Our Thoughts on The Michelin Airless Tire

Our Thoughts on The Michelin Airless Tire

– What is going on everyone? Gels from Fitment Industries. And I’m here with. – Dakota from Fitment Industries. – Now we have been seeing a video kinda circulating around the
internet the last couple weeks, and it’s been getting
like, it’s been blowing up I’ve been seeing it everywhere. – It’s weird. – People are asking me like, “Yo have you seen this thing yet?” – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – It’s pretty crazy. So Michelin has just put
this video out there, Michelin Tire, and it’s like their airless tire, they call it the TWEEL or something. – Yeah yeah, we’re in 2019
and Michelin’s over in like 3030 or something. – Something crazy, so, I haven’t watched the full video yet, I’ve seen some pictures of it, I feel like I’ve seen
something like this before, but we’re gonna watch the video. People are saying they kinda
wanna see our reaction on it, so I think we’re just gonna go ahead watch the video, before we get into it, wheels, tires, suspension,
FitmentIndustries.com, don’t forget to subscribe,
all that cool stuff. – Yeah we don’t have
any airless tires yet. – Right. – Yet. – Yet. That would be kinda cool if we– – But we have a bunch of normal ones, so. (laughing) check those ones out. – There you go. All right so we’re just gonna go ahead and start watching this video here. Right off the bat I mean
obviously it is funky looking, it’s like, I don’t understand exactly how it actually supports the vehicle. – Cops are like (beep), no spike strips. (laughing) They were ineffective. (laughing) So yeah, this is definitely interesting. It looks like the dude’s cruising around on flat
tires on flat tires kind of. – [Gels] It does, yeah, like I wonder, it’s kinda weird right? Because it looks like
it’s on like a Chevy Sonic or something like that,
really small Chevy. Look at how much frickin’. – [Dakota] There’s a lot of travel in it, you know what I’m saying, like, he’s going like three miles an hour, what if he’s going like 80? Oh, and there’s the cops. – Spike strip, yep. – Yeah, so it’s like.
– Cop’s like. – Ope, there’s another one. So, it’s got a lot of movement in it. I wonder like– – It’s interesting. – So I don’t know if it’s
an actual tire itself, or if it’s like a full wheel and tire, so, you wouldn’t be able to put them on any other wheels besides
what this is here. – Now, I see that the
tread on the outside is, looks like a normal tire. – Right. – So is it just gonna wear the same as a normal tire? Like is tread-life gonna be increased, or is it gonna just be the same? – If you run a normal tire and it’s flat, you’re gonna put a lot
of wear on your tire, so it looks like, by driving this, you got, it looks like a flat tire, so I wonder if, yeah that’s
a really good point actually. – Is the only benefit just, you can’t get a flat? And also, I’m starting to think about just by looking at this, we’re up in Wisconsin here, what if snow gets packed in
between all those blades, is that gonna throw the balance off? Is my (beep) steering wheel gonna be just shaking going down the
road or how does this work? – That’s a really good point, like how do you? Definitely, it’s interesting, I don’t know how I feel about it. – [Dakota] Yeah, and it looks like, do you need a specific
wheel, too, obviously with those tires I’m thinking because I don’t think I
can stretch those on my 18 by nine and a half VIP
modular three piece wheels. – That’s what I’m wondering,
if it’s like all one piece, and you have to put like, it’s like a wheel and tire combined, like you can’t, I don’t know, it’s like they don’t give
you a whole lot of info, they kinda just show you, like, he’s driving over the same pothole again, again he’s going like 10 miles an hour. – What are the benefits here, besides, how many times have you gotten
a flat tire in your life? – I’ve actually, well, so like the only time I’ve
ever gotten a flat tire is if it’s like been a bad tire. I used to have an old Escort wagon, that had some really (beep) tires on them, $500 car, and like, that thing would get
flat tires all the time, it would just sit for a while and I’d fill it up and be good to go. But I’ve never like,
actually been driving, and like blown a tire. – Exactly. Knock on wood, I might say this now I’m gonna go home tonight
and I’m gonna get a flat tire, but I’ve never gotten a flat tire. So are these a big enough
reason to get them, because I don’t see the benefits outweighing the negatives here, there’s too many unanswered
questions with these. – Right, so one thing I noticed I feel like I’ve been seeing
