Never Buy These Tires

Never Buy These Tires

rev up your engines
jason says Scotty are Walmart tires good
particularly the general brand you gotta check something on tires you know what
that is where are the things made you gotta check where they’re made if
they’re in China my advice don’t buy the things the quality control there is
terrible for tires so if there ain’t China don’t buy it look on it by law they
gotta say on the tire somewhere where they’re made they say made in China
don’t buy them buy somewhere else they don’t make them that well I
accidentally got a set of tires I thought they were good tires cuz they
had a good name but it were made in China and my wife kept getting flat
tires and I finally looked at the fire prince at mainshine I threw them all off
and I put on some Goodrich tires and I never had problems with them getting
flats anymore so, tempos says knowing the fact that 1.5 turbo Honda engines have
issues is a Honda CRV with the 2.4 engines still good yes if I was gonna
buy CRV that’s what I would buy they’re good cars those who tried and trued
engines that go Toyota and Lexus they’ve got a few turbos but they’re not pushing
it they’re not pushing the turbos that much and I think they’re making a smart
move not pushing the turbos all that much you could have problems things are
gonna wear out faster Honda’s got a bad reputation with these engines now for
the oil dilution problem Toyota it doesn’t people are gonna gravitate more
towards Toyota if Honda has those problems Toyota made a smart move there
and Honda made a mistake new 180 a 2010 Ford Focus SE two-point 170,000 miles I
notice the cars getting warmer as I Drive around town if you find that you
drive around town the temperature gauge is getting warmer than in Houston but
you go on a highway and it runs exactly the same then odds are your cooling fans
aren’t working right have them test it out it could be the cooling fan it could
also be that you’re low on coolant because one year low on coolant and
you’re just driving in town you need really efficient when you’re just
driving in town stop and go stop and go but when you’re going 60 miles an hour
on a highway you got 60 mile an hour winds so even if you’re low on coolant
you got so much wind blowing through that the radiator works okay so those
basically are the two main things that you’d want to check on that, Marcus
Johnson says a Scotty’s a 2015 Lexus NX 200t you’re gonna be able to but I like
Lexus but the problem is that’s a four-cylinder one with the turbocharger
but you know that’s only a four year old vehicle that the futures gonna bring you got a
turbocharged engine they generally wear out faster now I drove in him I liked
him my wife liked riding around I don’t when I’d road test them and she said gee
it’s nice bod she even she did say I like my old 18 year old v6 Lexus better
change the oil on you got a four-cylinder turbo engine don’t listen
to what anybody says I would change the oil every 5,000 miles using full
synthetic oil I wouldn’t push it lewd Romero Scotty I got a no.3 Chrysler Town
and Country 189 thousand miles has a coolant link but don’t want to put
another radiator on if it’s an age should I just fix it or get rid of it
okay well I can get it right here for one of those things for about a hundred
bucks they make him in shine and they work perfectly fine watch my video on
how to replace radiators maybe ready around yourself what the heck there’s
nothing wrong with doing that you know as for the rest of the vehicle yeah
they’re endless money pits the 17 year old Chrysler Town and Country van one of
the biggest money pit vans ever made in the history of mankind
so you might just fix it and get rid of it, mark 2018 says Scotty there’s small
rust spots and body panels in my car will it spread well of course it will
rust is like cancer once it starts it starts spreading and mostly it goes from
the inside out so once you see those rust holes that part has to be completely
either cut off drilled out so that it’s bare metal around it and then filled
with fiberglass and stuff filler and and shined again and filler until it looks
perfect if you really want a perfect job or if it’s one particular founder just
rip the fender I’ll put another fender on I have it painted that’s the only way
you can fix it now if you don’t want to keep the car long you could do bondo and
stuff over the top of it and paint it leave it be it’ll come rust and through
in a year or two or three for sure that’s just how rust is don’t think
there’s a magic thing where you can fix rust by covering it up it’s still gonna
be rusted inside man he says I want to get a 66 Imperial or 76 78 Lincoln
Continental Town Car as a daily driver one I think you’re crazy
cuz those are old cars no even on 78 Lincoln that’s a really old car in a 66
Chrysler Imperial is even older those old cars they’re not really made for
daily drivers they’re so old unless they’ve been completely done over
because I mean you got something as dumb as the rear main oil see a little bitty
thing in the back of the engine to keep the oil from coming out of
the back where the flywheel is well that’s going to be rotten and any
card unless all engine is done over and he got to pull the transmission of the
engine out to replace it and there’s lots of parts like that in old cars they
don’t make good daily drivers unless you’re buying one that’s been completely
done over and everything with the engine and transmission, brakes, hoses everything
possibly going around and most guys don’t do that and the guys that do
generally they don’t use them as daily drivers they use them as show cars I’ve
had customers that tried that daily drivers and they all kick themselves
years later I said we’d never do it again, Paul Bednar says Scotty I’ve been a
technician for over 40 years and basically telling the same stories I
hear on your channel it’s pretty funny some people listen don’t learn anything
well that’s not surprising these days a lot of people they don’t listen to
anything they don’t listen to what people are telling them they don’t
listen to advice from experts it’s just like in one ear and out the other you’ve
been working on this almost as long as maybe 40 years I’ve been doing a 51 my
whole thing is I just tell the truth to people and if it goes in one ear and out the
other too bad like last year I told this guy
who was a young lawyer kind of explained a lot and I said whatever you do don’t
go out by Jaguar well he went out bought a Jaguar and guess what the things
falling apart on him and he’s whining when I tell him what it cost to fix
these things he really made a mistake about a news Jaguar be honest and help
people they’ll listen well so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair video, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. If I had bought a Toyota back in 1985, I'd still be driving it, and would've learned nothing about fixing American cars.

