Oakley Flak Jacket Rubber Kit Replacement & Installation Instructions

Oakley Flak Jacket Rubber Kit Replacement & Installation Instructions

– Hi, this is Jason with Revant Optics. Today I’m gonna show you
how to remove and install new rubber pieces in your
Oakley Flak Jacket Frames. This is more of a sport sunglass. Great for cycling and running and you might wanna consider
replacing your rubber kit if your current rubber pieces are worn out and you need more grip, or
you just wanna customize the look of your sunglasses
with a new rubber kit color. To remove the rubber pieces
on your Oakley Flak Jacket or Flak Jacket XLJ Frames,
they’re exactly the same frame. The lens is just different. You’re gonna go ahead
and take your frame here and get some hand sanitizer. It’s what I like to use
cause it dries quickly and put it over the end. And then once you have that on there, use your dry hand to slide the piece off. Should come off pretty
easily, just like that. And there are a few rubber pieces on here, so what I like to do for
this particular frame is actually angle the
temple off, just like that. So it’ll pop off. And then for this rubber piece,
you can turn it like that and slide it off as well;
comes off fairly easily. And then for the interior
of the nose pieces, you go ahead and pull
down on that nose piece and I’m just gonna do one side here, so you can see how it’s done. But you pull on that and
pop it off, just like that. So those are the three
rubber pieces on one side, and then you have the mirror
image on the other side. Now to install those
pieces, I’m gonna go ahead and start with the nose piece and go ahead and hook it on top, so
there’s a little hook on there and you just grab it, and
then the bottoms slides in, just like that, so it’s nice and secure. And we’ll take this piece
with the temple here and it goes over just like
that, so it’ll slide in. Slides on right like that
and that dries very quickly, which is nice, and then
for the back piece, again, I’ll add some hand
sanitizer to the entire back piece just so it’ll slide on easily. And then you take your
rubber piece, slide it over, and right in place there,
which is nice and easy. And then to install the
temple back on these, go ahead and line it up and it just snaps right into place there. So, the easiest thing to
do here is angle it in. So, I put the top piece in first, and then, snap the bottom piece in, and you’ll see that’s nice and tight. And that is how you remove
and install rubber pieces on the Oakley Flak Jacket
and Flak Jacket XLJ Frame. To ensure you’re getting the
most out of your sunglasses, I recommend replacing
the rubber kit again, if it’s wearing out or if you just wanna make your sunglasses more
unique with a new color. So, hopefully you found this useful and once you’ve installed
your new rubber kit, we’d love to see a picture
of it on social media. So go ahead and post a picture and hashtag Revant Optics to Facebook,
Twitter, or Instagram. Also, if you have any
questions about this process, please feel free to email us
at support at revantoptics.com, and we’d be happy to answer
any questions that you have. (ominous music)

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  1. Thanks. A little more direction on popping out the ear pieces/legs would have been nice. I was scared, so I used a tiny flat head screw driver to help pry it out.

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