Never Buy This Type of Tire, Unless

Never Buy This Type of Tire, Unless

rev up your engines, Smurf ask Scotty the
front tires are worn in my 2008 accord and need replacing, is it okay to buy
used tires to save some money, well normally I
would advice against buying used tires, because I know guys who run tire stores
and when people buy tires they generate buy new tires, cuz they either have a
problem with their old tires, they’re noisy or they get flats all the time, or
they’re just worn out and who wants to buy tires like that, I say you’re better off
pricing new tires seeing what range, what kind of tires you want, like you don’t
need a Z rated tire if you’re not driving over 100 miles an hour and you
might just need normal economy tires, but there’s one situation where I’d say go
ahead and buy used tires, and that’s from a junkyard, car get wrecked and the
engines blow up for various reasons, they might have very good late-model tires on
them and they take the tires off and sell them, if you look at them and
they’re not cracked and ripped, I got a lot of customers actually buy tires from
a junkyard and they save a whole bunch of money, but that’s about the only place
that I go and do it because you go to a tire store yeah why are the used tires
there you know, why did people buy new tires, unless it’s
a crooked tire store that’s always selling people tires that don’t need
them, Nicholas says Scotty is it safe to keep driving with a
leaking power steering pump as long as I keep replacing the fluid, okay you keep
replacing the fluid it’s not gonna damage the power steering system cuz you
keep the fluid up, but it depends where the fluid is going, cuz it’s gotta be
leaking somewhere and if it’s leaking all over your engine it can ruin the
alternator, it can ruin the fan belts, and can get on sensors and destroy them and
if it’s a really bad leak it could squirt on
the exhaust and start a fire, so you want to see where the leak is actually coming
from and if it’s just kind of dripping on the ground and you want to keep adding it
you know go right ahead, I’ve had customers do
that for years, especially if it’s small leak and say they
only have to put a bottle of those eight
ounce things in once every month or something like that then it’s not that
big of a deal, Richard says what do you think about a 69 Buick
Wildcat and a 78 cadillac deville were they reliable
back in the day, which one is better now which one should I get or not get, oh
definitely get the 69 Wildcat, my grandfather owned one of those and he
was a mechanic, those were nice cars their somewhat collectable, the
Cadillac DeVille they were cookie cutter cars, and 78k cadillac wasn’t making the
greatest cars in the world, they started to make them cheaper, the 69 buick Wildcat
that’s a cool car to get, get that and fix it up well if you have to, it doesn’t
need fixing up, just buy it as is and take care of it, that’s definitely what I
do, I’d stay away from the Cadillac cuz I had a customer that actually bought that same
one, it was an endless money pit and he ended up selling it for about 8 grand less than
he had into the thing, when he was finally done, his wife made him take it out of
the garage she was sick of looking at it, AR conquest says, Scotty I bought a 2002
Buick Century with 50,000 miles for 5 grand, did I get a good deal it has a 4-speed
automatic transmission and a v6 well you’re kind of in a bizarre
situation, it’s a 17 year old car now it’s only got 50,000 miles and you paid
five grand, for the mileage that’s a good price, but for the year
you kind of overpayed, cuz the Buick Century isn’t really a collector’s item or
anything, but if it runs good everything works, Hey
be happy cuz look what a brand new car costs, and if that’s the real mileage with
fifty thousand real miles it can still go quite some time, and back then they were
making them better than their making them today, so you know it could be a
fine deal for that, I would’ve just paid less just because of the age, 17 year
old Buick it doesn’t go for that much money, elevated sign says Scotty what do
you think about the Infiniti g35 coupe, I bought an 06 G 35 automatic for five
thousand bucks with one hundred and ten thousand miles it runs strong, the are fun
to drive, but it can be very very expensive to repair generally
they don’t start falling apart til they get maybe 170-180, so baby it even though
it’s a fast car don’t drive around like a maniac, baby it and you never know how it’s
gonna last, you didn’t pay that much for it, imagine you know you paid so much less
than the original owner paid for it, and hey you can get your money’s worth if it lasts
for a couple of years for you, just baby it
though, don’t drive it like a maniac race car cuz they can go really fast but then
they have a tendency of falling apart especially when their automatic
transmissions, that’s the weakest part of them, coins nine hundred says Scotty I
want to get a classic car as my first car any suggestions, well it depends on what
kind of car you want and how much you want to spend you know, you want a real
classic get like a 67 Mustang, but you’re gonna pay
a lot of money for one they’re very
expensive, it all depends on what you want to pay and what you want to get, now
let’s say you want a sixties car, if you want something that’s kind of a little
bit unique and isn’t gonna cost as much realize the Mustang was based on the same
chassis as the Ford Falcon, and you can get those a lot cheaper and fix one of those
up, they can run quite well especially if they got the v8 engine in them and
you’re gonna pay a lot less, it all depends on how much you want to pay and
what kind of a vehicle you want to get, if you stick to like a Ford from that
era, parts are readily available they can run a really long time, that’s not a bad
way to go, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. I can't believe you didn't tell that man that bought the 2002 Buick Century it was a big mistake .. It has the 3.1L v6 in it which is notorious for coolant leaks AC failure PassLock II failure and a host of other issues GM had with that design which included the Malibu and Cutlass models

  3. At last good advice from Toyota's fan boy. I never understand people using cheap or second hand tyres. It is the only part of the car in contact with the road and if you see an Autocar tyre test the difference in breaking and wet weather handling is life and death. Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli, Conti, Uniroyal, Goodyear, Yokohama, Avon…avoid Korean and Chinese crap.

