Onewheel treaded tire review in Australia // FF Hoosier 6.0

Onewheel treaded tire review in Australia // FF Hoosier 6.0

what is up guys today
I wanted to do a little review video of this guy, the flight fins Hoosier six
threaded so I’ve had it for a couple weeks I made an install video of it not
too long ago and I hadn’t really had a whole lot of time to ride it so wanted
to get it out and show you guys kind of what this thing’s like but first
FORTUNATELY! I’m gonna have to go and do a little traveling for work so really
cool I’m gonna get to go to Australia and I actually went there last year too
so I had a video about that too but anyway… so im going try to take the
one-wheel with me and I was able to make it so I have a stopover in LA so I’ve
got some friends over there, a friend of mine that went to work for SpaceX I’m
gonna go check them out and hopefully get to hang out with them and hopefully
I’m gonna unload the one-wheel when I get to LA, I’ve got like a fairly long
layover and hopefully put it together you know you have to carry on the
battery check the board all that whole thing, it’s not super fast process to put
the board together I’m hoping that I can do is ride the board in the Pacific on
the beach there and then when I get over to Australia do the same thing there
again do it kind of like a two sides of the Pacific kind of one wheel ride thing
so wish me luck with that and anyway let me go get this thing packed up get on a
plane and head to Australia and yeah let’s go okay layover in Cali I was gonna ride my
board but it took forever to get my bags my flight was delayed and so a lot shorter
stopover that I was hoping but before I keep going over there over that
mountain to Australia. okay as promised Australia this is the Gold Coast
apparently that’s pretty amazing so I got the one wheel in what you’re
off hook it up so riding around a little bit
on the beach here and I definitely like it better than the Vega, seems like a
little bit more grippy a little bit more stable I initially had it pumped up too
high (40PSI) that’s windy I initially had it pumped
up too high but now I got down to a little bit less than 20 psi and that
feels a lot better well that was pretty impressive that was
some pretty soft wet deep sand and this thing went pretty went through pretty
well so I wish I had a vega to compare back to back I it’s probably better but
yeah without a backpack I don’t know gotta watch one more wave break wait wait wait I was just finishing up
editing this video here I guess I was looking at it hen I really spent most of
the time on a beach which I mean there’s nothing wrong with riding this tire on a
beach but I will say it’s probably not where it really excels I mean it’s
definitely better than the stock vega on the beach when I go over like soft
sand and stuff but I mean really when I got off on the trails and went off-road
on wet grass and through mud I mean that was where I really started to notice a
difference so if you’re if you’re a majority street or even Beach riding I
mean I don’t know it’s probably not that big of a deal to just stick with the
stock Vega but if you do trail riding inside like that then that’s really
where I think that you’re gonna like this new treaded tire from hoosier I
mean this guy I mean look at that thing it’s awesome so everything about the
hoosier six is an awesome option there’s also the Burris there’s some other ones
part of the reason why I went with the hoosier six is because just reading the
forum’s online and and on the Facebook message group like Jeff McAllister had a
really good review of like kind of broke down all the tires and that was one that
he picked I think sly dog also recommended it so I just kind of went
with that and I have not been disappointed so the extra traction
especially when it starts raining like I mean it is really good it made me feel
much more confident on the board I mean I had no issues with it at all so if
you’re out in inclement weather rain snow you know wet grass trails all that
stuff have only these treaded tires is awesome so and especially now that I
know how to how to have Steve you know helped me swap it out maybe I’ll try
another one later on but for now I’m totally happy with this guy and I’m
gonna keep rolling with it so with that let’s hop back to Australia this is how
you know you’re in Australia keep your doing badness so you can do you you follow in the
crowd ah robber break rules you can’t be in

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  1. Sweet cant wait to watch this did u see that they came out with a one wheel pint I was thinking about buying one soon?

  2. Hey John do you have the Ego 5ah attached to that via VnR? Looking at getting it but worried that the 5ah will be too heavy, so looking at the 2.5ah instead. Any advice will be appreciated

  3. Wow the beach sky and sea was absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for this review man! I cant wait to get mines <3

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