these things for a long time, like I first think I saw them when they were kinda implementing them into like the Army or the armored trucks. – A military thing I
could maybe see it more. – Like out in the desert, stuff like that. – But they show it on a
Chevy Sonic or something. – Yeah it’s like Michelin, they’re like this is gonna be an economy tire, it’s gonna be economy TWEEL, it’s gonna be for your Chevy Sonics. I don’t necessarily know
how I feel about it, I don’t know if it’s
supposed to be lighter. I think they brought up one point, it uses like 70% less material, obviously like the whole
thing is like a frickin’– – So they better be cheaper
then, way cheaper right? – It’s like one of those
things that you buy from the dollar store,
it’s like a squishy toy. (laughing) – Yeah. But it should be cheaper
then theoretically, right? – You would think, but
it’s probably gonna be like two grand, yeah.
– More expensive. So yeah, obviously as you can tell, right now at least, these
are not by any means, a performance tire. We’re not gonna be seeing these– – [Gels] I wouldn’t imagine. – [Dakota] on any drift cars soon. – Oh definitely not. – Or NASCAR running these, but. – Yeah, the one thing when
you’re picking out tires especially if you’re
looking for like a track like setup or something like that, you’re looking at how
stiff the sidewall is, how much sidewall you have. I wonder how much actual support this would have, like side-to-side. – And you know someone’s gonna
be an idiot with them, too, so I wanna see someone
going 110 around a turn, and see what those do. Do they just fold? Because the dude was going
like 30 miles an hour, and they’re already
like, flat at the bottom, so like what happens if you
do drive aggressive on them or you go off-road into a ditch, are you just smacking that rim on there, whatever that is? I don’t know. I don’t see this ever
coming to the performance side of things, at least– – Not any time soon. – At least not that style. – Yeah. Not any time soon I would say. I think it’s just a little, props to Michelin because it is cool, it’s different, it’s a
big feat I would imagine. – I can run from the cops now. (laughing) – It’s like putting the invincible tires, like Mod on GTA5 or something like that, buy like the $90,000 tires
for bulletproof tires, you can just outrun the cops. – I’m just interested
in seeing snow-packed, I wanna see snow in there. – I’m just gonna read
through the comments here. How fuel efficient is this? – Yep. – Like that’s a good point, Pete. You’re adding a lot of friction, a lot of drag that comes
with that I would imagine. If it’s a point that
they’re trying to make, being more environmentally friendly, using less rubber for the tires, I could see that as probably a benefit. Release date, 3021, after the world ends. That’s a good point, too, we’ve been seeing teasers of this for quite a while. – I think it’s like
something for golfcarts. – Yeah. – It would do well there. Or maybe a bicycle. You could put it on a bicycle tire. – ATVs, bicycles. – ATV I’d be nervous. You’re doing a little
more off-roading and stuff with that, but with a golf cart, you’re just going from green to green, you know what I’m saying. You’re not doing, well, you do sometimes have a few drinky-poos, and then, get a little
wild with the golf carts, but that would be a good test. Michelin throw them on a golf cart and then see how they handle, see what people put them through. – So I think it was just something cool, kinda get our thoughts on it. – Yeah it’s different. – Kinda take a first look at, so let us know what you guys think down in the comments below. If any of you out there
have actually had experience with these, have actually– – Seen them in person. – Even up close. Maybe talk to somebody about them. Because we don’t have
a ton of information, as of right now. But we kinda wanted to go over it throw it out there to you guys, like I said, go ahead
and drop a comment below on what your thoughts are, and if there’s anything
else that you want us to do this kind of style of video for, maybe you’ve seen something, kinda get our reaction to it. – Yeah, drop a comment, let us know. – Definitely. So I think that’s gonna
wrap it up for today. Don’t forget, wheels, tires, suspension, not airless tires, fitmentindustries.com. Don’t be afraid to check out the gallery if you have a dope ride, add it to fitmentindustries.com/add. Helps not only us out a ton, but it helps other people as well, seeing what exactly Fitment
you have on your ride. – Hell yeah. – But I think that’s
gonna do it for today. I’m Gels from Fitment Industries. – And I’m Dakota from Fitment Industries. – We’ll see you later. Peace. – [Dakota] See how many– – [Gels] That was easy enough. – [Dakota] Yeah, it wasn’t bad.

