Old Vs New Performance Tires – Yokohama Advan A052

Old Vs New Performance Tires – Yokohama Advan A052

welcome to this non s2000 episode where we use our badass mm to ask the question how much faster is a fresh set of tires versus these four year old ones I’ve already gone out and done a bunch of hot laps on these four-year-old hand coupe rs3 s it’s a 200 tried to our tire and in 255 and I did a 121 five which is about a second half slower than they did when they were fresh so what we want to find out now by borrowing a set of new Yokohama AO fifty two cars which is considered a very fast new 200 Roy to retire by swapping in Iran here see how much faster we go pretty simple premise so while we do that wheel and tire swap why don’t you guys watch the in-car lap where I’m sliding around on these four-year-old hockey pucks [Music] the tires are definitely not very sticky anymore they’re picking up some push oh yeah they understeers getting real bad cuz these tires are just done they are hockey pucks everybody four year old rs3 not the hot setup you knew it we knew it but here’s a quick side by side of the new yokohama advan a old 52 s versus our old rs3 s as you can see there they’re both 255 s and as you can see the Yokohama’s are significantly wider for the same rated size so there’s a little bit of that tire sizing game being played there but more importantly you can see that this is a much more semi-slick like tread pattern tread wear game being played basically where because it’s a street class tire for Time Attack an autocross manufacturers like Yokohama and persona really trying to make these starts very very fast it’s just an old tire by comparison so let’s throw this sticky guy on there and see how quickly go so DP you got any predictions as to how much faster this tire is gonna be yeah I was just thinking of that house think of the same thing well they’re gonna be faster than the hand cooks that much we know Jackie did a 1 1900 already in his car and he’s got maybe I’m gonna say 20 wheel more than us which is worth about a half second around here so I want to do a 19-5 that’s my [Music] $1.99 that’s my prediction all right here we go I know nothing about how these tires behave if they’re really fast on the first lap or they need a couple of laps to warm up I should have asked Jackie about that but I didn’t because I was too busy swapping tires like a maniac we’re running out of time here so I need to get a lap in I think I got a good opening right now so I’m just gonna relatively quickly here keep the space from Nick has got that fast supercharged s2000 behind me just get a feel for in the first couple of corners here Oh Oh the grip is so much higher I think feels like it’s on Rails now Wow okay front end grep to us huge huge front end grip it feels like a race tire everybody this whole 200 treadwear thing is really starting to be a bit of a joke isn’t it if this feels like a race tire the turnin is so much better than on those old tires I finally have front-end grip oh they drive out of the corners too it’s got so much more traction now all right let’s try a hot lap here the grip levels so much higher I needed a shift there but so much faster I got out of the last corner grip level through the roof then I’m waiting for the sliding to happen and it’s just the cars stuck to the road I’m not having to do nearly as much steering as I had to on the hand cooks I don’t think I’m using all the grip yet alright one last quick lap here call it a day I’m not used to having to use fifth gear on the front straight that’s how much speed-up carrying through that last turn grip is insane [Music] it’s not even washing out here where everything washes out all right well that’ll be my last hot laugh cuz I don’t want to wear somebody else’s tire out I can tell they were starting a little hot there so they’re not an endurance race tire they’re definitely a you know typical street tire in the sense that they do get hot in a couple of laps but man for those first two three laps that is a quick quick tire I am just blown away by what the performance level is out of 200 tread wear tires these days it doesn’t seem real I mean a couple of years ago a semi slick that was this fast would have been like category leading so the fact that so-called street tires are this grippy it’s just insane well I got to say a very big thank you to jackie ding for letting us borrow his inky wheels and yokohama al 52s it is a spectacularly good tire the car has mountains of grip I mean I I did three hot laps I’m just exploring these tires and I’m already almost a second faster than we ever went on those rs3 s when they were brand new and this car was dialed in and I had a ton of seat time in the car which I haven’t had lately so that just shows you how good these tires really are my god I was a workout PT that was a lot of fun and the lap timer doesn’t lie 119 point one wow what a tire what a tire it is seriously seriously sticky I don’t know what a 200 treadwear means anymore cuz this to me it feels like a semi slick feels like a race tire like for an old war horse like me who grew up racing on are a ones or our triple aids that were like a sent me select race tire these are so much faster than those tires it’s like a whole new world my god the front-end grip that I had on these just turn and stick and plant the power and then the grip out of the corners was phenomenal too so it’s like you’re winning both on entry and exit versus the rs3 s we’re on turning out washing out and then on exit I’m like feathering the throttle and countersteering constantly just to keep it balanced so I mean the drive that you get and the grip that you get is just unbelievable it’s it’s kind of blowing my mind as you can probably tell I don’t know what else to tell you other than go get yourself a set of these new 200 treadwear tires be there be they el 52 soraryu 71 RS because they are just phenomenally fast and from what jackie was telling us these last longer than the re 71 hours or so and they will be a new POC set up for a Streamy layer in a Time Attack series or autocross series so well I think that pretty much proves that fresh tires are faster than 4-year old tires and maybe that’s not a big surprise to anybody maybe we’re just slow learners and we should have put fresh tires on this car a whole lot sooner but wow what a difference I mean that is two and a half seconds quicker that’s a big jump up in performance now have they been on fresh rs3 versus fresh hail 52s that gap might’ve been a little bit smaller but this is a different category of tire it’s really though 200 tread wear game has can change they’ve raised the bar with race tires I’ve always been a believer of replacing them every year if you don’t wear the motor in a weekend – which is usually the case so you don’t really have to think about lifespan work with race tires but with a street tire where we could still have lots of tread depth on a pair of four years later does raise a question when should you replace them and after having tried these I would say if you really care about lap times and you chasing tenths in a second you need to replace them probably every year let’s be honest a fresher the tires every year is going to go fast and if you’re racing on them a lot this tire is probably not gonna last you a year anyway the rs3 was a very long-lasting nervous tire life isn’t that big a deal because you can wear them out pretty fast anyway but if you’re on a longer-lasting summer tire and you want to go fast I think you need to plan to replace them every year if not if not on a shorter interval than that so with that little tidbit I think we’re gonna call this video our wrap past 2000 is back very temporarily it’s gone again but it’s not faster than it’s ever gone before whoa Nikki Nikki Nikki $9.00 we’re having too much fun there Nick