  4. Hey scotty im looking a 1996 bmw e36 with 130k miles for $750! I hear as long as you upgrade the cooling systems that they great daily drivers. The only thing wrong with it is that the ignition wont turn over. Prob wiring issue

  5. Nice video🐹i like BF Goodrich all terrain with white letters🆒. I have it on my Black Toyota Pickup… But watch out for old⚠️ tires sold as new tires💸💸💸. They have a code🈲 for production date🗓️🔍🤔

  6. Scotty, I hit a bad pothole the other night and though the wheels look fine, I feel some vibration at highway speeds. I believe they're alloy rims, 2015 Hyundai. Is it dangerous to drive on them, or should I get them fixed asap? Thank you! Love the channel!

  7. the only acception that I would buy used tires if my tires go flat, and I'm 40 miles away from home, I would buy a used one just to last me the rest of my work week and then go buy brand new tires, used tires would last you couple of weeks or maybe months before the tires blows up. used tires are just a quick temporary fix just to last you a work week, and when its time for your day off, then you go get new tires.

  8. Hey scotty quick question I'm thinking of getting a truck but I've never owned one what would be a good first truck to start with

  9. My dad had an old dodge delivery truck with a tranny leak, a day before it's appointment it went up in flames…

  10. you can probably get new tires for as little as $38 so if used tires cost that much then you might as well get cheap new ones which may be better.

  11. Excellent tire tips!!! / I have a question for you.. Hello Scotty, My name is Warren and i love your channel. this is my first time posting a question.. here goes I drive a 2000 ford e150 van and i am in a wheelchair and of course i can't get to my van to fix things of course. But here is my question. My van has a rough idle when i am at a stop light but as soon as i get going again. it runs fine. Could this be my IAC or something else? Also too want to share this with you. I took my van to a local garage and i told them that my van was running fine and i needed them to check under neath it to check for a oil leak. Well to make a long story short. By the time i got my van back the check engine light was on. It wasn't on before i let them touch it. Can a scan tool be used (for evil purposes) to make a person's check engine like come on even though there is nothing wrong with their car, truck / van etc ?

  12. I had to drive my Aztek with a power steering leak for almost a month before my preferred mechanic could get me in and also I had enough money saved. My entire rear bumper has little dark spots all over it and the license plate collects dust like crazy. It's been repaired for a couple month already and the spots are still on the bumper. Granted I don't buy cars worth washing.

  13. Hey Scotty, quick question. A few months ago my fiancée and I bought a car for her, her first. It’s an 01 Subaru Forester, A/T, with 268,000 miles on it. Just replaced the valve cover gaskets. We paid $700 for it. Was that a good deal?

  14. I've only ever bought used police pull-off tires for my Crown Victoria at around $250-$300 per set of 4 (in CA), and every time I've gotten 20,000-40,000 miles/2-4 years out of them, and I'm quite content with that considering the Firehawk GT Pursuit tires are around $400 each new.


  16. Used tires are fine! (If you get them from Mr. Richie Rich who throws out his tires after 5000 miles.) My buddy works at a apartment complex for doctors and lawyers. Last year throughout the year he had over 13 laptops they left behind. (It's easier for these rich people to leave it than to take it with them. They'll just buy a new one when they get where they are going. He had 8 Tv's last Christmas. (50 inch HD) every couple of months he finds a set of 17" tires and does me a solid and grabs them for me. 👌

  17. At the tire store I work at, a lot of used tires came off of something that the customer wanted to upgrade (such as putting bigger tires on a 4×4 model)

  18. Tyres at the junk yeard may not be great either…why did the car crash and end up at the junkyard??? Maybe bad tyres…

  19. What about take offs? Some customers remove their tires to put aftermarket tires or tire and rim packages with just a few hundred miles. They can't be sold as new.

  20. There are tires that are called take-offs that are good buys for good tires. The biggest supply is for Jeep, Ram pu, gm pu, and Ford pu. All those vehicles are ones that new car dealers like to up profits by doing wheel tire upgrades. I have two older expeditions that use the Jeep Wrangler tires. I get 60,000 mile Goodyear tires for $400 installed. I can’t get the crappiest offshore doughnuts for less and those wouldn’t be round or last 1/2 as long.

  21. What's the best tire for economy cars to get both best MPG and soft ride? I wish you answered. Guys our age want those two things far more than grip.

  22. Heads up Scotty, here's a bit of info I noticed you didn't bring up and may be really dangerous: Some tire shops take used, worn tires and resurface them. They can look brand new but after a bit of use they'll explode violently and the new surface will split from the old tire underneath. Over here in Kuwait people have gotten into rolling accidents because of skimping on refurbished tires. I imagine hotter weather will make this even more dangerous. It might be good to warn your viewers about it to be on the safe side.

  23. I had a '66 Buick Wildcat that was restored. It demanded ethyl and seldom passed a gas station. Boy, what a car!

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