Never Start Your Car Like This

Never Start Your Car Like This

rev your engines, today I’m gonna show you how
not to start your car if you want to keep your engine lasting longer not do
any damage most cars are made to just start turn the key start you don’t have
to do anything they’re all fuel-injected you don’t want to touch the accelerator
it doesn’t need touching and if you forgot that your cars running do not
turn the key to start it again now doing so won’t instantly destroy your car the
starters are built smartly enough course the original ones weren’t and they would have burnt out, but the Bendix Drive, the starter has a little gear that pops out
and that meshes with the flywheel and spins the engine realize that the
starter gear will free will if you do engage it it will spin the starter
that’s why if you start your car up and rev it up while you’re starting it the
engine can Rev and it doesn’t do any real damage because the flywheel is
already engaged to the starter gear and the starter gear will freewheel it’ll
just spin so it won’t destroy anything if you do it when you’re starting at
first I mean it’s not a good idea to leave it cranking forever anyway but if
you forget that won’t hurt anything but if the car’s already started and then
you hit the starter again as that Bendix Drive pops out generally it’s gonna mash
against the spinning flywheel make horrible noises, now that’s not
a good thing if you do it many times gear on the starter and a Bendix Drive
will start getting chipped but that’s the least of your worries because
starters don’t cost all that much it can be easily replaced but that’s not the
case or the flywheel bolts to the back of the engine when you turn the key the
starter teeth engage on the flywheel it’s a 360 degree circle and it just
spins on the gears spins the flywheel well if you start chipping the teeth off
on a flywheel since the flywheel is between the engine and the transmission
you got to pull either the engine of the transmission out in order to change the
flywheel a gigantic pain and the rear-end job now in most cases it’s
easier pulling a transformation but still most people drive automatic
transmissions they’re very heavy they’re a royal pain to pull
off of a car you don’t want to have to do something like that because you
weren’t paying attention and you turn the starter on when the engine was
already running another thing not to do when you start your car is don’t wrap
your engine up the worst time for your engine is when it’s said all night then
you start it up the lubrication the oil has to be pumped all through the system
you got to build up oil pressure it’s got to go from the bottom sump pump all
the way up to the overhead cams and the valves you don’t want to just start it
and rev it up start it and just let it run for a few seconds it doesn’t take
more than a few seconds for the engine to get oil pressure all over the place
but since about 90 percent of your engine wear and the metal parts occurs
during startup you don’t matter we have your engine up right when you start it
up no that’s a good idea to turn all your accessories off before you start
the car but in modern cars is not really all that big of a deal because modern
cars given its 94 Celica it has relays for the air conditioning system and
other system so that when you start the car there isn’t any kind of voltage
surge that can destroy the air conditioning system or the radio or
whatever and really today it’s only gonna consume such a small amount of
electricity it really doesn’t matter now if you’re driving an old junker and your
battery’s going out in the engines huh if you’re not gonna go out and buy a
brand new battery it’s a good idea to turn everything off before you start it
cuz you might drain enough out that’s a car won’t start
but leaving stuff on when you crank the car these days that’s an old wives tale
that doesn’t fit anymore it’s not gonna hurt anything if you got turn the a/c
off there’s relays for all that stuff but if you do have a poorly made car
like a Fiat and they’re full of relays yeah those relays will burn out faster
if you don’t turn everything off because they’re so poorly made and they got tons
of realize all over the place so for us things turn everything off before you
start a car and to make sure your car starts you every time hey do like I do
make sure you got clean battery terminals here now I do have to say
there’s a little bit crud here but that’s not a terminal that’s on the
whole down strap I need to clean it paint you can see the paint’s come off
and it’s all rusty now corrosion is the enemy of electrical system you see any
corrosion cleaner then seal it with some anti-corrosion paint
when you’re done you don’t want to have any kind of corrosion car might not
start because all this stuff is gotten eaten up simple thing to check once in a
while clean it off with a brush spray it with
some cleaner perhaps one of the most forgotten things when you’re starting
your car is the whole battery’s negative and positive positive one feeds all the
positive wires but the negative one grounds the entire car if you don’t have
ground circuits it’s not gonna work make sure this end is clean and follow the
other end to make sure that the ground is nice and clean and not corroded these
growlers are often hidden all over the place often under things we can’t even
see them engine the chassis ground has a lot of vibration sometimes they get
loose check them every once in a while if they’re corroded take them off clean
them and bolt them back on I have had so many customers come to me with starting
problems and alls it was was a corroded or loose contact on any of the terminals
from either the positive or the negative of the battery and if you are worried
worried about your car not starting somewhere get a jumper pack not in your
trunk because jumper cables hey they’re fine they work great if they’re thick
and quality but you need another battery to jump on but and if you’re stuck in a
bad neighborhood nothing beats popping in your trunk
getting that jumper out jumping and driving away because that’s one
situation where hey you might just start your car rev it up and take off as fast
as you can, now you know things not to do when you’re starting your car so
it will last as long as possible, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. One simple trick to help prevent corrosion on your battery cables; every time you check your oil (good idea every other time you fuel), let a few drops of oil fall from the dip stick onto each battery post and on the wire. The oil will prevent most of the corrosion from happening. Easy solution to a problem that could leave you stranded, and remember Murphys law, the chances of you being stranded in front of the shop, in the middle of the day, are Non Existent!

