Onewheel + XR Tire Change Tutorial

Onewheel + XR Tire Change Tutorial

Hey whats up everybody, so today I want go through how to change your tire on your Onewheel XR. After you’ve broken the bead Iniside the rim is this groove right here This groove is where you want to put the bead of the tire to get it off easier This side of the rim doesn’t have it. Only on one side of the rim do you have this groove If you put the bead of the tire in the groove, it helps take the tire off super easy Again, if I put the bead of the tire in the groove, see how it just pops off. When mounting the new tire, use the groove by setting the bead in it at an angle to help put the tire on easier. Again, put the bead of the tire in the groove and walk the tire around the rim until its on. Alright everybody, so thats it, thats how you change the tire on a Onewheel XR. If you like the video, please click the Like button below, If you would like to see more videos like this one, please click the Subscribe button. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Awesome Tutorial. Just curious I saw what looked like a tube of blue loctite. Did you use any on the bolts? I started to then stopped because I started to doubt which bolt went where.

  2. Thanks dude! This was a super helpful tutorial. I'm getting ready to change my first wheel now and I I feel much more confident going into the project now

  3. I'm sure your wife appreciates using the new white towels to clean all the green gunk off the rim… You put another slick tire back onto the rim?

  4. Awesome tutorial! I just received my 6" treaded Hoosier and was nervous about attempting this by myself but you made it look pretty painless! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I need to change my tire soon I’m looking into the more rounded shape like this.
    How’s the tire going for you? Does the tired ever rub against the board?

  6. Is it possible to set a tire bead with like a bike pump? I don't really have an air compressor readily available to me but I can find one.

  7. Hey awesome video, I just received a Hoosier 6" treaded and want to do this myself.

    I was wondering what the purpose of the goo inside the tire is?

    Also, how do I remove that valve core?

  8. Thanks for this tutorial. My Vega was all worn out after 1300 miles. I bought a Hoosier with tread. Your step by step instructions gave me the courage to attempt this. It was difficult to break the bead on the old tire. The main difficulty I had was the new tire would not seat on the valve side. It said not to exceed 40 psi when trying to seat the bead. In the end, I had to use oil and pump it to about 100 psi before it would seat. Scary, but I got it done. Thanks again 👍

  9. I'm curious as to why would bother with that tire slime? I have always avoided that type of stuff as it never seems necessary and just makes a mess. I've always just used a thin coating of bead grease on the outer sealing edges to prevent the tire from being difficult to remove in the future.

  10. The BEST/SAFEST way to Get a New Tyre On with Less Pressure

    After cowering under the work bench and taking my new tyre up to a presumably sketchy 65psi and still not getting the the other bead to pop on (using dish soapy water) I realised that the round electric cord from my extension cable was thinner than the inner rim.
    So with the extension cord (not plugged in obviously) I slotted it in and round the half side of the tyre that the bead was further up on, then bingo this kept the tyre's bead more level letting the stubborn side pop up far more easily (at only 30psi). With the soapy water there peeling the round electrical cabe back out was super easy and then the seal pop finish slid up (now evenly) and popped on at less than 30psi.

  11. Do I have to remove the valve core to do this install? Could you post a link to where a tool like this can be bought?

  12. hey, thanx the simplicity in explanation, is what made your video a good reference point in change to my Hoosier tire..

  13. I can't find the tire with size 11.0 × 6.0 – 6
    But i found
    11.0 × 5.5 – 6
    11.0 × 7.1 – 6
    11.0 × 8.0 -6
    Can i use one of this size to onewheel+ xr ?

  14. Thank you so much for this video. I followed it tonight and swapped my tire out fairly easily. I would have never even attempted it without this video.

  15. Awesome! You made changing the tire look so much easier with your techniques. Very thorough and helpful video! Thanks!

  16. Hi, Eric. My name is Valera nickname UNCLE. I'm from Russia. I have one wheel +. Can you tell me how to buy tires on the wheel ??? my mail is [email protected] …. waiting for an answer …. thanks)))

  17. Nice tutorial! I haven't had to replace my tire yet but this video gave me a little more confidence when I'm due. Thanks for putting this together!

  18. I have a superior method.
    Step 1: Consider, for just a moment, doing this myself.
    Step 2: Yeah, screw that.
    Step 3: Pay someone else to do it.

  19. I finally got round to changing the tyre. You did make it look easy!
    Breaking the bead was the killer, one side was easy but the other wouldn't budge.
    Eventually resorted to a hammer and bolster and it popped out.
    I got it all back together and,,,,,,,, it didn't work. Just a twitch as it tried to start.
    I eventually traced it to one of the smaller round cables. When I first tried to remove
    the plug I unscrewed the wrong end (nearest the wheel) and must have
    broken one of the wires off the terminal. I re-soldered the wire and all seems well.
    I'm off out for a test ride, fingers crossed!
    Thanks for your help.

  20. Just wanted to leave my appreciation. Struggled getting the tire off for a bit but managed to pop it off thanks to your guidence about the groove. Also managed to seat both beads with just a bike pump. I got lucky and only needed 40 PSI which was super nice. Thanks for the great guide!

  21. I have watched 10 or so videos on how to do this. By far the best video. Everyone else makes it too complicated. Took me a little over 20 min. Thank you.

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