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  1. Hi, can you let me know if you felt any difference in chassis stiffening after adding the Roll Bar?
    Thanks ! great vid….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks for doing the comparison! I have a set of RS3's i've been using for 2 years now. The last time I went to Road Atlanta my time got a bit slower, perhaps they are starting to fall off after 7 track weekends of abuse. Still plenty of tread left though.

  3. Awesome video guys. Quality info that the average enthusiast can benefit from. Iโ€™d have a look around the YouTube, but you might just have the market cornered right now for garage-racers and track-wannabies in terms of providing informative content. It also happens to fit really well with Turn 14 as a sponsor. It would also be nice to have some regular-recurring segments. It should make your logistics easier from a content-creation standpoint.

  4. โ€œ200 tw tiresโ€. Should compare Federal tires 595rs-r. Supposed to be the cheapest semi slick you can get. Some auto crossers run these to learn how to drive better.

  5. On a Miata RE71s in a six rounds T/A season you'd need 2-3 sets depending how nice on tyres your setup is (the Subie guys will kill them in a day, maybe two lol). The 100tw R-Comps are much better value in that sense even if they're no faster than the cheater 200tw category. But of course it depends on what you can run with your class !

    Quite liking the R888R this year, dont know yet how badly they will lose grip with heat cycles, but so far so good after three rounds and an autocross.

  6. Would love to see someone do a video with a Toyo T1R vs. any modern performance street tire. Then some objective data would be available to show that tyre tech has moved on.

  7. Thank you so much to the lad who let you guys borrow a set of tires before 'sending off' the S2000. Nicely done on the laps. We have the same sentiments on the 200tw tires in the autox community as well; they keep getting closer and closer to Hoosiers.

  8. If you haven't tossed those rs3's yet it would be interesting to test tire soaking to see if you can get them back to life or not. Or maybe the new tech compounds don't like it. My method was fuel oil (diesel, kerosene, wd40) on rags on the tread and then kitchen stretch wrap to hold it on like the way some tires come new. I used this technique to cut 1.9 60 ft on on my beater supercharged Bonneville using bald snow tires lol

  9. I had considered unsubscribing after your last ASS2000 video; I'm glad I didn't. I'm sorry, but I'm here for the S2000. Love these videos!

  10. I had the same issue my last track event with my s2000 and old rs3s. Very annoying and not as fun. Mine are about 3 years old and definitely worn out, so it makes sense. Look forward to getting new tires next year and seeing how they perform, hopefully like the a052s in your video!

  11. Seems the engine got really hot as well, oil temp looks like +250F at the end from only three laps? Water temp 215F.
    I also noticed you have secretly switched the oil pressure and water temp gauges ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. Its also thanks to these new tires that FWDs are getting fasters.

