New 4×4 truck tires, what could go wrong? • Overland Travel Lessons

New 4×4 truck tires, what could go wrong? • Overland Travel Lessons

Good morning and welcome to another day on the vlog and our journey home to Alaska! We had a great night at Ben’s
mom’s last night…. I got caught up and visited with family. It’s always a good
thing to be able to do that! Now we find ourselves in Ontario,
California… So guys, we’re pretty excited to announce that we have formed a
partnership with Yokohama Tire! And we have the honour of reviewing and testing
some Geolanders. Which are their truck tires!…. And we are here at their corporate
facility in California to pick up our tires at Will call…. Yeah, there it is!… I see it right here Will call and express deliveries only!..Nice… Man! This truck turns on a dime…It sure
does!That’s kind of fun… We even sound like a delivery truck…No joke! Alright! So our trucks new shoes….
Yokohama Geolander a/t G015 is the series…. Load range E…The truck takes three 1575 R16 tyres… So these are a pretty big tire, for a pretty
big truck!…. That is a tight fit!…. Barely made it…. Yeah, 5 tires. Hopefully no
scuff marks!…. Now we know how many tires can fit in our truck…Yeah… I can’t reveal our code… Goodbye Yokohama….. And hello Pacific Tire in Ontario here…. It’s proven to be kind of difficult getting these tires put on.
Because there’s a lot of factors with our truck….Ahh… Number one: It’s heavy, 12,500 pounds…. Number two: We need to torque the lug nuts to 300 pounds. Not like with the
impact gun but with an actual torque wrench. And not to make faces…. Have I had all the capabilities to put tires on this truck… Yeah…. But these guys are pretty amazing!
It’s almost like having a pit crew work on the truck. Three of them just attacked
it and getting these tires mounted and balanced in very short time…. Alright! If you’re wondering: Why did we
go with the Geolander G015 a/t tires?…. Well, you know what? A
couple videos ago, I talked about you know, getting older and making more
practical decisions! And you know what? Mud terrain tires are very, very, sexy and
they perform well off-road! Now the Yokohama mudders…. They perform well on road but we were looking for something that was gonna give us long tread life.
And we are gonna test these things off-road but you know what? Mud train
tires are very performance minded tire. And they tend to wear out quicker. And we
also wanted the extreme winter weather capabilities that these tires offer.
Because we are heading home to Alaska… And you know, winter is still very
present up there!….. One other reason why we chose these: Is because if you tow like a
fifth wheel or a travel trailer as your RV, these Geolander G015 a/t
can go on your tow vehicle. So you’re gonna have to stay tuned and
SUBSCRIBE and all that… For you know.. Long-term reviews but trust me! We are
gonna be putting these tires to the test guys!…. So here’s another odd little tip
about our truck: All the tires and wheels I should say, on the driver’s side,
are reverse-thread! Which can be a little confusing because your mind sometimes
automatically goes righty-tighty….
lefty-loosey… Well things were not completely
uneventful here. When doing the driver sides, like I said, reverse-thread
it’s a problem! And over the years, people have hit these going the wrong way!
And last time I had the tires rotated…. We had one stud that maxed out at 180
pounds before it started spinning! I could live with that but you know what?
Now we have one that’s completely stripped and one the half way stripped! So
out of our six lugs…. Were operating on four and a half… And that’s not gonna cut
it! And go figure, it’s Friday afternoon at 3 o’clock…. Perfect timing!….
Well guys, you want a dose a reality? Here it is! The tires felt great once we
got them put on! There was a vibration in the brakes that I noticed ahhh…You know, when we were about to like get onto the freeway at that stoplight and I was like:
Oh, Wow! But you know, there is a very odd vibration when we hit the brakes! The
sensation would be compared to like warped rotors or warped drums… But, those don’t just happen like that so…. I don’t think it’s warped
rotors or warped drums because the front has drums. We do have one lug nut
that’s not on… And I got to thinking…. Yeah, I guess there’s like a chance… You know, it’s still all the metals not expanding properly…. There’s also a mild vibration
at freeway speeds like 45 to 50 but yeah! Really got me thinking…. And I know I’m
kind of rambling on here but… I also got to thinking like, okay so there was that
one stud that was just spinning. And we had to get a pry bar and just put a
little pressure against the tire to the stud. So that we could get that nut off!
But it was just such mild pressure but then you’re thinking okay! Well I guess
there’s that chance that could have messed things up!
But then and it’s so awesome having the previous owner Dave as a resource! He
owned this truck for years! And you all know the knowledge and experience you
gain from years of ownership and…. There are so many things that we’re just
learning on our own through default of just being in it, driving the miles! And I
imagine we’re probably experiencing new things because we’re in this thing to
people 24 hours a day since July! So we have learned a lot! But okay, back to it! I
hit up Dave and he said you know what? It may sound completely weird, especially
