Never Do This to Your Tires, It Can Kill You

Never Do This to Your Tires, It Can Kill You

Rev up your engines,
ted tuner says scotty what do you think about putting tire dressing on my tires to make
them last longer, don’t, one it really won’t make them last longer anyways, but that’s
basically silicone stuff, it’s almost always a silicone based shine and silicone is kind
of slippery and if you corner hard and you get on the edge of the tread and you got some
of that on there it’s gonna slide, I did that ok a motorcycle once when I was a foolish
young kid and almost killed myself and I realized, I’m not going to clean these tires, on motorcycle
tires you can clean them with water and a scrub brush to get mud off of them if you
went through mud and then dry it and leave it at that, you want the bare rubber on the
road, the dressing doesn’t help anyways because
of course it’s going to crack in between the treads too it’s gonna crack all over the place,
is it’s not something that you want to mess around with on tires, guy do it and they think
they look shiny and stuff but it really doesn’t serve any purpose, if you want to clean them,
clean them with soap and water and then polish them off, and when you do see cracks in your
tires get new ones, it’s a structural thing it’s not a superficial thing,
patricia says scotty I got a 08 honda pilot that burns a 1/4 gallon of oil in between
changes what can I do to fix it, it only has 87,000 miles, you want to do the obvious thing
is change the pcv valve, pray that that’s bad, because if they stick open then they
can suck oil in, it’s like a $10 part, so try that first, now if that doesn’t fix it
then it means your engine is just worn and if that’s the case just live with it, because
to rebuild the engine it would either mean the valve seals are bad, or the piston rings
are worn, and any of those things cost thousands and thousands of dollars to rebuild the engine,
so try the pcv valve first, you might try a higher grade of oil too, I
had a customer like that once and I told him, just Castrol GTX it’s really good oil I’ve
been using it in my cars my whole life, and they did and then it went down and used a
lot less oil, so you can always try something like that too,
something random asks scotty what’s your opinion on a 2007-2014 cadillac escalade, ok their
endless money pits, I had customers with them, as they aged everything was breaking electronically,
one of them the transmission went out, and a lot of them started burning engine oil as
they got older, the quality of cadillac is long gone, in my grandfather’s days you know
in the 1940’s and 50’s and early 60’s they were just bulletproof vehicles that would
run forever, but not anymore, I wouldn’t buy a new one and now if you could get a used
one dirt cheap and you were using it kind of as a toy on the weekends and it runs good
now and you get it cheap maybe go ahead, but in the long run their not that great of a
vehicle, you’re not going to get your money’s worth out of them,
gordon says scotty I got a 2004 mustang with p0173 is it a vacuum leak most likely,
when they run lean a lot of times it’s a vacuum leak, so watch my video, finding engine vacuum
leaks with a cigar, it shows you that you can blow smoke in and find where it’s coming
out, do check that it’s the most common thing, but there’s a lot of things that you can get
running lean, if your maf sensor is dirty it can run lean, if you fuel pump is weak
and it doesn’t pump enough volume fuel and the car runs lean,
there’s a lot of things that can make a car run lean, but vacuum leaks are the easiest
thing to check and the most common on a vehicle like that that’s 15 years old,
rubber hoses crack, gaskets leak, so you want to check that first,
rubble says scotty what do you think about a 2006-2012 mitsubishi eclipse gs or gt, I’m
not a mitsubishi fan, but if you’re getting one of those with a manual transmission and
you take care of them and change the oil regularly they can be good fun and zippy little cars,
that said don’t ever buy one with an automatic transmission their absolute piles of junk,
and the advantage of if you buy one of those used is, yeah the toyotas are going to outlast
them a lot, but the toyotas always go for a lot more money even used, and if you can
find one of those at a decent price with a manual transmission, hey you can get your
money’s worth out of it, I’ve had customers buy those things used for a couple grand and
drive them for sometimes 6-8 years more, hey they’re making out like gang busters that
way, vlog says I have a ford fusion se and the
wipers randomly come on by themselves why, kind of a design flaw of that, and most of
the time if you replace the wiper motor assembly, the wiper motor assembly, and you can get
them remanufactured, the motor and the circuit board, what happens is the circuit board on
those things starts to go bad, and then if you hit a bump or something it turns itself
on and then later turns itself off, it’s a very common problem with those, now I’ve seen
guys that are very electronically savvy and they’ll actually remove the motor and the
circuit board and they’ll check it with a circuit tester and they’ll re-solder some
of the connectors like the ground connectors that often go bad, maybe you can take it apart
and try to fix it yourself, most of the time when I get those I just put in a remanufactured
unit because the ones I buy generally come with a 4 year warranty, so once you put it
in you don’t have to think about it for years and years,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  2. i've used tire shine for over 15 years and never had ANY safety issue with it. It does make tires last longer. It is worth every penny.

