One Lap of America: That’s a Wrap! – Roadkill Extra

One Lap of America: That’s a Wrap! – Roadkill Extra

Roadkill Extra appears every single
weekday at Motor Trend On Demand it’s a show that gives you question-and-answer
sessions deeper looks into our project vehicles behind-the-scenes stuff and
here’s a sample right now of one of the shows that you missed last week on Motor
Trend On you can watch them all with a 30-day free trial this is when it finally hit me this
morning I’m walking around going we’re actually going to run One Lap of America
if you don’t know about this deal it’s a legendary event 34 years and before that
it was the famous Cannonball Run if you saw one of those movies back in the 70s
that’s what this is Brok Yates invented this thing and it’s got so much legacy
to it and so much torture I’m going to have my numbers wrong here but I think
we’re doing something like 19 events at 10 or 11 different tracks over the next
eight days and we’re going to drive 3500 miles so this is going to be really
beyond roadkill levels of punishing but we’re about to take off now and do the
wet in that event which is right here at Thai Rak on their test track they have a
whole facility here where they test tires all the time and I think we’re up this here’s what I want you to do yeah when
you get back out there I want you to hit the paint a car hit the pace car you hit
everything out of Iraq I want you to be perfect okay there’s a guy out of there
just spun out yeah do the opposite of that been in right got it
we’re good be fine sure it’ll all go well I’ve never gotten to drive my car
fast Tony’s about to drive through rain on purpose sure this will go okay I’ll
get my car please don’t kill my car toning the Firebird is immediately
behind me I think that’s David in the Hellcat
right now I’m not sure but let’s set this up David’s got a Hellcat with
Hellcat power Hellcat brakes help get steering suspension all that stuff
traction control stability he’s about to go through the wet skid pad and then
Tony is in my car with none of that stuff and probably
only 2/3 of the horsepower maybe even less
they’re not even half the horsepower which probably doesn’t matter on the
skid pad but I think Tony can hang I do or he’ll spin out and end up in the
infield there was that drainage pipe oh wow please don’t kill my car Doosan
around right all right here goes fry burger he’s a
pretty conscious guy I don’t really see him spinning out with all that
technology good luck using the wipers Oh sliding distance lighting let’s say it’s going pretty fast all right so you go to the sprinklers
one direction and you make a right you go back the other direction okay I wasn’t too bad I have a lot of
concentration I’ve never done a West skidpad before and a little understeer
little over here but I don’t know better safe than sorry and putting the thing
out I want to watch Tony though all right I’ve been in pin 69 Firebird
that we just threw together somehow I’m the first driver and we’re going to see
how this thing goes was born a little bit of oil smoked out I think earlier
this morning when we hammered on it but excited it doesn’t get this thing going
I do not want to be the guy that blows this thing off at the first event
because I will be the guy helping fix it bro all right here we go all right go
Tony you have wipers you stupid
please don’t drip the car I don’t think that’s the fastest way around nothing rip what lot of restraint here by mr. Angela Wow
hasn’t drifted in one amazing get laughter do all right turn the wipers on Viper’s broke immediately way outside you get involved here now come on all right been out free thank God and
look the car didn’t touch a wall yeah it’s really my goal for this is finished
with the car looking mostly the same as it looks today okay so that’s what
skidpad we’ve officially wrapped our very first event of one lap of america
and now we have to pack up and go to another location for an autocross today
and once we finish that we have to drive all the way to Memphis Tennessee if you
need more roadkill extra go sign up for the 30-day free trial right now

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  1. See you guys next weekend at Roadkill Nights in Pontiac Michigan! I'm so pumped! Will be there in my YT famous Roush Mustang 🙂

  2. Man this was boring. I only say this in comparison to the great editing and ideas of the original shows and even most of the recent (actual) shows.

  3. What the fuck was that shit/aweful video post? from Australia you guys are not making ppl sign up for on demand with total rubbish like that.

  4. One Lap óf Amerika That's a Wrap! Roadkill…… Categorie Mensen én Blogs! Licentie Standaard! YouTube–Licentie!

  5. They actually figured out a way to make driving around skid pad boring. A wet skid pad is meant for drifting. This is also my first time actually having anything bad to say about an episode of Roadkill.

  6. Cars driving in a circle as fast as possible and trying not to skid/crash.
    Fun for the driver – boring for the viewer.

    Wait a minute…. I just described Nascar…

  7. This was not boring to me … I love the idea of One Lap Of America… This was only a little part of it…

  8. thats a wrap? stealing hoonigans daily transmission's sign off quote i see. first the commerical before the tribute to the shop pup and now stealin?

  9. Aliens came down to earth, watched this video and said "Roadkill is gentlemen driving fastidiously prepared muscle cars delicately around in a carefully controlled environment." ….. errrrmmm

  10. FYI, this is from May 6th. I highly recommend searching for Boosted Films One Lap of America. They posted daily little 5 minute vids of their progress. Except for the last day vid which is a little over 18 minutes…

  11. We can do with out the music while the car was running! Us car guys want to hear the engine run, not be blasted & drowned out my blaring guitar riffs!!

  12. "And it didn't hit a wall"… well seeing as the closest wall is 100' away, i'd hope not… geesh. do that and I think that's cause for being fired.

  13. Check out those beautiful South Bend Indiana skies! This place is near the state line of Indiana and Michigan. The best part of living in northern Indiana is being close to Michigan.

  14. round and round the merry go round look mommy i am riding a hellcat aaah my baby my baby don't do that mommy just kak in here littel panties

  15. The amount of Finnegan being worried about his car can be measured by the minimum distance between the Fidebird and and the nearest wall during the challenge… that's about 1000 yards or so… because there are exactly no walls.

  16. Lol Finnegan worrying that Tony will hurt his car … there aren't many people better than Tony at driving sideways. (Those people who are mostly run dirt ovals.)

  17. Today on Roadkill extra we see Freiburger drive in a circle, Tony Angelo also drives in a circle and Finnigan talks.

  18. Finnigan – Please don't kill my carTony – Please let me kill the car on the first event because I'm going to be the guy to help fix it#foreshadowing

  19. hahaha … getting roasted … ahhh the power of editing,

    scroll down and read all the mini tantrums lol

    stupid fucking money.

  20. Thanks for visiting South Bend! Wish I was there, I'm in NH on assignment for work, hope you enjoyed your time there. The Tire Rack is where I buy all my tires, Professional place, good people, walks the walk.

  21. Gee, drive like that on the obligatory skidpad to get a drivers license here in Sweden and you'll fail. Reason: Driving to lame!

  22. Showkill… I guess all the cool stuff has been done already. Or maybe they are making too much money from big name sponsors.

  23. It looks like Finnegans Mustache ate his upper lip….. Is that considered a 'Hair Lip' ??…………………

  24. at 2:36 In the background is a Semi Truck pulling 3 trailers. I've never seen that before. I didn't even think it was allowed in U.S.

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