Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2.0 Motorcycle Tire System

– Are you looking for a way to run low PSI but not worry about pinch flats? Well, the Tubeliss Gen
2.0 System from NueTech is a great solution. So the Tubeliss Gen
2.0 System from NueTech was designed to allow
riders to run a wide range of PSI, but not worry about pinch flats. Now these could be used
for any type of riding, they’re gonna make these for
18 to 19 inch rear wheel, and also for a 21 inch front. This can be used for any
style of riding as well, if you’re a trail rider, desert rider, and also, moto cross guys,
you can run these as well. These were actually designed originally, for moto cross tracks, and
I know there’s been a lot of top level riders who have used these and they work extremely well. Now just like the name says,
this is a Tubeliss system, so there is no inner tube, therefore, it is impossible
to get a pinch flat, which is what makes these so popular. So, I’m gonna tell you
exactly how it works, it’s a really simple
design, but very effective. So this is the system, and you’re gonna have a two piece design here. You’re gonna have your outer insert, which as they call their
high pressure insert, and then inside that,
you have this little, it looks like a wimpy bicycle tube but it’s actually the secret
sauce of the whole thing, and this is called the inner bladder. So what happens is you
install this into your tire, and then you put your tire onto the rim. And once everything is installed, you inflate the inner
bladder up to about 100 PSI, and when you do that, what that does, it expands
this high pressure insert, and that’s what gonna set the
bead of the tire to the rim. Now once you have the
bead of the tire set, using the high pressure insert, you’re gonna have what they
call a dual chamber system. So your high pressure chamber’s gonna be where the bladder is, inside
the high pressure insert, and your low pressure chamber is where your traditional
tube would normally go, so once you have this
pumped up to about 100 PSI, you’re gonna use the valve stem that comes incorporated on the bead lock to inflate the tire to the
PSI that you want to run. So now, let’s talk about
some of the benefits of having this installed. Well first, lower PSI. With lower PSI, gonna
give you better traction, who doesn’t want more traction? And it’s not gonna deflect as much. Also, what’s nice about
this high pressure insert, is once it’s inflated, it’s
actually gonna be a bumper for your rim, so you
are running lower PSI, it’s gonna protect your rim from impacts. It’s gonna be lighter than
most of your heavy duty tubes that are out there. So lighter weight means
less un-sprung weight, which is better for acceleration
and better for handling, and not having a tube installed is gonna reduce your tire’s temperature, and it’s gonna keep your
tire’s PSI more consistent while you’re out riding. Now I do want to point out that just because you don’t
have a tube installed, that does not mean you
cannot get a flat tire. You could still damage or
puncture your side wall, which will result in a flat, so it’s always a good idea to
have a tire plug kit with you. We do offer those on our website, so make sure you pick one of those up. But a cool fact about these,
is this coming from NueTech, is that, because you have
this high pressure insert that’s setting the bead
of the tire to the rim, even at 0 PSI, if you get a flat, and you don’t have a plug kit, at 0 PSI, you can still ride, and this is going to hold
the bead of the tire on, so it’s not gonna fall off. So if you find yourself
in a bad situation, you can still get to back
to where you need to get to. I don’t recommend doing it
for long periods of time, but it is nice knowing you can get back to where you need to go. Now a couple things with the install that you wanna remember as well, we have a how to video
that NueTech has done, that is very detailed on the product copy, they show you step by step,
how to get these installed. It’s gonna come with a couple items, you are gonna have rim
tape, that comes included, as well as this, which is
going to help you install this, and get this inserted into the tire. So those both come included, and again, you are gonna see these
in the how to video. Now when you’re installing this, one thing you also want to keep in mind, is there is gonna be some
modification needed to your rim. The bladder valve, and the bead lock valve need to be four spokes apart. So if you already have a second hole, then you’re probably going
to need to enlarge it, using either a 11 millimeter
or a 7/16th drill bit, but just know that you
are gonna need to be doing some drilling to your rim, in order to have this installed correctly, but make sure you watch that video, they explain everything in full detail. And so there it is, that is the Tubeliss Gen 2.0 System
coming from NueTech. Again, very popular, especially
for the off road segment, ’cause they allow you to
run that wide range PSI, and your don’t need to
worry about pinch flats. To pick yours up, you
can click on the link, or head over to our website at make sure you see what other riders are saying about these. Read, write reviews,
if you have questions, comment below, or, you can ask your questions
directly on the product page, and get answers from customers
who are running this system. And don’t forget guys,
these are gonna ship free. Make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube, and stay up to date on
the latest Gear Guides, product reviews and how to videos, we are constantly rolling out. I’m Chase here at Rocky Mountain, and we’ll see you on the trails.

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