One Wheeled Skateboard?! | DOPE or NOPE!

One Wheeled Skateboard?! | DOPE or NOPE!

(Matthias): Skateboard hoverboard, it’s like a one-wheeled rider. I don’t even know what it is dude. We’re about to find out what it is dude (Matthias): I’m a little tired guys. Do you know why I’m tired? (Matthias): Because not enough people are clicking that bell icon make sure you click that bell icon to energize me and get your videos (Matthias is laughing when talking) (Matthias): Get your videos right when they come out cuz I comment back from the first 30 minutes so click it so you don’t miss it (Matthias): Alright guys here is the original … (Matthias): New to AliExpress no I literally spent hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of dollars to Aliexpress! (Matthias): How could they not remember me!? (Matthias): Flj ten inch one wheel skateboard hoverboard? Oh, that’s so funny It’s literally called the skateboard hover board (Matthias): I was like don’t know what it is skateboard? hover board? whatever (Matthias): We’ll find out but hey they don’t even know so scooter electric skateboard with Samsung Led battery now see this puppy right here (Matthias): They advertise that it’s 10 inches good for you dude (Matthias): 500 Watt motor strong power dude (Matthias): Strong power, I love having strong climbing power (Matthias): Why like do you really think that’s cool the leds on the bottom
(Connor): yeah (Matthias): you think so (Connor): yeah (Matthias): So if you were buying one like this right that didn’t have LEDs and then you had one with leds (Matthias): And it was like a hundred dollars more (Matthias): Which one would you get? (Conner): I would ask for the one with the LEDs (Matthias): You’d ask for I’m so which one would you buy yes can I have it mom? (Connor): well think of it as when i was a little kid, because when I was a kid I used to it would be so hot during the day (Connor):The only time we could do sports stuff was night? (Matthias): Okay, you’re like you’re done. You’re done (Connor): the one with “aleds” would be better (he mis-said LEDs ) (Matthias): aleds? oh the one with aleds. dude 36 degree turning, 36 (begins laughing) (Connor):36 degree turning that is so awesome (Matthias): 360 degree turning dude. I’m sleepy right now, bro. I even had my coffee. Have you had your coffee this morning? (Connor): no i have not (Matthias): Why not dude. I told you always before you shoot a Matthias video you gotta have caffeine. Oh good quality ABS and PC (Matthias): ABS is the cheapest plastic out there (Connor): Whats PC? (Matthias): Polycarbonate, I don’t know don’t ask me questions (Matthias): Bluetooth speaker, yes, dude. I love Bluetooth speakers (Matthias): So pointless so pointless why when you’re like skating around (Matthias): You just like let me listen to some dope tunes at Crap quality (Connor): because if you crash and you’re waiting for the ambulance you what to have some music playing (Matthias): you want have some music playing you know like the really dramatic stuff were you just like reaching towards someone that when they walk by (Matthias): Your just like help. It’s like (sad music) (Matthias): Wait, are they telling me? (Matthias): How they packaged it? step one… (Matthias): We did this step 2 we put the top on step 3 put it in a box step 4 put in another box? (Matthias): Whoops we forgot the charger and the manual (Matthias): look these are all fake reviews. (Connor): Oh my gosh they are. (Matthias): I can literally drag them (Connor): What the heck? (Matthias): What a bunch of scam artists, but you know what? (Connor): wait wait what was that thing (Matthias): this thing? (Connor): no no no go up (Connor): A handle for a hover board (Matthias): Dude that that’s like a Segway bro. Look at that guy’s (Matthias): oooh Mamacita (Connor): That one has LEDs too (Matthias): That one’s got LEDs too, guys guys, you know what to do. How many likes dude how many likes so oh 200k guys, okay? if we hit Toner kay That lets me know that you guys actually want to see us try this out and do a doper Nope on this look how many different colors look at all these different colors, bro So guys let us know if you like this video. What color? What color should we get dude? Oh dude space Galaxy? That’s my jam. Dude. I can alternative like cool. What’s that? It’s 300k? I’ll jump it. You’ll jump it jump it He’ll die. No you’re Gonna All right, connie says if you hit 300k then he’s gonna take this off a ramp Okay, let’s see. Let’s see you guys. I don’t know if you want connor to die look that like button Okay, wait wait before before we get it though. Oh my gosh Look at this guy. Go dude. Wait. Wait. Let’s see how talented he is oh Look at him. Go dude. He’s ripping it up He’s carving that concrete baby. That’s a pretty cool looking thing though. Did he’s got them blue leds on that Okay, okay, okay, wait wait how to video we we need to watch a how-to video my first ride of the E skateboard this guy might be a little too Mature for Writing it skateboard like you know there’s a certain age when you fall you just stop heeling I’m at I’m like on the cusp of that age right now dude. No, bro. I still have a bruise right now maybe no It’s still kind of there dude like that was two weeks ago when I just ran into a wall like barely And I was like didn’t even hurt. I just don’t heal. I just bruised like a peach There he goes It is clear I needed more practice The kids like can I just show you dad real quick so what I unbox this product what we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna have a little timed competition with some peeps