  3. I hate to say it but it seems that Scotty is running out of things to talk about. He’s starting to mix in some conspiracy theory stuff and his advice on buying a car has nothing to do with being a mechanic.

  4. Make sure you spray that tire shine oil on the rotors and saturate the brake pads that will increase the distance it take for your car to stop and will cause self illumination

  5. Remember to only use Italian dressing on your sports cars tires. Ranch will make you do a barrel roll if you try to turn.

  6. I agree. My 1989 FZR 1000, that's what happened. I'm a high school senior, 1991, young, dumb, full of cum. I had my Yamaha detailed, it was beautiful.. But they put that stuff all over both tires. I laid it over while turning into my parents neighborhood. Luckily, in 1991, Texas still had the Helmet Law. Fun Times.. but because I was still dumb, I laid my Honda MC over at UT-Austin in 1993. The second time was less traumatic

  7. I got old tires on my car. 10 years old. Cracks all around the side. At 60mph car starts to shake like crazy. 50-55mph its all good. Im searching for new or restored tires. But its damn hard to find them in the middle of season.

  8. Scotty what do you think about a 1999 Chevrolet suburban k2500 with the 454? And Im thinking about moving to a Toyota prius, what are your thoughts?

  9. One of my critics told me that my logic was leaky, and I told him that he should try blowing some smoke up my arse to find the leak, but he wouldn't do it. There's just no helping some people.

  10. Hi Scotty.
    I have a Citroen C3 1.2 3 cilinder. It burns about 1 liter of oil in a mouth. Is this normal? I do motorway every day.

  11. Wow white wall tires. I remember my uncle had an old caddy and I’d have to clean those things with Ajax and a scrub brush.

  12. Damn, I just bought some of that tire dressing. Also worth noting, I have a rubber boat part that stipulates to NEVER apply any rubber preservative products such as silicone.

  13. Use clear lacquer on the tires if you have caps. I used in in trade shows and was not silicone or mineral oil based.

  14. Hey scotty what are the best things you can do to a vintage car to made it into a daily driver, (particularly 1950s), also where can get good all weather white walls?

  15. Scotty, your videos/opinion are very biased towards Toyota. Not to say Toyota isn't good, they are great (Although certain models/years have had their issues, just like other car brands). But in all honesty, theres a lot of great makes and models out there that are not Toyota.

  16. Honda has an open recall on a lot of vehicles for oil consumption. They need new piston rings and will replace them 10 years 100,000 miles.

  17. Scotty I've been working in a junkyard for a while and the manual transmission in those eclipses 06 to 12 are garbage really bad transmission, some body parts are popular too but, we buy those Mitsb for the manual trainy is Sooooo BAD!
    Ps: just to let you know 👍🏼

  18. Hey Scotty. You should do an entire video on jeeps. What do you think about Jeeps? They are all over the place. I own one..older version limited 2004 I feel they are the easiest things to maintain. Am I the only one to claim that? What do you think about the Jeep Brand? This could be another video idea for you. Think about it.

