No more flat wheels! Puncture resistant sealant Decathlon on Xiaomi Scooter’s tube wheels 🛴

No more flat wheels! Puncture resistant sealant Decathlon on Xiaomi Scooter’s tube wheels 🛴

very good my friends in today video we are going to put this pressure prevention liquid to the width of the Xiaomi mejia a scooter to do that we first have to remove the bus with the tool that came here put the wicked spin the wheel and finally inflate the wheel so let’s start all you need is this kid that I bought in Decathlon is for tube wheels and we are going to need half of the bottle because this water is for a normal bike and these wheels are very small okay the first thing that we have to do is to deflate the will we use a screw for example and press the bar to release the air okay now we get this tool that came in the kit and we are going to remove the bulb we put it there and unscrew okay I have removed the bulb as you can see keep it store it in a safe place next step is to put the liquid inside we have to put a quarter of this bottle good like this is fine now we put back the bulb good and now we spin the wheel I’m going to do the same in the back wheel and then we are going to inflate their wheels a compressor is ready we have to inflate that to 250 psi or three Pony parts we’re going to use this compressor [Music] I couldn’t inflate the wrong wheel I don’t know I need maybe an extension or something because the hole is very small and the machine doesn’t get inside but I will find a way to inflate this will I have found extension it came in the original box of the xiaomi a scooter so keep it it’s rare will is flat and you want to change the tube take a look to the card and you will see how to do it I hope this video has been useful for you thank you for watching like this video suscribe to the channel and see you in next video [Music]

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  1. How long will last the Xiaomi battery on real test?

    ▶️ Real distance test :

    💰 Where to buy inner tube?
    💰 Where to buy puncture sealant?

  2. I'm trying to pump up my tire but the air keeps escaping. Also using the extension cable. Googled a lot but no solution really.


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