No more lifting. How to use Rubber base gel. Subtitles in ENG, EST, RUS

No more lifting. How to use Rubber base gel. Subtitles in ENG, EST, RUS

You can use rubber base as a base coat
for any product even for gel polish It is thicker viscosity gel which helps to
avoid any lifting It also has a very pleasant aroma Here is how we suggest to use it Rubber base application. Start with nail preparation Apply Freshener, then Ultrabond primer Rubber base is very flexible clear base
gel with extreme adhesion to natural nail it eliminates lifting problem to
absolute zero It can be used as a base coat for any
application We will use Acrylic Gel As you see very thin layer and cure it Rubber base gel has a minimal tacky layer and you don’t have to remove it Apply drop of acrylic gel on the nail and work with that. Press it gently Acrylic gel is pretty soft you can move it easily Work with sides push it slowly toward tip We need a little more on the left
side Done. Now we cure it. Now you can pinch it after 30 seconds Please use Finishing wipe. Pinch it, hold
for 5-10 seconds and cure it once more After that remove tacky layer. Use a
Finishing wipe for that Now you can file it. Its is very easy to file Rubber base is super flexible. Here is
the thin layer of cured rubber base land et’s see how many times I can fold it Three. Now i unfold it back and it doesn’t
crack it is super flexible but files like a normal gel

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  1. Can we float rubber base for gel polish manicure? to kind of create a small structure? in the video you've mentioned to apply thin this is why I'm asking!

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