  3. Scotty I’m looking to get a new RAV4 should I get the hybrid or the regular RAV4. Love your videos I’m from Houston as well

  4. Hey scotty. I found myself a very fresh 2010 honda accord 2.4 a/t with only 50k on the odometer for about $7500. Assuming everything is in good condition, would you recommend this specific year and model? Is there anything specific i should watch out for when getting it? My other choice would be a 2007 toyota camry 3.5 a/t which already ran 80k but at a more affordable $6000. Considering both are in good condition with their respective prices, which would you recommend?

  5. I would have liked to have Scotty as my teacher when I got my ASE cert years ago. My teacher was pretty cool though, knowledgeable and a Honda nut.

  6. Scotty. MY13 Subaru XV 190k km. 3rd set of contol arm bushes. I see a fair bit of dirt road. Which should I go for? Rubber or Polyurethane? Thanks in advance.

  7. Buy the 1,200A (peak amp) Duralast jumpstarter from Autozone. The smaller one can't start larger engine cars, or batteries that are too "dead". My personal experience.

  8. My honda accord is litetally so damn quiet when you go to turn it on, i sometimes have to look to see if its even on😐😐😂

  9. I was a big fan but I miss the old scotty who worked more on cars than giving lectures. " I get it you hate cars now" maybe he should work on bicycles now

  10. I got a question is it bad to not warm up a car? Like you just start the car and go? Or do u have to start the car and wait a few seconds or until it’s not Cold

  11. 1:22 Scotty!! My dude!! You can’t say that man!!!

    It’s “oriental” or “Asian”. Jeez 😂 so offensive 🤣🤣😂

    😉🙃😉 🤙🏾

  12. On my car the if the car is fully on you can’t start it again it won’t let you, it disables the starter for the cars protection.

  13. Hi Scotty, I have a ford mondeo 2012 petrol ecoboost. Engine was misfiring so I changed the spark plugs, every time I open engine oil cap alot of smoke cames out, it's doesn't blow any smoke from exhaust. Spark plugs were also soaked in oil. What would be the reason behind it?. Please help. Thank you.

  14. When my dad was sober he was able to kick in his mechanic abilities. Had a 78 grand prix, think a 301. He would tune the timing and fuel to match the seasons. That engine would run so smooth you could not tell it was idling from inside. No noise, vibration so if not thinking you would go to start and Dohhh! I kick myself now for not really getting into what he actually did to get the timing, and fuel adjusted like that. All I really remember is NOT to adjust the plug wire into the distributor cap. Yeah, he got me with that one. LOL

  15. Want to buy a brand new car.. not sure if I shall get civic with the cvt which is unreliable and the parts for Honda are expensive… or take kia cerato with reliable 6 speed transmission but GDI engine…. i like to keep my car as long as possible and I do 40-50 thousand miles a year…..please help…

  16. Automatic transmissions come out a lot easier than they go back in thanks to gravity.
    Just listen to Scotty and you won't have to worry about too many repairs.
    But if you do need repairs, just listen to Scotty.

  17. So many things to remember when you are starting an OLD-FASHIONED internal combustion engine! All this advice is a thing of the past when you own a MODERN ELECTRIC VEHICLE!👋🤣👍

  18. If you have a GM vehicle, I think starting in the mid 2000's they implemented a feature, I call it "smart start" (not the official name) where you only have to flick the key to start for a second, release it and it cranks until it starts then releases the starter automatically. And most cars within the past 15 years don't engage the a/c until the car's been running for 10-20 seconds.

