new MONSTER One Wheel Hoverboard MOD!!

I’ll count it. I’ll count. I’ll count it. – [Mom] Hi. What are you doing crazy girl? You’re not supposed to be doing that. – [Mom] You like it. It says you got a haunted. You want a ghost shirt. – Yeah. – [Mom] Okay, let’s go find you one. What are you gonna do now, huh? What are you gonna do? Oh my God. – Yeah, let’s change your bum. Wow, what a morning. What did you do? Did you just put your
binkie in your shirt? You’re silly. She was jealous of my ghost shirt. She really wanted to wear a ghost shirt but we don’t have ghost shirts for her but we do have a black cat. It’s supposed to be a Halloween shirt. Yep, we’re gonna get some supplies cause we’re gonna do crafts. (upbeat music) Hey, all done. Did we get good stuff? – [Mom] Adley where are you? Where are you Adley? Is she under there? No. Adley I hear giggling. Where’s Adley? – Yeah. – [Mom] Do you wanna take a bath? – You’re pooping. Holy crap, you are pooping. Wait. I thought she was joking. (upbeat music) Guys my worst nightmare has come true. So I went to the bathroom, came back out could not find Adley. This is where I found her. – I’m gonna hide. – Why are you hiding in the fridge? Adley, that is not funny. Luckily she can’t close the door though. The thing was started beeping. I’m like oh my gosh, she’s in the fridge. That noise right there. So yeah, I will be installing
a little lock on that later today ’cause it’s gone way too far. (upbeat music) – Those were all the tickets and flights that I almost took today. I was signed up for eight flights and they kept getting canceled
or I would get bumped off. It was complete madness and it all started at five in the morning. That’s my airplane. Now we gotta find another airplane. We made it to Atlanta but that’s our plane and we can’t get on it
’cause the doors are closed, so gotta go find another plane. It’s been a long day. I finally made it. We’re in L.A. We’re in Corridor Digital’s office. Hey guys. We gotta start doing fun stuff. Being we’re in Corridor Digital, how can that be fun. And Ren has a one wheel. Way close. Adventure number one California’s on fire, which is really sucky. We’ve had a lot of fires this summer but I guess it’s really close, so we’re gonna go up
on the roof and see it. And they let me borrow this lens, so that I can film it really cool. This lens is gnarly. I wish you could see how big it was. Let me try and show you guys. I mean, I don’t really
know how to show you how big this lens is. I’ll film the lens after this. I can’t even hold it up with my left arm. I’m not strong enough. Let’s go to the roof. – [Man] Dude, that big
(mumbles) lens on there. – Dude, I can’t even hold my camera up. I’m not strong enough to use this lens. (laughing) I made it on the roof with the lens. It’s not in focus at all but
don’t even worry about it. The important part is here’s the fire, you can see it in the sunset. (laughing) I guess that’s the joke. The sun isn’t setting,
it just looks like it. You flying over with the drone. – I am. Yes. – Wow. (upbeat music) I gotta go put this lens away. It’s like I’m actually tired right now. I can’t use this lens anymore. – [Man] Dude, check this out. Check this out. – [Man] Should we flip the monitor? – Oh dang. – [Man] You can’t even … You’re too close. – No I’m not. I’m focused. Hey, it focused on you. – [Man] Do they extend your arms? There you are. – I’m never buying this lens. It’s the most hard to use lens ever. It’s like a math problem
just using the lens. (laughing) This was the lens we were just using. Wow, that’s too important
for me to be using. We’re back to the normal lens. Fun thing number two, already ready. Ren. – Web Shaun. – [Shaun] How are you man? – Dude I am doing great. – Fun thing number two, you
have a one wheel here right. – I do have a one wheel. Who do you think I am? – One wheel rule challenge trick contest. One wheel trick contest. You have one wheel tricks. – Yeah, I got some tricks. First thing first, you
probably haven’t seen this kind of tire before. This is an awkward tire. – [Shaun] Hold on first things
first, what was that on? And how do I not have some of this genius? Oh my Gosh. – It’s a guy here in L.A.