  3. I have altimax rt43 tires made by General. Have been my favorite set of tires I've purchased in the last 10 years. 75k tread life, allegedly, so we'll see. 2 years ago I bought some cheap lexani tires, not sure who makes them, but they only lasted 20k miles. General's were around $101 a piece, Lexani's were $58 a piece lmao. Lesson learned.

  4. Hey Scotty I’m thinking about getting athird or a fourth generation 4Runner .. why are some of them getting new engines at 150,000 miles and how many miles should I expect out of a well take care of one

  5. Scotty, like you said common sense, some people let it go in one ear and out the other and regret it, and some listen and learn from it. Thank you for your sharing your knowledge about cars.

  6. Chinese rims are no good too. I've got stuck with a vibration problem despite many balancings until I transferred my winter tires on the OEM wheels. Problem solved after that.

  7. My Toyota camry94 cv joints are making crackling noise whenever I turn. How long can i drive until i have to change it? Thanks in advance

  8. And God does still loves you Scotty after that comment and image. That's how much He still loves you. Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest. Jesus Christ died while we were yet sinners.

  9. There's no such thing as Wal-Mart tires, they sell name brand tires like everywhere else, tires are made all over the world these days, I just put two new hankooks on the front of my 2005 350z, they are Korean tires made here, the new ones are identical to the old one's and they were made in Indonesia, I had Goodyears that were made in Colombia I think it was, some south American country.

  10. Jayco campers had so many warranty issues with their Chinese tires which they put on their new trailers that they finally made an exclusive deal with Goodyear to equip their new models. Never ever trust Chinese tires on any trailer hauling anything valuable over a long distance especially in the summer. They're infamous for blowing up…

  11. I run the Nitto and General tires because their American made and not the most expensive so you don’t get the sticker shock you do with Good Year and Michelin.

  12. Here's the lowdown on Walmart tires. I work there in the Auto Care Center. I deal with them everyday.
    First off, Walmart actually contracts with several tire manufacturers to make Walmart Exclusive models of tires in the regular manufacturer lines. Walmart uses Goodyear, General and Kelly tires for a lot of their tire lines. Those tires aren't always available at the regular dealerships, only Walmart.
    In the Goodyear line, Walmart has the Viva 3 series of tires, comparable to the Goodyear Integrity and Assurance lines. For the truck tires, Walmart carries the Wrangler Trailmark, similar to the Trailrunner line, and the Wrangler Authority, similar to the Duratrac line.
    In the General line, Walmart has the General Exclaim HPX line, which is one that is available at a regular General dealership, and in the truck line, the General Grabber STX.
    Then for the slightly off brands, Walmart offers the Douglas All Season, and the Douglas Performance tires, which are manufactured by Kelly-Springfield Tire, a sister company to Goodyear. These 2 tires are Walmart's economy tire line, are usually a very good value and tend to hold up quite well for economy tires, particularly the Douglas All Season. It even gets around quite good in the winter. I have 2 minivans, and I have the Douglas All Season on both vans year around.
    For the economy truck tire, Walmart offers the Dextero DHT2 line. It's strictly a highway tire, not intended to be used off-road. It could be driven off-road if the conditions are good.
    With the exception of the Dextero line, the rest of Walmart's tires for the most part, are manufactured in the USA, though some specific tire sizes may be made in other countries. The Dextero is made in Korea, but some of the sizes are now made in the USA.