  19. Scotty I've got a problem with a 2008 F250 Ford Super Duty with a 5.4 L engine it's really weird it has about 250 thousand miles on it but what it's doing is either Park or running down the road when you get the 2000 RPMs the dash goes off the radio goes off and D- rates the motor and as soon as you get off the accelerator and get below 2000 RPMs it comes back dash comes on motor comes back alive but the motor never shuts off do you have any idea what this is thanks

  20. My daughter-in-law drives a 74 Gremlin. I noticed she revs the engine to keep it running right at start. Trade off I guess oil pressure (residual) versus dying. Being Japanese I don't think I can get her to change. The car needs to be gone through as she won't let us replace it. Her alternate vehicle of choice was a '18 Dodge 3/4 Ram Diesel, but it was traded in for a '18 F350 diesel 4×4 (by my son). Long term a good move I think. We are looking now for an older reliable 4×4 for Utah for my wife and I to drive (all we have are motorcycles right now). Anyway, thanks for the great videos!!!!

  21. I recommend taking a rotary tool with a wire brush, OR steel wool/sand paper, to clean your battery cables and your ground Bolt on to the car. Not sure how safe it is to use a rotary tool on the battery terminals themselves, I always just use sandpaper, I never use steel wool because I’m scared of arcing.

  22. I can’t stand it when I get in my vehicle after I’ve let my Wife drive it and she’s left the radio, ac, and other stuff on. Also, I’m a big fan of letting my vehicles warm up for about 10 minutes before driving. I catch crap from others for it all the time.

  23. You know, with all the money Scotty must be getting, one would think he'd be able to hire someone to clean out his garage.

  24. Umm I have a 2014 Camry it instantly revs to 2000 rpm on start for a split second. Dealer said this is normal. I've never seen this on any other vehicle.

  25. I have a 2005 pontiac grand am 3.6 and it starts when it wants to. 2 mechanics seen & told me they don't know what it is. Can u tell me what u think it is. I changed starter, rotator sensor, thermostat, fuel pump, & etc. Now my car is just sitting up. Please help me!! Thank u!!

  26. I remember when my GF's cousin installed a New Battery from Autozone. GF called me and asked, "Is it possible we got a Bad Battery from AutoZone?" I said very unlikely, check the connections. She called back and said that her cousin never took off the little Plastic Cap on the Terminal. 😂😂😂 I said, "He really shouldnt be working on Cars." 🙈🙉🙊

  27. My '77 vega would sometimes engage the starter when I was driving. When I asked the mechanic why, he said it was a safety feature for when the oil pressure got too low. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

  28. Most new cars will ignore you if you turn the key to start while its running. And pushing the accelerator too far can put some cars into flood clear mode.

  29. What about starting a car that is flooded? Used to hold the gas down while starting but with modern fuel injected cars, is there a new way of doing this or should we really just let it sit a few minutes before restarting?

  30. You're not supposed to touch the gas when starting for fuel injected cars. Cars that still have carburetors need a prime of gas to start (when cold).

  31. And Scotty again proves MY DAD WAS RIGHT. When I started driving, he taught me to do all the things Scotty recommends in this vid. Thanks, Dad (and Scotty!)

  32. Should I buy a used 2008 Lexus RX 350, 149,000K, one owner, we know the people well (and it has no issues from the past, plus its history is completely known)? Scotty ever talk about this particular car/SUV, any known issues?

  33. I hear a lot of Chevy drivers do this. They start it and then rev it 3 or 4 times right after the start. I could never figure this out, until my grandpa's (now my dad's truck). 2000 GMC Sierra. Because GM has a stupid anti-theft ignition program makes the truck not start bad when it wears out. Sometimes it will idle rough after start and if you smash the gas, it catches and runs. Not every start. But every now and then it does.

  34. You should do a video on the right way to drive a manual transmission… There is usually a debate on when to use the clutch… Some say its brake then clutch and other say its clutch then brake

  35. when i turn my key (to right before) turning the engine, i hear a sound that kind of goes for a second or two. Some are saying its the fuel pump engaging, is that correct? I always let the sound finish before starting, glad i'm the only one driving her!

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