actually makes these by hand and sells them online. – [Shaun] You need to
figure out who does that and how to get some. Thing number two, that tire. – [Ren] Yeah, this tire. Look at this. It’s pretty great. – [Shaun] Thing number three,
how many things are on this? Is that a handle? Wow. – [Ren] And put extra gray tape to make it stick to your shoes better. – Oh yeah, that’s like
gorilla grip right there. That’s a good turning radius I feel like. The nose drag, those are so much fun. Do you love those? I love the nose drags. – That’s a dollar. – That’s 20 minutes ago. – Every time you crash
one minute in the studio, that’s a dollar. – No, we’re filming right now. It doesn’t count if you’re filming. Oh the nose drag. I got two, it’s a dollar. I’ll pay his dollar. Protecting the giant TV. Everything else is safe. Let’s start out easy. Let’s do a little like I do a trick, you do a trick. You’re up first what do you got? – Alright, I’m gonna start simple, very, very, very simple. It’s the easiest thing you
could possibly think of. It’s just a point eight. – That didn’t look very simple. Alright, let me try this. Okay, we’re gonna do the (mumbles). – [Ren] Don’t say that. – He’s gonna beat you. – [Ren] No. – Yeah. – [Ren] Oh you’re gonna try a new trick. – This is how cool guys get on. – [Ren] I don’t know if I can do that one. – Oh, you got it. You’re a cool guy. Okay. – Okay. This is one of the harder
tricks I can sometimes do. – [Shaun] Alright. That was close. Alright. – Can you do that one? You just threw the camera at me. – The whole body 180, huh. That was almost it. I’ll just grab this handle,
pick it back up nicely. – [Ren] Oh thanks for
treating it nicely for me. – Yeah. – [Ren] Oh, you did it while rolling. How did you? – Rolling that’s just cool status. – Oh man, now I gotta … – [Shaun] Gotta one up it. I’ll count it. I’ll count it. I’ll count it. Is it my trick now? Yeah, it’s my trick. – [Ren] Yeah, yeah. – Full 360 spinner. I don’t think I can do
this in your office. I can mess up my office
but not your office. First 180 is really hard. It’s the regular 180 and
then if you make that then you just have to
switch 180 afterwards like really fast ’cause you
wanna get back to regular. So if you do the first 180, just keep your shoulders moved. It’s all in your shoulders
just like snowboarding. Have you done a regular 180 not switch? Okay there. And then you go, see. – Is that? – [Shaun] You essentially did it, then you just need to do
it faster all connected. That was pretty good. I’m actually really impressed dude. High five. – Yeah. – Alright, alright Ren just
invented something fabulous. Are you ready? – Basically you just
nonchalantly put your hand– – [Shaun] Cool guy, cool guy, right? That was it. Please roll away from that. – Here you try this one Shaun. – Okay. So, you just walk up and like … – [Ren] It’s your first
time, you almost nailed it. – I thought I was gonna right away. I was on. – [Ren] That was so close. – Wow, how did that not register? What are you doing? – Just trying to keep on it. – [Shaun] Oh Ren. I was ready to roll away. Please, why would it not go? I mean burn on. I didn’t touch. Carmine, come on. You know you wanna give me
a high five for doing that. Yeah baby. – [Ren] Sweet dude, high five. That was great. – Yeah, more one wheel training. – And here I was about
to say that it’s like, you know what this means
we’re gonna have to train and the next time we see each other then the real battle will happen. – If you got one wheel trick ideas, leave them in the comments. Me and Ren are gonna train for you. Fun idea number three, Niko’s taking me to one of
his favorite restaurants. It’s like all you can eat meat buffet. What kind of food? Mongolian barbecue. Korean barbecue. How does this work? – You got a list of meat right here. You can order as much as
we want, whenever we want as long as we eat everything
we’re given we’re good. – [Shaun] I like it. – We cook it ourselves. – We cook it ourselves. We’re cooking our own food. – The meat bell. – [Shaun] The meat bell. – If you want meat you ring this bell. – [Shaun] That looks delicious. Okay. – This is the fat here. You grease the skillet. – Okay. You use the fat to grease
the skillet step one. Interesting. Step two, do that. (upbeat music) Ready Corey. Here we go. Dang, that defense.

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