New Bike Day – Squish!

New Bike Day – Squish!

Today is a very special day… not just for
me, but for the vocal group of subscribers who want me to ride a full suspension mountain
bike. Introducing the newest member of the squad.
The Diamondback Mission 2, a capable all-mountain full suspension bike with everything I need
to get into lots of trouble. While I’ve always been a huge fan of hardtails,
I concede that the right kind of full suspension bike offers a ton of advantages. On descents
the benefits are obvious, but a full squish can also help keep your rear wheel grounded
during climbs. The rear shock has an adjustment for firmness and rebound, so I can adjust
this on the fly for any type of riding I plan on doing. Just like my Sync’r Pro, the Mission 2 has
super wide bars, a short stem, and a slack headtube. In fact, sitting on this bike feels
remarkably familiar. I even have matching dropper posts now. While I would like to take my time putting
this bike together, I’m on a mission today. Pun intended. You see, a few weeks ago I got
an email from Phil Kmetz, a professional mountain biker and fellow YouTuber who I actually have
a lot in common with. He let me know about the Santos Fat Tire Festival, which would
be taking place only 4 hours away from me, in central Florida. I’m leaving for that event in just a few
hours to ride the trails, hang out with Phil, and of course make videos. I need to get this
thing assembled, finish up work, and make sure I have all my batteries and SD cards.
My sister Emily is coming along to help film and do a little riding at Santos. This bike is going to play a central role
in all that, because Santos isn’t your average Florida mountain bike park…especially if
you’re visiting the Vortex Complex. There, you’ll find a series of double black diamond
singletrack runs, big dirt jumps, and elevation changes that make you forget you’re in Florida. It’s gonna to be interesting to get accustomed
to this bike, and all the squishiness it has to offer. With tons of travel, a dropper post,
and a super aggressive all mountain geometry, I can’t even process the amount of fun I’m
going to have this weekend, but of course, I’ll be bringing both my bikes. With a reckless all mountain hardtail, and
a full suspension battle machine in tow, this is gonna be awesome. Thanks for riding with me today… Phil and
I will see you at Santos. We’ll both be posting videos, so don’t forget to subscribe
to Phil Kmetz.

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  1. Seth you inspired me to get into mountain bikes and I'm 11 years old I went on a intermediate trail for my first ride on a mountain

  2. My Mission 1 from Amazon is arriving in a few hours. can't wait! Nice review for the Mission 2. Saw you on amazon. Nice videos dude! I subbed

  3. I just bought a new hardtail and I took it out the other day for a ride. When I pedaled hard I heard popping and cracking coming from my front wheel. Any idea what that was?

  4. Weird that before he said that he didn't want to buy an expensive bike because you have to spend money to fix parts when you crash. Ahah total lie. But I still love this guy. He's cool

  5. por que no hases un vídeo de como le hases para comprar a las bicicletas, pasó a paso y en qué páginas o tiendas

  6. hey seths bike hacks i would recommend you to buy a downhill bike with to suspencions in the front

  7. Just noticed the frame's almost an exact copy of the Specialized 2006 enduro frame – the only original part of my current enduro lmao

  8. here in SA diamond backs are frowned upon…but this bike is really nice, we only have like the really cheap and crappy diamond backs

  9. Can you please do another giveaway for this bike, it's my dream bike and would love to win! Although I probably won't, and you probably won't even consider this, I'm riding my moms bike! And she will buy me a bike when I'm 16! I'm 13! and I don't wanna wait 3 years for a bike a really really really want! If you can do this that would be amazing! I truly enjoy your videos, and I hate having to wait 1 week for a new video lol. Bye and good luck biking!

  10. I love DB, but I bought a 2018 Line and it was so garbage I had to return it. The forks were defective and it wasn’t correctly sealed (Even though they were SR SUNTOUR that shouldn’t be happening on a $750 bike), the rear rim bent from riding up a curb, and the front sprocket bent badly from a 3ft drop that I didn’t even fall or land sketchy on. Ridiculous for a $750 bike, I returned it at REI and bought a Trek Marlin 7 at another local store, and I am significantly happier with its performance and quality. Still sad to see a DB have to go, because I had such high expectations.

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  12. Man thats bad ass ride. And your youtube Hollywood so you aint gotta pay for shit anymore either. Not like us peasants who have to starve ourselves for evey cent. Free shit man cant beat it bro.

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