since you would think like wheel weights would have nothing to do with braking…
But… What’s going on and he said it’s happened to him twice!! The wheel weights
need to be repositioned! So… We found a place, our truck is unique! And I hope
it’s the right place! I called ahead, make sure that they could lift it off the
ground, the torque wrench issue…You know we carry a torque wrench as well. But
it’s always good to know if a shop has one… That means they’re kind of familiar
with working on heavier duty vehicles. So I kind of asked that as a little test
question. But their name is: Unique Tires and Wheels. And I think we qualify as
unique! And I really want to just get this resolved!….Hey, this looks like a good
place!…It looks like a good store!… Yeah…. I really hope these wheel weights
just need to be repositioned! I guess am gonna show you guys, once we get
them off!… Alright let’s see if we’re on the right track…. Alright, there’s the wheel…
Ahhhh dude!… Seriously there’s rub marks right there! Let’s see
if I get the camera on it…. Yeah! Dude that’s the source of our
problem!…Keep it in here… Yeah… It goes up Well, I see evidence that the previous
wheel weights were on the inside. So yeah! That’s a good sign man!…. It feels really
good that we found this problem. And that… It’s cheap, cheap is a good thing!…. So I’m not upset with the last tire shop. They had no idea that due to the nature of this
vehicle the wheel weights needed to be in a specific position! I did not know
that because this is the first time we have balanced tires! And got new tires on
this vehicle. So it’s quite fascinating through the process of traveling and
living and owning an RV expedition vehicle…. Whatever you want to call it! Now we’ll just call it an RV for a generic term… There’s a tremendous learning curve!
To know all the intricacies, quirks and characteristics and fine points and tips
on a vehicle. And… Dare I say, it’s probably far better off that we’re
learning this stuff on this side of the pond. Instead of some far-reaching parts
of Asia, Africa or Central America. Which is on our schedule! You know, once
everything in life is in order, we are going to be going overseas! And uhhmm…
Every day is a learning experience guys! And I’m sure a lot of you who own RVs
can attest to: Every time you get something new, the learning curve just
starts all over! And even after owning Nelly, our last one…
Every now and then, something new still came up and ahh…Challenged me! But I’m really happy that…And knocking on wood, that this is hopefully going to be a very cut
and dry issue. And I can give you a good feel of these new Yokohama Geolanders…
So the guys here at the tire shop said their weights have a fairly high profile.
And they said just to eliminate this problem, since it seemed to be common… And I even just spoke with Dave and he said…. That the last tire shop he used, said
they were gonna try this if they had difficulty balancing the wheels but… I
guess these are like sand bags and they’re very popular in semis and
commercial trucks. I don’t know if I’m out of the loop or don’t have enough
experience with heavy-duty things… But I guess this is a proven
technology! But the downfall means we have to dismount
all the tires again so…. If this solves the problem and this is proven
technology, hey! I’m all for it guys!…. So now for this wheel stud issue, that was
gonna happen sooner or later! Depending on who took off the wheel again. So that
like serious it was just gonna happen! But, we do have wheel studs but we only
have one for the driver side and one for the passenger side. But Dave gave me a
lead of a place here in a South of LA that sells Mitsubishi Fuso parts. And I
could probably get these parts pretty quick guys!
Alright thanks guys!…. Alright! Moment of truth guys!… Oh the brake pedal already feels better!…Good!…. No cars coming…. Let’s do this! Alright! and…. Third gear good enough! Let’s hit the brakes!…. Oh yes guys!!…. Yes! One of two problems has been solved!… I
held up two fingers! One of two problems have been solved… Alright! We are about sixty miles on
down the highway from the tire shop and very pleased to report that things are
feeling back to normal! The guys told us not to be surprised if it would take a
couple of days for everything to settle out and feel right. Because those little
sandbags they put in have to rupture and settle into the tires. But it is feeling
fantastic! We’ve done some rough California roads,
we’ve done some nice California roads… And it doesn’t really matter!
It feels good again! So…. We’re really looking forward to sharing more with you
about these tires, kind of the technology… And our review of them over the next few
months… They are rated for severe weather… And we anticipate getting to test that
feature out on the drive home this spring! They also have a really long
tread life! Which is something we thought was a fantastic feature for
obvious reasons!… And on that note, we cannot thank Yokohama Tires enough for hooking us up here! We
are so excited about this and really looking forward to, what this partnership
holds in the future! So…. On that note, we are headed North to Alaska, this spring, back home! If you are not already SUBSCRIBED, hit that
button so you can ride along with us! And… We’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Push and hold the lock button on you keyless entry and it will lock without the code. Best wishes & safe travels!

