Our New Tire Changing Machine  – Virginia Tire & Auto

Our New Tire Changing Machine – Virginia Tire & Auto

Hi, I’m Ben, store manager here at
Virginia Tire and Auto of Bristow. I wanted to invite you into our bays and
show you a tire changer that we have that’s brand new, state-of-the-art: the
Hunter Revolution Tire Changer is designed to be completely touchless, so
that there are no issues with scratching any wheels. I’m going to have my
assistant Mike show you and demonstrate how to use the tire changer. So as the first
part of the process, Mike is going to lower down the tire lifter. This will
avoid any sort of workplace injury that might occur with lifting heavy wheel
assemblies. Once Mike gets it in place, he’s going to secure it to the machine
using a completely scratch free device. Once it’s locked in place, Mike is going
to rotate the tire. What this does is he’s actually setting the location of
the TPMS unit. The machine will remember this and is specifically designed to
mount and demount the tire without any damage to the TPMS sensor. Once Mike
designates where the TPMS sensor is located, he’s going to go ahead and begin
the tire changing process. What he’s doing here is breaking the bead. This
will allow for the top bead and the bottom bead to come completely off the
rim. Now that the top bead is off, it’s going
to go ahead and remove the bottom bead. Okay, now that we have the old tire off
we’re going to go ahead and mount the new tire. The first step is for Mike to
lube the new tire using the mounting paste. Using the mounting paste, he’s going to
go ahead and get the entire inner bead of the tire, just to help get the tire on
the wheel successfully without any risk of tearing the bead. Perfect. Now he’s going to go ahead and mount the
top bead and bottom bead onto the wheel. Now the tire mounting process is
complete, all that’s left to do is to fill the tire up with air and bring it
to the balancer. Thanks Mike, I’ll take it from here.
Thanks for watching the Hunter Revolution tire changer.

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