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  1. Whats your thoughts on the Airless tire? For all your other wheel, tire, and suspension needs check out www.fitmentindustries.com!

  2. I’ve used them off-roading on an atv. They aren’t great. They handle differently and a lot rougher of a ride

  3. I've seen a similar style (not Michelin) in the Military and Commercial applications. They were a step up from the solid rubber tires. Definitely a plus when it came to removing the flat tire issue while improving flexibility for off road applications. Only problem was they didn't last as long as your standard tire and they were excessively expensive. It was short lived and I think Michelin is trying to improve upon it.

  4. having a flat wears out the wheel walls those tires have no walls. but what if something gets in there mud/snow water sand could be a death sentence at speed.

  5. I think they'd put a rubber sidewall over the wheel. They're just showing it off. So you probably won't get snow in there

  6. You never had a flat tire? How old are you? You claim to drive a car….. Dose your mom know that? How is it that you never had a flat tire? Y’all look old enough that your nuts should have dropped , but you never, ever had a flat.😐😐🙄

  7. Ohno…if this continues, Fitment would lose business. Help us fight against the airless tire. This is the next step to prevent owners from tweaking their own rides!

  8. Defintently would be good at the dealership i work at we blow a truck tire out once a week because of nails in the back

  9. In Egypt the weather is crazy hot over 45 degrees Celsius way over 100 Fahrenheit so getting tire pressure right is very hard and I twice got puncture from hard glass chardes 2 inches wide as if it was stabed by a knife so can't wait to get tire like these on my car and great work FI inc 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  10. If the supports run the full width of the tire ,wouldnt they actually increase the strength and reduce the side to side movement

  11. The airless tire isn’t new technology, it’s just new to being used on street cars. GEHL equipment uses airless tires. I seen it by Canada Corner at Road America for the last few years.

  12. I could see this being super useful for work trucks and stuff where there's a high risk of punctures on the worksite "parking lot" or something. That, and on police vehicles where running a curb needs to be a non-worry for the vehicle. Neat stuff though.

  13. As a tire technician I will say that this is impressive. I never seen anything like this before…not even thought of it tbh

  14. I won't buy these if they are super expensive unless you could retread them. And if they aren't gonna have low profile who the f would run those?

  15. So now we can build a 'rumbo' or how else they call it in ff6 (the car that was like a ramp) in a c5 vette or on a fully build mr2 (because it will have a lot more weight with the new steel body or aluminium body) and with these tyres for chases cops would love it it would need a lot of crushes to get destroyed it wouldnt have problem with the spikes and it would be bulletproof and 90% tinted so yea it would be a great movie car and it would be fun if it would be street legal too
    Edit: they should have more rubber on then to crate half of a real tyre wall and have less holes and in other places too less in the tyre wall and more from the in tyre wall and some of this air come out from up and out or they could have a semi real tyre like half real for the top end speed and half flated like this for the spikes so it would be like a real tyre (maybe with less torque ) but it would need 13' inch rims it could be possible and you could have a lot of the good stuff of these tyres and real tyres

  16. These type of tires are being used on jlg lifts, fork lifts, bob cats, sxs, and 4 wheelers ect.. already and they dont have sidewalls like some suggested.

