[Old Video]Did Kwang Soo really follow Hyo Rim around? Runningman Ep. 414 (EngSub)

[Old Video]Did Kwang Soo really follow Hyo Rim around? Runningman Ep. 414 (EngSub)

Nice to meet you all.
Hello, I’m Actor Kim Roi Ha. I’m your biggest fan. – You’re so charismatic.
– By the way, – this is his first variety show.
– That’s right. – Yes, it’s my first.
– Right? So this is your first variety show,
but you wore a tracksuit to this? – That’s fine. It’s Running Man.
– That’s right. I wore this so I could run,
but I’m the only one wearing this. – Why was I asked to wear this?
– Their outfits… – are polar opposites.
– They are completely different. They asked me to wear a fancy dress, – so I wore this.
– Why… did no one tell me to dress up? What did they tell you? They told me to dress casually. – But this is too casual.
– You even wore running shoes. (It looks really casual.) No one has dressed this casually. They told him to dress casually,
so he listened. (Is this how variety shows work?) When they first appeared,
Roi Ha seemed to… feel shy. He put his hand on his back. It stopped in the middle. I thought we had
only two guests today. I thought Roi Ha was a cameraman. I thought he was filming… – when I saw him from behind.
– You might get in trouble. – Roi Ha looks a bit angry.
– You shouldn’t go too far. You’re embarrassing Roi Ha. Don’t go too far. We appeared in “The Sound of Heart”
together. That’s right. What was Kwang Soo like
while shooting that drama? I’d never seen… such a tall and nice person before. – A tall and nice person?
– A tall and nice person. (A tall and nice person?) A tall and nice person. – He’s really tall.
– He’s tall and nice. I’d never met anyone like him
before. In the movies, – Roi Ha usually plays the villain.
– He’s usually the villain. But actors who play villains a lot
seem to be weak in real life. – That’s right.
– When they’re… – on this show, they’re weak.
– We’ve seen that. – Park Hee Soon, for example.
– Exactly. (Do you remember?) – He is so weak.
– Exactly. One actor lost to me
in arm-wrestling. Who was it? Kim Hee Won. – Kim Hee Won.
– He was so weak too. (But they were all funny.) (Will Roi Ha make us laugh too?) Kwak Si Yang is here too. (Another villain actor,
Kwak Si Yang) Si Yang, how are you feeling? – This is your first appearance.
– That’s right. Have you been on many variety shows? – I…
– He got married once. – That’s right.
– He got married. – You got married to Kim So Yeon.
– Yes. You got married. – He got married?
– Yes. (Surprised) (Why is he surprised?) Why did you get married so early? That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about
“We Got Married”. (We’re talking about a show.) He didn’t get married for real. He got married on the show. – So he’s not married?
– No. He’s not married in real life. Hold on. Just on the show. Seok Jin doesn’t seem to know
that show. Gosh, Seok Jin. I thought he got married for real. Si Yang is here. You’re very tall. – He is.
– I’m 187cm tall. You’re 187cm tall? Gosh, he’s really tall. Like I always say, that’s
the right way to become tall. Don’t be like Kwang Soo. – That’s the right way.
– Kwang Soo… – If you’re just tall…
– Kwang Soo… really doesn’t look good
considering his height. I’m not jealous at all. They drive me crazy
whenever we have tall guests. It would have been better
if his face looked better. – What?
– Kwang Soo has a long waist. – What?
– Kwang Soo has a very long waist. What are you talking about? – His waist is 1m long.
– My waist is not long. His waist is 1m long. I once saw Hyo Rim at a cafe
near Namsan. She was wearing no makeup. – Really?
– You don’t remember? When was it? Oh, right. You have a worse memory
than Seok Jin? Why do you have such a bad memory? You remembered that? I’m hurt that
Seok Jin remembered it. If it had been a guy,
he wouldn’t have remembered. He wouldn’t have remembered. – Never.
– She left a strong impression. None of us three were
wearing makeup. – That’s right.
– It might have been… someone else. – She looks very different…
– I… I came here to get you. – What do you mean?
– Today… – What are you talking about?
– You know each other? Hold on. You know each other? Before Kwang Soo debuted, – I presented an award to him.
– An award? – That’s right. The commercial…
– His commercial became popular. For the commercial where I shouted,
“Ah Reum”, – I won an award.
– Really? Wasn’t it your first drama? – Yes.
– We did a drama together. And he followed me around, drunk. (She suddenly criticizes him.) He did that before he debuted too? I didn’t. He does that these days too. What are you talking? – I didn’t do that.
– I mean, in the drama. – I did that in the drama.
– In the drama? – You should be careful.
– You should be. I thought he did that
back then too. You surprised me.

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  1. Sok Jin is always the good mood killer…it's either he knows nothing or he's just trying to get camera focus on him

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