oh yeah look at that titanium white
Dominus isn’t it what you’ve always dreamed of welcome back guys so today I
was touring around in Bacchus mine and I found a couple things that until this
update have not been there the Dominus now if you open a Bacchus mod which if
you guys are on console this is a PC only function at box might if you’re on
PC and not using Bacchus what you’re truly missing out not only for the items
like this but it can do a lot of things in training I’m not sponsored by the way
but box mod is incredible you should absolutely be using it we’re we get in a
video if you guys do returning viewer of the Tri house channel make sure you
leave a like on the video and if you’re new to the channel make sure you hit
that subscribe button click the Bell turn on notifications you’d be doing me
a solid I’m still a pretty young Channel you guys are legendary you can now if
you go in a Bacchus mod they added all of these colors of Dominus into the game
and so Bacchus much just draws files off of the game so that means they’re
already in here just waiting to come out into the item shop wait there’s rose
gold and there’s white gold noannie Oh but yeah so I figured I’d
show you guys all of the items of Dominus because these are these are the
colors that will be coming out in the item shop or dropping his blueprints at
some point I have not heard of anybody getting a painted Dominus blueprint yet
but if you guys have police let me know down below in the comments oh my god
that black is so good look at that yeah I do think they make it this weird
gray color by default of black oh my god that looks amazing
burnt sienna Jesus no please cobalt crimson yo we could do some stuff we
could we could make crimson work guys forest green I I don’t think I’ve ever
used a forest green painted item gold gray you know gray is actually I was
just talking ish about gray but gray is actually not a bad color for the finnick
or there’s a couple other cards that I really like the way the gray looks onyx
what are these what are the I’ve never seen these I don’t play around with item
modding a whole lot I tend to use the items that I’ve got because I’ve got a
pretty expansive inventory which if you guys are really in to building in
designing cars please let come by the livestream because I am always looking
for help on designing cars and I want to do a couple videos based on your guys’s
car designs so if you come by the chat I’ve got all of my inventory available
in a link I can put I could put it down below in the description for you guys to
look at and if you guys can come up with some absolutely killer designs for cars
I will absolutely make a video on it saffron sky blue I really like sky blue
if you could if you could get like an I mean for an on sweaty design like sky
blue would look really nice titanium white but titanium white is what you
guys are all here for and on top of that went on the streaming somebody came in
and told me that they now have a couple different variants of the Christiano
wheels and so if we go over here so normally the Christiano wheels they’re
the sweaty black wheels that you’ve all seen pretty much all the pro players
used at some point but now with you over to the cristianos we have a section
where they can be painted and black cristianos very it’s the one we’ve all
been waiting for actually it was really different they
did they made a darker there are weight or they make it lighter I can’t tell they made it lighter
the default Christiano is more black than the black Christiano unless I’m
crazy let’s look at this in a different angle yeah it’s not as black what burnt
sienna Oh God you took the one of the nicest looking
wheels and made it hideous so basically all of these painted
items are they don’t look great like that the pain of cristianos would not
recommend okay so it’s not a gold version yeah I don’t think any of these
unless you were unless you are purposely memeing somebody I don’t know why you
would do this pink like because because there’s such like deeper Oh sweaty item
you’re the only reason I would see somebody going with painted cristianos
is just to be obnoxious but the best part about these cristianos is coming up
here in a second because we have special edition Christiano so if you go over
here and you were typing so Christiano – there’s also Christiano 3 but as of
right now it’s not showing me anything but these are the Christiano – which I
am assuming are going to be the special edition wheel when it releases and by
default it comes kind of like a sky-blue but if we go through all the colors here
there’s black which kind of looks like grey to me but burnt sienna and I
actually kind of do like these they’ve got this really cool infinite effect
going on here which I mainly use the emerald pearl wheels and they’ve got
this same effect where it looks there’s like depth of field inside the wheel
that I really like so I I could see some people using these I don’t know if I’m a
fan of the tread being colored but you guys let me know oh oh yeah um and see I
because I’m currently showcasing the Dominus but this this tread right here
might look really good on an open wheel design like the octane crimson forest
green there’s no gold gray okay that actually
is that gray almost looks white but we’ll get to the titanium white one so
you guys saw the thumbnail lime orange pink dude I actually kind of like the
special edition cristianos and and this is all like the these are going to come
out in the item shop or in blue prints at some point it’s just when how much is
it gonna cost because technically what are the cristianos or are they like a
are they a DLC wheel because yeah they I think they’re from the very first pack
so now everybody has the cristianos so I don’t know what you would sell these for
because they’re oh I don’t even know what reared either classified us a but
the sky blue okay so this is the sky blue and this is the default and I
actually think again the default looks cooler I I mean the color looks the same
but the depth of field looks a little bit more impressive I think in the
default and then by the titanium white special edition Christiano wheels a hot
I’ve loved this effect this looks so cool so that covers the two items that I
have seen added to box mod if you guys have seen anything else out of the box
mod make sure you let me know down below in the comments if I miss anything
I want to check those out too I’m also incredibly curious about how much this
stuff is gonna cost in the item shop no way I think they’re gonna try to sell a
titanium white Dominus for 2500 credits I mean I don’t that you can it’s a DLC
car if the crimson Finnick is going for 1200 credits I don’t feel like okay
nevermind if I’ve learned anything from this update psionics doesn’t know how to
price things so who knows what they sell this for I don’t be surprised they sell
it for 1200 car it’s just like they did the crimson Finnick or 1500 credits or
something ridiculous if you like the titanium white Dominus and you like
these special edition wheels make sure you leave a like on the video if you
don’t like the titanium white Dominus and you don’t like special edition Wales
make sure you leave a like on the video anyways you know why because it helps me
out a lot in a pretty small youtube channel so every one of you guys that
subscribes just know you’re absolutely legendary and I love you thank you so
much and I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. I can’t wait for the TW Dominus dude!! I’m a Dominus player, and I can’t wait for it to be in the shop!!! Thanks for the vid Tri!