  17. These are basically the same thing that the military showed off in the early 2000's. Large fork lifts, telehandlers, and excavators already use airless tires regularly. This seems to be literally just that stuff. As for snow and stuff getting into it. I'm assuming that they have it open to show off how it works. They'll need to put a sidewall on it. Otherwise stuff will get into it, and it for sure isn't going to put up with fast maneuvering. Can't have sidewall stiffness if you don't have a sidewall…

  18. My dad works at Michelin and i remember going to the Michelin family doctor and i got outta the truck and i seen some of those on a vw golf back like 7 years ago when they were in the early prototype stage. I didnt know what the were so i asked my dad and he said they were a new thing Michelin is working on called the "twheel". The only difference, that i remember, was that it was more like the twheels of the john Deere zero turns(theres not so much of a rim, more like spokes). I was like 10 at the time so i could be wrong about the fact they were like the spoke-only look.

  19. This has been concept tested publicly for over a decade at least. I remember seeing this in middle school.

  20. I had airless tires on a bob cat they were pretty nice by no traction in mun but that’s all wheeled skid steers

  21. so this is actually based on nasa's design for a wheel for the mars rover. They needed something strong enough to support the weight, but flexible and rigid enough to retain it's shape. Though if I remember correctly, the rover uses concentric metal springs. very interesting to see at a consumer level

  22. I wonder if your suspension would wear faster because more flex in tire more-> more flex/wear in suspension. Also would the ride be more bumpy? I can just picture jiggling down the cruddy roads here in California.

  23. I'd imagine that they actually have good support side to side because any force that is applied perpendicular to the tread is going to be applied along the length of the blade. Not to mention the enormous footprint could generate good grip based on the tread, but they would have to do something about the aerodynamics.

  24. I legit drive by fitment industries everyday going to work and never made the connection that you guys were in my home town lmao 🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. I think this is a good idea and I think the only reason it looks like this is because they want you to see the technology. What’s stopping them for putting this design inside the tires we know a love

  26. You guys are making some solid points. I did not read anything about this product. I'm sure it's some sort of prototype, and nothing has REALLY been set in stone, but like I said, I did not read up on it or anything, so I don't really know. There is always room for improvement, especially when these are being developed by some massive company.

  27. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that close up look kinda looks like it has a smooth suspension travel(?) while the tire hits the pot hole and leaves it, the tire compresses so much that the rim almost doesn’t move, and the body is stiff.. means a smoother suspension travel than the usual banging feel with harder normal suspension setting

  28. I just wanna see someone do a burnout on these for 2 minutes and see how they hold up 🤷🏻‍♂️

  29. the finished tire that would be released to road ready, would not be open concept. This is just to demonstrate how it works, the side walls would be closed in.

  30. I remember when this got "leaked" a while ago but it was never going into production because "they last too long". Going off that old rumor i'd assume they will be for when car companies switch to an uber-type buissness model. At that point the tire buyer is more concerned with downtime/maintenence and fuel economy, over performance/offroad or whatever

  31. THIS IS NOT NEW FROM Michelin Look up "Michelin tweel comparison" "And testing the Michelin X tweel" on YouTube… Or just type in Michelin off-road tweel

  32. Michelin has to make lighter tires so the Michelin Man could drive his car without it being a quarter inch of the ground because he’s so chunky

  33. They made a good point, they wouldnt be great for track days and that but theyd be great for getaway cars making thieves lives easier 😂

  34. These were talked about like 15 years ago an now they are talking about them again. Because 15 years ago they said they are going to hit the market in 3 years time. An that didn't happen

  35. I easily get 2 flats a year since I've been driving from shit on the road and potholes in general, I could find a big use to this on a daily driver

  36. The tire won't be left exposed like that for snow etc to get in… It's open to show off the technology

  37. stupidest idea in history of tires 😀 just think about going with 2 person its gonna be fine (ish) but with 4 person and luggage?? U need to adjust the pressure in the tires accordingly.
    Or watch the video when the car goes over the pothole it folds almost completely which could result in breaking the wheel.

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