    Do some quality control issues happen with Walmart's tires, yes they do occasionally pop up. That can happen with any tire. We have specific criteria to deal with them. If a tire results in what could be a manufacturers warranty issue, we can replace it. Usually they will show up early in the tire's life, like a bulge that develops within a month or 2 on the sidewall. Not to be confused with undulation which happens on most tires. It's where the 2 ends of the inner tire liner are joined together during the assembly process, and a slight inward bulge appears. That's strictly a result of the manufacturing process, doesn't affect the operation of the tire, and is strictly cosmetic. A bulge is a very blatant outward protrude of the rubber on the sidewall. It looks like a boil on the sidewall when it happens. That means something on the inside of the tire failed and separated. If you are uncertain, take your vehicle back to Walmart to confirm if it's a bulge or undulation.

    If the tires seem to be wearing out much sooner than you would expect or seem to have less miles on them than they should for the mileage warranty, then they may be replaced under the manufacturers warranty.. Please remember that uneven wear in the tread, more on one side and less on the other is usually going to be an alignment issue with the vehicle, and not a warranty covered issue. It's best to have your vehicle aligned IMMEDIATELY after you have new tires installed. Your spending a lot of money on tires, so it's best to ensure your vehicle's alignment is correct to maximize the usage of your tires. If it's out of alignment, your tires will last dramatically less and it's going to come out of your own pocket to replace them. Proper alignment, proper tire pressure, and regular rotation will ensure you get the most out of your tires.

  13. I bought a used Versa, and thought the tires have good tread, seems like a great deal. One tire goes flat every several days. No screws in it, nothing. Just Chinese junk.

  14. So I'm going to buy set of Michelin tires for my car. Only available shop near me is run by full of chinese shop. Or should I buy cheap chinese tire on the other end and which sells by redneck 30miles away. Which one?

  15. That’s funny I have had good luck with china tires Michelin‘s, Bridgestone and a bunch different makes the worst ones I’ve ever had bad luck with is Firestone and Uniroyal tires after 3 years all cracked and lot of tread.

  16. had an argument on here about the so called patina finish that some cars have, which is just a surface rusted car. the dude was SO sure that you can seal up the rust lol. the only cure for rust is to cut it out.

  17. I've purchased 4 sets of Chinese tyres in the past 12 years and I do an average of 20k Kilometers per year. They have been amazing and will continue to buy them.

  18. So, would it be better to buy a 10 year old car with 30,000 miles, or a 3 year old car with 100,000 miles ?

  19. Scotty, Not much air blows out of dash on my 2011 Dodge caravan. What do you think is the problem?

  20. My dad worked at a LARGE Firestone plant(they had 2 sets of train tracks running through the middle of the building!)here in Pa, for 30 years. Long story short, I heard that ALL tires are made in China, these days?

  21. Scotty, I'm listening. My uncle like you has been a mechanic for over 50 years. I've found his knowledge very useful. Keep up the good work

  22. I bought a new vehicle and it came with some Kumho tires. They where loud and not very good on the rain. I ordered a new set of Nitto tires and I couldn’t be happier. They perform great and best of all, they are quiet.

  23. Every car is an endless money pit as it ages. For all their faults, the Chrysler minivans can easily crack 200,000 miles without a problem. Even the Toyota and Honda minivans have their issues.