at the office including conor and I we’re gonna see who’s best We can do a little race zigzag stuff, and maybe a little trick competition so stay tuned now Let’s get this puppy here we go Smart Balance wheel styrofoam oh Sorry, Eg. Griptape look at that dude. All I got the start over okay, so Look at that grip. Take dude. It’s like a fake. What is there like what is that a fake battery meter right there? Nothing. That’s the indicate maybe that’s where you change the color that’s already made. Oh, yes turn on first Where’s the on button good question there it is I see. It’s on the bun ah hold up this doesn’t do anything connor I think you’re just messing with me. Oh yeah, you need that app. Oh. Oh look right here. That’s how you turn on Yeah, you ready here you press that button okay, so listen. I’ve got that I’ve got the board right now I’ve got the board right now Look at that. It’s very very touchy so well here’s what I don’t understand. How do you get how do you get it like? How do you gotta be stand on it? I can’t I can’t oh my gosh. Are you joking? It’s getting it’s getting a little crazy here, dude. So I don’t know how to get on it. How do I get on it? I’m nervous right now. I live see really nervous. Go for it. Did. I’m really scared right now Does not mean being like slapstick comedy dude. How am I supposed to get on this you just you do like a snowboard? Try to get other dude one shot. Your peers like it cotton may Just burn the card big bro blend technology. What what look at that? Look at that dude Zip it I’m sorry now. We got to get new Carpet owner. I’m sorry careful Do something balance? All right, obviously we can’t do it in here. No. Let’s take it outside practice’ yeah, I agree Are you ready to test out the hoverboard skateboard scooter one wheeler? Always, it’s a long title as very long. Sorry okay. I’m ready for this dude Don’t take off don’t take off. Don’t take off don’t take off okay, so I’m gonna need your help. Okay desperately to get a helmet Ready, what are you doing? Dude? Don’t focus on the helmet focus on me All right focus on me right now dude Well, there’s the carpet. Oh my smell. Oh Smells like burnt, what is burnt rubber? Where did that dude look there’s warming up the tires. I fall look at that It’s warming up the tires. Just warming up these tires dawg this things about to get graded They did only crack slowly. Just like why do you why dave the ghost why do you think I need a? Dad’s new dame why do you think that? Why do you think that dude? Safety first Safety first thank you. Thanks, Dave You are wherever you are. I don’t think these are scape word pads. Do you really like you to Home Depot? And was like use your keyboard pads then you got Instruction pads a bicycle home my mom has never taken me there you go. How are we fine now we good nice I’m not doing that. I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t You’re turkan dude. You got the seat. I believe in you Dude, you got this I’m like that old guy bend your knees more Do a shot out from under me bro. Okay? Hold on hold on all I need is support here Ready yes Okay, okay, okay, okay? I’m safe The issue here is that the tires flat and I can’t get any stability you see what I’m saying like We just burnin thought oh my God. We’re gonna go why is it doing that you gotta step on the sled? Nice, okay. I’m gonna stand over here. I Can’t believe that guy was riding this Okay, you know you gotta go with me Dawg gotta go with me, okay turn left. This is a co-pilot. Oh Yeah, yeah, yeah here we’re going right? Oh Okay, yeah, nice dude Roars that’s a sup. That’s like. We’re dancing For who dancer you’re slamming it on the graph. You’re like. Oh like oh, wah Wah, I think Mister is but it’s not tired. Let’s take a break pump it up and see if that changes anything all right So pumped up the tire Let’s see if this is any difference. Oh Oh, oh yeah. See there you go Okay, okay Okay, okay, okay. That made a difference that definitely made a difference all right, so let me let me guide you now yeah, yeah Okay, okay Nice, okay There you go, but I want to lean forward and I want to turn no no no whoa All right, I’m too old I guess I’m have that age card. Dude you have oh. Yeah, you got that Chinese guy’s number Yeah, I’m gonna go hang out with him. I’ve tried a lot of writable tech bro some of its awesome Some of its really difficult like the one wheel unicycle thing that we tried down look hard right there That thing wasn’t that difficult you get the hang of it. Don’t Let me do without you okay. Let me do that. You hurt yourself bro. All right. I already failed oh my goodness dude guys all confident dude sensor Monkey monkey dude here’s another thing that it could be another thing could be like the fact that it’s like from these Chinese Manufacturers could be that the accelerometer or the gyroscope or however they balance this device could be? Completely wonky or not like the one that we saw in the video, Ernie. Oh This thing is dangerous This thing is dangerous. Oh my God now try holding on zamir okay, okay, dude This thing is just okay turn it So I’m trying to use it like a legit skateboard. That’s Whoa, I’m dizzy You good. I think I’m good. I think I think we’re good off this yeah guys What do you do? What do you rate this dude? No? It’s a nope. No. I read it a nope as well See that info card right there that’s a chance for you to rate what you think this is is it a dope or a nope? See that video right there that is a video that YouTube thinks you Specifically will enjoy will you I don’t know let’s find out click it and we’ll see you over there high-five