  19. Why cant cadillac go back to the good old days and make a awesome bulletproof caddy again. I want the 4.9 back god dang it

  20. I thought it was to help against UV exposure and drying out besides looking better. I'll continue with this one (recently have been using 301 [and on the house siding too {but gnats will stick to it if it's put on in the summer and lights are on}]).

  21. Scotty, I'm shopping for a muscle car. I really dig the 2019 Mustang GT with the 10-speed select shift transmission. As far as reliability, what do you think? I'm hoping to get this car and give it to my kids one day.

  22. I disagree with everything Scotty says on this one, especially Cadillac. As long as it's not the Northstar engine, you're fine.

  23. Every car wash, used car dealer (including Scotty's almighty brand Toyota) and detailer uses tire shine. This clearly isn't a dangerous product.

  24. There are tire dressings that are water based and won't wreck your tires. You can find them at your local car detail supply shop. They do wash off pretty quickly though. There are also vegetable based tire dressings, like Zymol, that I think are outstanding. They are made of jojoba and avocado oil and magic pixie dust and other really high end ingredients. I've been enormously impressed with everything I've gotten from Zymol. It's very expensive though.

  25. Oh man!!! I cannot agree more on what you said about Cadillac Escalades!! Worthless vehicles that break down as it gets old! Why they cost so much brand new and a few years go by, and their falling apart! And worth nothing as much as you paid for one brand new! Don’t even buy one used! Mine was that toy on the weekend and misfire after misfire and fuel pump after fuel pump going bad I sold it for pennies!

  26. Hey Scotty what do youthink about the 2020 GT500 that was unveiled this morning. Oh wait its not a toyota so you wont have a damn thing good to say about it. How about the new Supra which is using a BMW engine. Bahahahahahaha

  27. Aerospace 303 that stuff's amazing I spray it on my whole entire tires tread and everything let it sit for a day and then drive on it have a hundred thousand miles on the tires and they're hardly any tried where stops the tires from heating up replenishes the emulsifiers so the tires don't get hard and then where the stuff's amazing

  28. Hey scotty, cheap rangers abound. What are the chances a modern engine would offer meaningful fuel efficiency improvements??

  29. Hey scotty, cheap ranger’s abound. What are the chances a modern engine would offer meaningful fuel efficiency improvements??

  30. Hey scotty, cheap rangers abound. What are the chances a modern engine would offer meaningful fuel efficiency improvements??

  31. I've been using tire shine on my car without any problem. Just don't spray it on the tire threads. I don't get Scotty's reason here.

  32. Just use a water based tire dressing, there are dozens to choose from and no they're not slippery. Been dressing tires for 35 years, haven't lost control or died yet😂

  33. Dont really see what the issue is with tire shine. I'm putting it on the side of the tires not all over .jeezus scotty you're so lame

  34. When that stud first came out I put it allover my tires and my seat was faded so I did the seat too, big mistake! It was very hard to stay on and upright with Tire Dressing on them and took forever to wash off but them Tires and Seat sure looked pretty!

  35. Question: Why is it that camber can not be adjusted in many cars? So alignment can be done. Also how can this be fix, is it true the subframe shifts causing the camber on the front wheels to move?

  36. Scotty, I'm sorry but you are absolutely wrong on the Cadillac Escalade up to 2014. Are they wort $100k? no. But if you pick up a used model, 30k miles or less for mid $40k's or less, it is a great car. I've owned Escalades since 2005. I continue to buy them up to the 2014 model. I have driven them to 200k then sold them to my brother who drives them to 300k. The worst thing is replacing the struts, but there are ways around that. Please stop being biased because it is a GM product. You clearly do not undertand the model line.

  37. Hey scotty i have a 2006 Chevy Cobalt SS with the 2.4 Ecotec and automatic trans and it hard shifts and clunks hard when i change from park do drive, any solutions?

  38. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about it’s not always a silicone the best ones are water based and they don’t cost more than the silicone and work just as well

  39. Biker tires are sticky to get a better grip on the road and car tires aint.Thats why you could get a roller coaster trip on your bike if you try to make them shiny with oil. 🙂

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