OUR SECRET!  Make Leather Last FOREVER! in Just Minutes

OUR SECRET! Make Leather Last FOREVER! in Just Minutes

we project cars here with cool trick and affordable ways to do things for the do-it-yourselfer today we’re going to share with you how to clean and condition your leather in a very simple easy manner people make way too big or deal out of this and this is how easy it is you need a little bit of water warm water and you need a nice little sponge you can use any sponge you want okay and one of the keys that we have that we use you can use any product that has this in it but it is a nourishing coconut milk leather loves coconut and coconut love loves leather its gentle on it and yet it still cleans it so all we do is put a little bit here does it take much scrub it in flip your wrap your sponge round do this process I’m sharing with you right now two to four times a year and your leather will look brand-new for the lifetime of the car alright we scrubbed it up you take a clean rag towel and you just wipe the soap off you don’t want to wipe it all off and here’s why because it’s got the coconut milk in it and it’s another conditioning factor we’re doing here all right now we use 303 which you know we also use Lexel and we also use mothers we love mothers VL are vinyl leather and rubber conditioner this time around we’re going to use the mothers we love them both well we love all three of them we spray it on and one of the big secrets to what we’re doing is not only using the coconut shampoo but the other key is to put the conditioner on you can put gloves on if you’re worried about it and rub it in by hand let it set about five minutes okay I’m not gonna do that for the video and then lightly wipe it off just get the white stuff off don’t wipe all of it off leave it it’ll end up drying up a little bit on you come back again take care

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  1. I used this method with a coconut conditioner and mothers VLR. The seats look brand new and now my car has a new car smell.

    People are surprised when I tell them my car is 5 years old.

    I've used a bunch of your methods and my friends think I get my car detailed every week because it still looks new from the outside and inside.

  2. What if I use just strait up coconut oil?  Do you think that will work?  Your channel is amazing.  Just subscribed.

  3. Thank you for the great video. I modified your procedure slightly by diluting the shampoo with a little warm water and applying with a horse hair brush. I then rubbed off the excess with a slightly damp microfiber towel. I found out that the coconut shampoo is a great, all-purpose cleaner as well as it not only removed the dirt from the stitching area in the leather, it also removed some of the skuff marks and dirt embedded into the vinyl trim. (without having to use the Magic Eraser pad.) No more 20 dollar store bought cleaners for me. I am sticking with the 5 dollar bottle of Coconut Milk Shampoo. I followed the cleaning by applying sparingly and rubbing in well some of the 303 as conditioner. My seats are now as soft and clean as a baby's bottom after a diaper change. Sweet Project continues to be my go-to You tube channel for all of my detailing questions. I am not sure of your name, but whoever you are, thanks and keep up the great, money saving suggestions. Robert

  4. You left so much dirt in the cracks..A soft bristle brush works best for cleaning dirty leathers.
    Good video though
    I'm not knocking it by any means

  5. Great video, is the coconut shampoo required, or could I use pure coconut milk in my pantry?

    Just curious if the shampoo you chose has additional key ingredients that make it superior over real coconut milk..

  6. This channel is the real deal short videos efficient methods easy to find products keep it up

  7. Would like to get your thoughts on the 303 marine grade fabric protectant? if it was any different or better in your opinion than the regular 303 protectant. I know it's more expensive. As always thank you

  8. First of all, let me just say that I've spent hours learning with you! Wonderful stuff, years of deep knowledge explained in a very practical and concise way.
    Thank you so much.
    I've searched your videos on how to maintain the dashboard and found an excellent one.
    Still, what do I do when the dashboard gets sticky and soft to the touch (Lexus IS 220d year 2006) with heat?
    I,ve read that that's the result of years of UV exposer and the oils were broken down.
    How do I clean and protect it?
    Kind regards from Portugal

  9. I just came across your video. I came inside for a drink of water after washing my vehicle. I'll be going to Wal-Mart for the products you used to use on the leather seats on my vehicle. Thanks sooo much!!👍👍
    I've subscribed to your channel!

  10. I completely agree that the Lexol or Mother's Leather Conditioner is the stuff to have in your garage…….the coconut milk soap is new knowledge for me – I'll add it to my regimen this weekend – thanks again……

  11. Question, can you use straight up coconut oil or is the coconut shampoo better? Asking because I already have the coconut oil, not the shampoo. Thanks

  12. I have always used leather cleaner and paper towels. Was never really impressed with how it cleaned. Probably just moved the dirt around lol. I used your coconut milk shampoo/wet micro towel. Wow what a difference. I could tell it cleaned much much better. Leather was soft and it smelled amazing. I'll have to try the Mothers vlr too.

  13. Great tip thanks for that,will be trying that out next as your videos are amazing 👍,only problem is I’m from England and we don’t always have same products you have,

  14. Yet again you've taught an old dog a new trick, id never have thought about using coconut as a leather feeder/cleaner 👍

  15. Hey SPC,

    Would you use this process on an outdoor barn find Harley Ultra Classic seat? It's great shape, just really dirty. Thanks

  16. I did extactly like you said on video. The vehicle i just purchased was never conditioned. I want to make the leather softer so it doesnt crack
    It was only driven in driver seat. When i used lexol it soaked right in.