    Also i noticed that newer semi slicks have treadwear over 100UTQG

  13. Very cool review.

    I race in a Spec series called VW Challenge here is South Africa & are regulated to the Hankook`s.
    For years we raced on the Dunlop Direzza 03G`s which were a much stickier tire. The difference is about 1.6 however, the Honkooks last a lot longer.
    One of the biggest differences is the sidewall stiffness which in turn affects the tire deformation. This affected the setup of the cars quite dramatically as well as pressures.
    Everyone is on the same so the field is balanced but it really took alot of getting used to the Hankooks as you must be so much smoother with turn-in to maintain corner speed.
    So here are my general findings with the Hankooks…., hope my competitors are not looking :-0:

    Abrasive Circuit:
    You must run the pressures slightly harder, + – 0.2 to 0.3 bar higher, otherwise the tread starts blistering & breaks off as the tire overheats. This can happen in 2 practice sessions. A highly abrasive circuit likes newer rubber but give the tire at least 1 heat cycle before really loading it.
    On the abrasive circuit, we tend to run less camber due to the higher pressure as the deflection is not as extreme. + – .2deg

    High grip Circuit i.e. loads of rubber & relatively smooth:
    This is where you would run the pressure closer to that of a semi slick. The balance would be based on your car type & setup.
    Rear pressures were 0.6bar lower then the Dunlops which surprised me as on a FWD we always run the rear super hard. If you run the rear too hard, the car is too loose & not stable on turn in.
    Camber is very aggressive due to the tire deflection. This is due to the soft side wall.
    We used to run anything from 4.2 to 4.5 deg camber on the front with the Dunlops but now we run up to 5.2โ€ฆ.. Yes, thatโ€™s how much the tire is deflecting.

    Heat Cycles, drivability & longevity:
    The tyres are very good out of the box. Give them about 1 lap at 60% pace focusing on loading the tire on corners but by lap 2 you should be on it.
    The Hankooks are also very forgiving & send you an email before they are going to let go. You can gauge this by feel & tire squeal.
    We have found that there are only so many heat cycles the tyres can do before they drop-off past the point where you can maintain pace. I did about 60 laps in anger before the fronts dropped off where the car was off the pace. This was not in 1 day but spread over 3 race weekends.

    In Sumarry, the Hankook is a great tire but not very quick. The biggest disadvantage is the soft sidewall which makes them also prone to punctures if you too involved in rubbing &/or go off a few times.

    Once again, great work lads!

    Check out my Facebook page here:


  14. Can you get Federal 595 RSR-R in Canada? I'd be really curious about the comparison because they're a lot cheaper, well in Australia anyway

  15. I know exactly what you guys mean.
    I used to run a kumho ecsta xs with a treadwear of 180, changed to dunlop z2's last year, and with a treadwear of 200 that shat all over the kumho's.
    I did one of the MCM track meets last year and it was pretty much impossible to break traction. There were also plenty of other cars out there with twice the power of my s2k, but none of them could go with me on track!
    People really do need to put their money behind the most important part of their vehicle, after all tires are the only part of the car that actually touches the ground!

  16. My RS3's are almost 4 years old ๐Ÿ™ Would have been nice to see a comparason against an regular 200TW tire and not a "200TW" cheater tire like the A052.

  17. A052 are around 300 usd a set more than RS3's. Also, your RS3's weren't the slower V1's were they (pre-2014)? A better comparison would be Yoko AD08 vs. the RS4 or the A052 vs. the RA-1. The A052 is a competition tire IIRC. I wouldn't street drive on them, though the RS3's would be fine. Besides that, tire evolution is very quick these days so that lap time gained might be available in every tire on the market through their newest release – like the 'Kook RS4. Not trying to discredit or call my dude out; loved the test and you could easily feel the extra grip compared to the old tires.

    A052's aren't on any road race cars at my local track, though they're allowed in many classes. This tells me they likely aren't an advantage vs. RA-1's used regularly. I'd love to see how the AD08R/A052 compares to an RA-1/888 which people typically use for longevity/dual duty rain and dry use – not absolute lap time.

    I've never run a car with new tires in a race, as a renter we're always given bad tires for some stupid reason. I still never have a problem getting around guys on new tires that can't use 100% of them. Moral of the story, if you aren't using 100% of your tire you need more practice before more grip.

  18. Looks a lot more relaxing driving on the new rubber too! Makes me wanna replace my 4 year old RS3s now you pooped all over them haha

  19. Are you short shifting or is it that it has the 2.2l (F20C) with the lower redline…i cant remember what engine this car had

  20. Just got a set of these in 255/35 on some Titan7 forged wheels for my civic type R track car. Canโ€™t wait to see what they feel like!

  21. How would you compare/contrast the A052 against the AD08R ? (and against the RS4 if you have experience with them).

    Will be destined for a track-rat turbo FR-S with about 250/260 WHP.

  22. I race on the AO50 in HillClimbs Super Sprints (3 lap races) and I've tried two other brands. Bolted on 2.5+ seconds with the AO50. Some guys bolted on 5+ seconds. Most winners (including me in any weather) run AO50. All Championship winners in the last four years in all class's here were on AO50. Expensive, heck yes – worth the wins – heck yes. Car type – Honda Integra Type R FWD.

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