  2. so glad you fixed the lug things we lost a tire and it was our lug nuts they ripped off it was bad glad your doing ok was wondering where you entered into Canada we will be entering through glacier park area have you ever entered that way? looking forward to your videos safe travels

  3. Can't wait to see your travels going up to Alaska. That's gonna rule. 🙂
    BTW I hope those tires give you justice.
    The ride must be so much better than the Duratracks you had.

  4. Winter and siping tires go hand in hand. All our fuel trucks had siped tires. It made chaining up less frequent and greatly enhanced the life of the tire and increased stopping capability.

    Aren’t the end of the studs stamped R and L to designate the right hand and left hand threads? If not they should be.

    What are the torque specs on your wheels?

    My experience with the internal weighting devices is that they wear the inside of the tires. You would be better off putting weights on the outer part of the wheels or get balancing rings.

  5. L and R system is on all commercial trucks. It's to prevent the lug from loosening from vibration of the road

  6. Counteract tire beads work great, I started using them on my 23 ' class c last year, I did 7000 miles cross country loop and the best it has ever been. In the front it even took out the annoying light vibration in my steering wheel. I choose to pour them in through the valve stem and they give you new special filtered valve stems so none come out when you top off the air. I didn't want the bags flinging around until they break an shred apart into pieces

  7. A lot of large RVs and 16 wheelers use centramatics to balance their tires. Check them out at You can also check out the youtube channel Big Truck Big RV and his experience with tire balancing beads like you had installed vs centramatics at Going to Alaska this year with new to me RV for the first time, hope to see you there.

  8. H&H vlogs thx for informative video as usual FWIE I had a vibration with my '15 GMC 1t DRW TV was able to resolve with Hunter Road force balancing at America's Tires at no extra charge 58k miles still smooth sailing but it's not quite the truck of your Mitsubishi safe travels home.

  9. Ben awesome tires I’ve had them on my Armada and can tell you those geolanders are strong and durable!!! You’ll see what a great choice you made 🤙🏼

  10. I use the balancing beads in our Class A pusher, they work well and are smooth but I have had issues when checking my tire pressure. On numerous occasions a bead has got stuck in the schrader valve holding it open when I check my tire pressure. The beads usually come with a new schrader valve to help prevent this, hopefully the tire shop installed them for you. I have the correct schrader valve but still have issues on occasion. To avoid the problem I always have air available when I am checking the pressure so I can blow out the bead from the valve if it gets stuck. Safe Travels!!

  11. I first heard about using balancing tire beads in RVs some 20+ yrs ago. I also know a Tow Truck company that put golf balls in their truck's tires for balancing. It's has to be clean sand or smooth beads to keep from causing damage to inside the tire. I prefer the Centramatic Automatic Wheel Balancers because they are on the outside and, if you change tires, be reused.

