up way too easy! That’s what they think. Stop! You are in violation of Code -Ten Section-Fourteen. Operation of an unregistered Jaeger. HANG ON!
-I am hangin’ on! HANG TIGHTER! I think we pissed him off!
-Good! Im not a hero like my father was. He started out just like you. This is our time, and we are Earth’s last defense! Now, help me save the world! -Lets go already! 3… 2… 1… These things ain’t that tough! There’s something you need to see… Well, he’s pretty big… Plan B!- Always a plan B. We got this! That’s what I’m talkin about! Let’s see it absorb this! I think I can get used to this. Subtitles by Gojira67!!

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  1. That jagger voice!!!! Tickles my ass in the theater!! Lots of deep bass!!! This movie is awesome!!!! Should be 3hrs runtime

  2. I just watched it and I have to say this scene alone right here was more impressive than the actual fights that happens later in the film. Jeez I just want to go back to 2013 and watch the 1st one for the first time again…

  3. I didn't feel like pacific rim:Uprsing would be cool as 1 but after I watched the scene of November ajax I can't wait to see the movie.

  4. November Ajax must be a security guard jaeger. hahaha!!! If he was so bad @$$, where was he when the three kaijus appeared???

  5. Acho engraçado que o doutor diz que não tem propulsão no mundo que tire todo o peso de um jaeger do chão mas 4 helicópteros consequem

  6. I agree with the other comments, this whole idea of throwing in an arrogant little shit kid, to try and empower a specific race/gender, is irritating. We get it, "girl power" blah blah, but you don't have to overdo it and make the kid a super intellectual, super arrogant and rude, overconfident, super strong kid with 0 flaws aside from being an annoying shit thats "right" all the time.

    Its like, hey, how can we empower women again? Oh, lets add a female character that is smart, but respectful. Confident but has her flaws like any normal human being, etc.

    Nooooo lets not do that, lets go over the top! Lets make this chick with arms smaller than a pencil punch 300 pound guys out and throw them around! Lets make them EXTREMELY intelligent able to outsmart everyone! Lets make them Super confident AND right all the time!


    Call me in 10 years, it'll either finally be balanced out and this extreme phase will be over, or movies will strictly be women and the side crew will be these big guys that can't talk because they're too fucking stupid, and they trip over themselves and drool.

    Feminists dream.

  7. Finally! A spunky female character that is independent and doesn't need anyone's approval and always gets the job done!!! Or in other words: damn are women characters boring, typical, and over worn

  8. Remember when movies were about making them good, creative, and enjoying making them? Now, its about sending a political/social message, making a "difference", and young people rising above the "tyrannical" authorities, and "diversity". There are barely any good movies amymore. These movies wouldn't be half as bad if they had good writing.

    Nothing wrong with sending messages or diversity. But its like there is a motive in every movie. And they criticize movies that just want to make good stories.

  9. "Stop! You've violated the law! Pay the PPDC a fine or serve your sentence, your unregistered jeager is now forfeit."

  10. Guys its pronounced jaeger not jager and i know all of you are like why didnt november fight in the end becase he only has two weapns and those are fists and electrifying grapple hook and he is the guard of saint Monica jaeger scrapyard

  11. They animated that thing way too small. It only took up half of the road… where exactly were these two people fitting inside of that thing?

  12. So the little girl can make a single pilot mech, but everyone else has to use that amazingly retarded double pilot garbage?

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