  17. Hi! Love the video and the idea. Can't wait to try it out. Just bought a new car and was looking for method to treat the new leather to make it last. I love the coconut for that. I noticed that that brand also makes a CONDITIONER. Would just a conditioner be better to use than a shampoo…???

  18. You mention in this video that after spraying and spreading Mothers VLR conditioner on the leather seat, you should let it sit for about 5 minutes.
    However, the instructions on the back of the bottle specifically state that you should not let the conditioner dry before rubbing with a microfibre towel.

  19. Last week I thoroughly and carefully applied Meguiar's gold class rich leather cleaner and conditioner to the passenger seat on my very good condition, 1989 Mercedes Benz 300SEL. A few days after the application, I noticed that the passenger seat was starting to dry and crack in a few places. I could not f$%king believe it; the seat was almost mint condition before applying the product. Anyway, I will try this technique today or tomorrow and I`ll let you all know how it goes.

  20. I've started using Mothers VLR on the imitation leather in a Mercedes. I can't see that it really needs to be wiped off – perhaps I don't put it on thick enough.. Anyway, I really enjoy and benefit from your videos. Keep it up. Philip

  21. Awesome video! I'm getting a new car with all leather seats, and wondered if this simple process would keep my seats looking and feeling like new for years to come? Also, I know the sun plays a big part in the deterioration of leather and plastic in vehicles. Do you think it is a good idea to not only get the windows tinted (thinking 15%, maybe 20%), but to put a sun shade in the front window when I leave the car in the sun for extended periods of time? Thank you for your feedback.

  22. I keep hearing and know it's fact that most auto leather is dyed and coated. Has anyone used this on a 4th gen firebird/camaro. Will it actually work on dry "coated" car seats? Or will it just sit on the coatings and do nothing?

  23. My leather seat are old…about 35years old…a little bit dirty….do i need to clean it first?and thrn applying your suggestion?

  24. I'm about to be getting my cloth seats reupholstered by Katzkin so I'm just trying to educate myself on how to take care of my new seats. I might end up using the Mother's VLR. I'm not sure yet. I'm still researching.

  25. Seems like the shampoo would make the seat slick as crap lol. I just use the 303 and lexol conditioner only and my lincoln LS still looks great

  26. I used several of your suggestions and just love your videos. One question. Usually when you use a soap, you rinse it off to avoid a film. Why do you not rinse? BTW, I bought this and tried it on my hair as well. Best shampoo I have used and I was a hairdresser!

  27. Just bought a new car that has a gorgeous leather steering wheel. Would this method leave the wheel slippery?

  28. Thank you for this priceless info. I source old sofas that people throw out to make leather bags and stuff. This seems the cheapest and simplest way to make worn leather look like new again. Blessings from Portugal.

  29. I like your channel and just subscribed. I have watched many videos on cleaning and conditioning leather seats. I say that your way makes sense the most. I am going to try your way. Thanks for taking the time to make this video. It is well appreciated.

  30. I'm impressed! Bought recently a 2004 Dakota quad SLT truck with leather look original seats in very good shape. Don't know if the seats are vinyl or plastic coated ?? Doubt real leather. The coconut milk shampoo sounds great. My only concern is if there would be a soap film residual over time of whatever is put in shampoo other than the coconut milk itself. Super video! Thanks Diane

  31. The 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado cloth seats are rough starchy feeling. Have any tips to make the cloth softer?

  32. Is meguiers good for my leather seats after cleaning with the coconut milk? I have a whole bottle but never got around to using it.

  33. I have a fused spine, I can't do this myself, where can I find a good detailer to do this,
    Las Vegas 06 DTS Cadillac

  34. Without closeups it is difficult to see what difference the coconut milk makes. Will this work on black or darker color leathers?

  35. Can I use coconut oil on dried out leather or must I try to steam it to "relax" the stiffened leather?

  36. Thank you so much for your info! I just got it a 2019 highlander with leather Seats so this is gonna be the leather maintenance for my suv now.

  37. What about heated leather seats? they have all of those little holes where the heating pad and the heat comes out.
    Great videos

  38. That’s a Lexus leather seat isn’t it? That’s why it’s held up so well. In your experience, which car manufacturer makes the best leather seats?

  39. Will this work for Volkswagen's "Leatherette" seats also? I believe their leatherette is actually vinyl.

  40. I have used pure coconut oil and buffed it in works just as good if not better as it continually helps as the wax slowly absorbs over weeks into the leather.. much love..

  41. What do you do if your seats are heated and cooled and the have the little pinholes on them to avoid this product from clogging up ? The seat that you're using on is a solid piece .

  42. I purchased quite car and the leather seats are really dirty how can I clean up before I apply this method that you showed on the video?

  43. Coconut milk???🤔🤔 You don't say…I've been in this a long time, and that's a first for me. But I like it, and I'm on it!!🤪🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  44. I have a 2015 Aston Martin Vantage. Everything in the car is pretty much leather or suede. The dash is leather. Good idea to use this method on it? Thanks.

  45. Another tip is to park the car outside for a while to get the leather warm and the pours open.
    Leave on, and buff later.
    Make sure to do this twice per year.
    Leather is living, organic tissue!
    Sun and moisture kill it.

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