  24. Well, Scotty, hope YOU and EVERYONE else DOESN'T hire that young lawyer BECAUSE HE DIDN'T LISTEN to you and Probably MAKES POOR DECISIONs!! 😆😆😆

  25. I learn a lot from Scotty… but he is WRONG about my Milestar MS 932 tires. Do your research.. best tires I ever owned on passenger car…

  26. I’m Asian-American living and working overseas in China. My Infiniti has Bridgestone run flats and they went perfectly for 70,000 km until needing replacement because the treads were getting low. These tires cost about 200 US dollars each and they’re made in China. Of course it’s too expensive to get Bridgestone tires from Japan or USA due to import taxes. In the end, it’s about the manufacturer and their quality control because all the other top tire manufacturers make tires in China as well. If you’re going to get cheap Walmart brand tires, don’t expect miracles no matter which country they’re made from. Cheap tires will usually perform cheaply.

  27. Toyota crv 2.0 liter is crap Scotty.. .brother in law and friend had them…both had so many of the same problems with them over a period of 2 years

  28. Most tires here with brand names are all made in China now. Most of the "local" manufacturing tire plants have closed over the last decade and outsource it all. I've also noticed that some companies are changing the notification. Instead of made in, it's now product of, referring to the location of the company, not where the product was actually made.

  29. old cars are bad, new cars are bad, gas cars are bad, electric cars are bad. if it's not a 94 celica then it's bad.

  30. i would suggest doing a coolant pressure test to find the leak other than "just replacing the radiator". it could be the reservoir or on of the hoses or something internal.

  31. Scotty had a bad experience with a Chrysler product once, and now has a deep hatred for them… kind of like when people fear pit bulls, makes no sense.

  32. Well then, it's a good thing I only get used tires for free behind the tire store/garage across from my house. They throw out tires with less than 5k miles on them often. If there's a little screw in it they replace under warranty, and the screw or nail hasn't even penetrated through the radial into the inside of the tire. The balance mark is usually present, for wheel weights. I have been driving on used tires for the last two years, and have taken extensive road trips (over 1.000 miles)on them as well.

  33. Yeah, about not listening to experts. Scotty hates FCA cars. I bought a 2016 Dodge Challenger R/T Plus Shaker with 6 speed manual. Beautiful car, fast enough and fun to drive. I do know how to drive a stick and didn't beat on it. 30k and the tranny started to go. Got rid of it, took a bath. That's why you should listen.

  34. Hey Scotty, I've gone thru 3 sets of China Blacklions on my Acura RSX; each set lasting me about 40k miles. Haven't had any issues with flats or traction.

  35. Hey scottie. Im planning on buying a toyota Corolla ce the engine needs to be replaced. The ran it clean out of oil. Motor under 80k miles. Would it be a good buy @ $500 and putting in a replacement engine?

  36. Did you know in the early 1900s ford made hemp tires that would last for ever and the patent got quickly swept under the rug so they could make the crap we have to buy over and over again

  37. The good news about chinese stuff: if it is good, it will last long. If it is bad, it falls apart real quick!

  38. VW put Chinese tires on a used Sportwagen I bought that went through the diesel recall program. So far, ok. But they are going out of balance after a year. Hmmmm.

  39. Just bought a 09 Camry, 4cyl., with 116k for $5500 + my 98 Camry 4cyl. with 180k. Local mechanic was impressed, I don't think enough people aim to impress their mechanic.

  40. If you insist on buying cheap foreign tires, then buy the Russian-made Nokian tires. It is a Finnish brand that outsources some manufacturing in Russia, and they're well made… certainly better than anything out of China.

  41. Never ever go cheap on tires.
    Cheap tires will ruin the ride of a nice car, ruin the performance of a fun car, and could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere or even possibly kill you.
    Just. Don't. Do it.

  42. OMG… Yes! IM an HONEST boat mechanic and NOBODY LISTENS TO WHAT I TELL THEM. They only hear what they want to…

  43. But the new Toyota RAV4 has transmission problems that they currently don’t have a fix for. Honda solved the gas In oil issue.

  44. You will get what you paid for. At least none of the Firestone 500 were made in China, none of the takata airbags were made in China. So good luck with those products.

  45. i put the General tires from Walmart on my1986 Audi 5000.They ride better than the previous set of Michilin Defenders.BTW this Turbo Audi has 252,+++ miles.Time will tell whether the Generals go out of balance prematurely of split wide open.etc.I value your opinion (Val)Scotty KIlmer.

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