No Rest For The Wicked—Dirt Every Day Tire Rack Preview Ep. 87

No Rest For The Wicked—Dirt Every Day Tire Rack Preview Ep. 87

(engine revs) (rock music) – We’re going to drive this thing today, somehow, someway, we have to get this thing out of the shop. Yesterday we made it run, which was huge ’cause it
now runs on its own power, so that is good. – [Fred] But, it doesn’t
have a radiator hooked up, it doesn’t have power steering hooked up, it doesn’t have the alternator hooked up, doesn’t have the brakes hooked up, it doesn’t have a lot of things. – [Dave] So today we’re
going to spread the work out a little bit more. – [Fred] Yes, by the end of today, we will have 35 inch tires here. – [Dave] Yep. – [Fred] Bolted on this thing
and it will leave the shop. – [Dave] Yes it will. – [Fred] We have a goal! – [Dave] Yes, we’re working
until that goal is finished. – [Fred] Which might be midnight. It’s time to do drive shafts. With the leaf springs and the shackle on the back, the drive shaft actually
gets shorter as it goes to full droop, and
then longer as it goes to full compression. We’re going to use a CV
drive shaft, which means the pinion actually points right at the output of the transfer case. And we went out in the yard to look around and try to find a drive shaft. Ben has a bunch of different
parts here at Mod Co., and we found a drive shaft out of a TJ. This is too long, but
what we’ll do is we’ll cut this weld out, and then be able to take the slip spline and cut the tube back a little bit and then put
it back in a weld it up. The larger tubes seem to be able to spin with less vibration. That’s why a lot of late model trucks have really big drive shafts in em, but there’s more options out there. (rock music) Dave, surprise me with the tires! – Look what I got! – Boggers! – Boggers and chrome steelies. – Boggers are exactly the perfect tire for an AMC Pacer. – Yeah, check these things out. They’re 35145015’s. We got ya some chrome wagon spokes; this thing’s going to be rad. We found out that the Pacer, like part of why they
were cool back in the day is because they were so wide and stable. So it turns out they’re
like wider than a Cherokee and they’re using Cherokee axles. – So that means we get to go
back to one of our favorite things to use, wheel spacers! – Lame. – But if you’re going
to use wheel spacers, get the ones from Spidertrax. They’re awesome, they’re made in America, they’re pretty beefy, they
come with Loctite and Lug nuts. Just about everything you need. – So, we think these’ll fit. We’re going to end up
trimming a little bit here and a little bit there, but I’m pretty sure it’ll work. They’ll probably rub
in there a little bit. We’ll probably just going to have all sorts of fun with this car. The tires look good, though, and looking good is half the battle. Right. (laughs) – [Fred] We need all the
help we can get looking good. (hammer clanking) (rock music) – We only have a few more
things to get finished, most important being the track bar. Otherwise, the (indistinct)
is not going to work. – Making some brackets for end
of the track bar to mount to. This, I’ll weld on the
frame and then a second tab, so it will be like a double
shear frame side mount. (rock music) – [Fred] After that, it
could use some exhaust, but it doesn’t need it. We need to put the air cleaner on. Coolant hoses all need hooked
up, it needs a shifter. The shifter is going to have
to go up underneath the dash, and we’ll put the seats back in. Bolt the front tires on and
we’re going to go full width. We’re going to drive this
thing out of the shop tonight. – I think we almost got a
running driving Pacer 4X4, and it looks great. It’s lower than I expected, it’s grosser than I expected. None of the fab work is as
good as I was hoping for. (horn honks) – Horn works. – But, we did this
thing, let’s fire it up. Let’s see if it squirts
power steering fluid and brake fluid everywhere, and then button it up and get out of here. – It smells like cat pee in here. – It always does. (cool bass guitar music) (engine turning over) I like the rear wiper. It’s like no matter what the rear wiper is going to be on and the tail lights are going to be on. – [Fred] See if I can turn that off. Now it’ll never come off, ’cause I just broke the knob off. (engine starts) – [Dave] It’s running. We built the coolest looking Pacer ever! – I know, if it was a car
show car, we’d be winning. Even though we got the
fuel injection fixed because the distributor was out of whack, we got to clean up a little bit of wiring and put the hood back on,
we have another problem. – Yeah, everything was going really good until we tried to go
forward and backwards, and the clutch won’t disengage, so we are about to raise it back up. We’re working on this
thing until it’s right. – Something is out of whack, um, but we’re going to stay
here tonight until it’s done because tomorrow, we’re going wheelin’. – Alrght. No rest for the wicked. (blues music)

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  1. I hate to say this but you just fixed everything wrong with the Pacer. If AMC made this as a 4×4, maybe they'd still be around today.

  2. That thing is awesome but had to give you a thumbs down for the stupid loud music! Can't hear what you guys are saying until the 3:20 mark. Why do you even need background music while you area talking?

  3. I literally had a dream decades ago about an off-road Pacer, but in my dream the body was reversed and the bubble back hatch became the windshield.

  4. I wish Dirt Everyday and Roadkill were still free to watch full episodes here on YouTube, not have to pay a fee to watch them.

  5. much respect for the mechanics……….you build me a hot rod….ill build you a house……never was into oil…..elon musk…….is on to something … time and tech flies

  6. PLEASE, the vocals should be louder than the background music. It's supposed to be in the background!!!! Who mixed this, a fourth grader?

  7. Now that you slapped it together to have fun, take it home and really build it. More ground clearance and a little diesel.

  8. I've been waiting one hole month for this video to come out totally worth waiting for. I have Motor Trend but it was funner to wait for it to come out on YouTube so I can watch it at work cuz everybody knows work suuucks lol. You keep up the videos and loving what you do. I'll keep watching.!

  9. This seems like the perfect car for the Gambler 500 but i'm guess that they spent a lot more than $500. It would be cool to see what they could do if they stuck to a $500 budget.

  10. Omg that is so SICK , I’d drive the heck out of that and I love how it’s a manual . The pacer is 🔥

  11. 1:17 might be the coolest drive shaft weld machine i have ever seen. it spins the drive shaft while the other and welds at the same time.!.

  12. They dont seem like they are having as much fun these days. Maybe arguments or stress. But if you guys left MT and started your own YT channel, I would watch it religiously!

  13. really why do you a-holes take an awsome show off this platform then try to get people to pay when you tease them with these horrible hacked together bits from a used to be good show shame on you

  14. I come with a Lincoln welder thermal Dynamics plasma cutter i have regulators and cutting gas. I need a gig. I'm bored stupid and summers coming on.

  15. I’m inspired to do something similar to this now, but I will use a Lada sedan and squeeze the biggest Cummins turbo diesel into it that I can 😎👍

    When that happens I may need to begin making my own content, road trip across Canada perhaps?

  16. I'm on a 48 state road trip in the jeep. Thought it would be cool to meet some of you guys along my trip. What's the odds? I'm in San Antonio tx right now!

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