  2. The Cristianos are 800 credits now on the item shop. I like the new Cristianos, the TW Dominus looks kinda weird from the back imo.

  3. I have a friend that dumps all his forest green stuff on me because I'm the only one he knows that actually uses it. Most of it isn't great but I like green so I use it anyway.

  4. I could buy a whole other game, or multiple other games for the price of one tora right now…………Think about that for a second

  5. (Accidentally Deleted Comment) So here is the updated list. My bad.

    Trigon – Decal
    20XX – Decal
    Slipstream – Decal
    Hexed – Decal
    Atomizer – Goal Explosion
    Toon – Goal Explosion

    Pixel Shades – Topper/Glitched
    Sandstorm – Boost
    Mohawk – Boost
    Spinners – Wheel
    Burnout – Boost

    Pixelfire – Boost
    Proton – Boost
    Spiralis R2 – New Wheel

    Very Rare:
    Zigzag – Trail
    Lightspeed – Trail
    FSL-B – New Wheel
    Octane: MG-88 – Decal

    Octane: Dragon Lord – Decal
    Breakout: Shibuya – Decal
    Dominus: Mondo – Decal

  6. GFeels bad to be a console bum. You don’t get mods that throw the ball at you 😔 pink and sky blue christianos are fresh though 👌🏽

  7. Hey man, nice vid – I subbed. Here are some vids the trading community's dying for right now, to see what the new items look like. If you make them quick (one on each maybe?) I bet you'd get a noticeable subscriber boost: Existing BMs paintable since the update: 20xx, Slipstream, Atomizer, Toon, Trigon, Hexed. No videos are out on these yet, so any vids will certainly help in gauging market interest & where prices will settle. There's also painted versions previously unavailable for other misc items, including: Dragon Lord, Proton, Lightspeed, Zigzag, Pixel Fire, Burnout. Good luck with the promising fledgeling channel! 🙂

  8. YouTube just recommended me this. Man, I think you have potential to grow. Great content, high quality voice and video. Nice.

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