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  1. You could say that I need a little more practice with this board… and thankfully, I wasn’t hurt from that major wipeout! If you enjoyed this video, go check out "CASH or TRASH? | 10 Strange Chinese Items!”

  2. That board was a rip-off, the wheels are supposed to be flatter for balance while that board is like equal to standing on a basketball

  3. Just watch 3:25 where he talks about the packaging and realize what he did wrong lol. You could really tell he’s tired

  4. I am favoriting this video. Ive watched 7:56 soooo many times and laughed harder each time!! Also its 5am. Gotta go to bed

  5. You should do the One Wheel instead. Or the One Wheel+! It is a lot better than whatever that is! It is made of a race car tire and has better feet sensors. The wheel is thick enough to valence better as well! But easier and more fun than that.. thing.. 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Idk if anyone seen it but like they were ridding it the wrong direction thats why it all ways spun out the opposite direction

  7. That board would be so much better with a much wider tire on it.. then it would be stable side to side , and you only deal with back and forth movement.

  8. I’m posting this on an old video; because I can’t or don’t know how to direct message you guys. Been a HUGE fan since I watched my first video. Is Tanner ok? He’s got painted nails (nothin wrong with that.) he’s got bad circles under his eyes (seen from earlier videos starting 2019) and his facial skin around the temples is getting progressively worse. Tanner you’re my fav in this YouTube series!! Nothin but love. You bring the energy! Just take of yourself. PLEASE DELETE AFTER YOU, or this has been seen or read by OfficialT!

  9. someone at my town house complex had the one that looks like a peace of wood with the tire in the center

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