  12. Ha . . . we can relate. We are hoping our new spare tire arrives tomorrow. We have a shop ready to mount it and once done we have to chain-hoist that 500# devil onto its “home” on our roof. The EV life is a whole other level of the full-time lifestyle isn’t it sometimes. Safe travels you two!

  13. Yokohama tires are really nice. used them on a few vehicles. Glad you got the problems resolved. lots of work too…lol

  14. Toyo MT Open Country! And I always ask the shop if I can polish my soon-to-be-flipped rim with a ScotchBrite and a little polish. Up to now, the shop has always let me quickly polish the rim.

  15. I have been running the balancing beads in my F350 for the last 8 years running the same size tirea as you and Have had no issues

  16. Yokohama wrong, shit tires when ya have to use that much weight to balance…
    Was owner operator on truck for years, went through a lot of diff, tires…

  17. Tire shops are run by morons. You should NEVER have your wheels mounted with an air ratchet – ALWAYS use a torque wrench. Balancing machines are not maintained and mechanics are not trained in any way. They are FOOLS. I ALWAYS use my DEALER to mount tires I buy elsewhere because if they mess up your tires you might want a refund o your CAR!!! DEalers are great and usually charge the same price, have nicer facilities.

  18. huh, you might wanna delete that part of door code. not too hard to figure out by looking at your hand position… Love your vids 🙂

  19. I had Yokohama Geolanders on my 08 Suzuki Grand Vitara and they lasted about 22K. Disappointing on such a light car. Had a 4 wheel alignment check and the car was fine. Won't buy them again!

  20. Being a offroader for the last 34 years i've seen a lot of tires and ways to balance them. The powdered weights work dwell on highway tires where acceleration is smooth and steady, BUT Hit a bump or man hole while accelerating and the faster you go the worse the balance gets till at 50 mph you can NOT SAFELY drive. The only way to get it to rebalance is to come to 10 mph again and accelerate back up to speed hopefully not hitting a bump, doing all this with traffic behind you is a HUGE PROBLEM. As far as off road goes, as long as you stay below 40 mph all is good but accelerate higher and the whole bump thing becomes a problem as the weight moves to the bottom of the tire with each bump.[ There is not enought enerchia to hold the weight there yet] Using this powdered weight on the front wheels is a problem as any out of balance will result in the dreaded DEATH WOBBLE and having to come almost to a stop to reset the weight again, most likely in traffic again. If you blow a bead off roading and your in mud or water the weight clumps up into an unusable block and will require removing the tire and cleaning out the inside, hopefully you have a spare, duel beadlocks are the only solution there but not with Staun's as the weights get caught up in the tube assembly inside. If a tire requires a huge amount of balance when first installed, DEMAND a different one to replace it right away, don't leave the lot or you'll be stuck with a tire that only gets harder too balance as it wears. Steve h.

  21. New shoes for the ev, not a bad idea. Going to be less expensive in the lower 48 than in AK. Happy trails.

  22. I have used equal tire balancing powder for years, the only problem that you will encounter is that you will have to put air into the tire before checking the air pressure, the powder will plug the core.

  23. Look at 4:17 where you recorded the tire being balanced, the tech very likely had the rim off center on the machine, unless you had close to the same amount of weight with the old tire, then a bent rim, but very unlikely. If the tech does not use the right adapter to place the wheel perfectly centered on the wheel balancing machine, the machine will call for a ridiculous amount wheel weights, which you had. I'm surprised you did not notice how bad the off center wheel wobble was. Nine out of ten odds that the tech didn't know what he was doing on that machine, and/or was unfamiliar with that type of wheel and the adapter it needed. In any case, he should have caught the very noticeable, out of round condition right away, or at a minimal, should have double checked his work and the machine, when it called for such a large amount of weight. On my coach, I use Balance Masters, wheel balancers, that can be reused.
    I'm glad the issue was resolved.

  24. I have a question with this RV not being a traditional RV can you still park in RV parks or are there restrictions

  25. Have another look at the balancing of one particular wheel…..Bent wheel or mounting improperly to balance ….Saw the WOBBLE when spun up to balance it 419/1440

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