Never Bring Your Car to Walmart

Never Bring Your Car to Walmart

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about whether you should have your car serviced at a Walmart car repair center
or not now in all honesty I go to Walmart all the time and buy stuff because they
have great prices i buy my fantastic blue paper towels there I often buy a
lot of oil there they got a good selection and a very good price no you
have to realize that Walmart is not an auto discount parts store they have a
very limited amount of car star batteries tires oil cleaning supplies
stuff like that and they got good prices on it hey buy your stuff there I got
nothing against that you always want a comparison shop I was working on a
customer’s car a quality battery for at Walmart cost $89 they had a cheaper one
it was 45 but it was a low cranking the one that it was called for costed by 90
bucks any equivalent battery autozone ORiley for over one hundred and fifty
nine dollars so sure but better Walmart was a better price for a quality battery
there’s nothing wrong with doing that but do you want to take your car there
my advice on that is you might think twice first of all I only do limited
things oil changes putting tires batteries in they’re not real mechanics
working there they can work on your car and do serious stuff they call them
technicians but I didn’t research they start them out at $11 an hour a
technician in an actual garage or dealership they get paid between
twenty-five and fifty five dollars an hour so as the saying goes if you pay
peanuts you get monkeys you’re not gonna get highly trained highly skilled people
working for $11 an hour here in the United States
I talked to guys that now work at autozone that used to work at Walmart
and they pretty much said well the one pro of the Walmart car repair places is
you can get a job they’re easy they will hire anyone and that’s what almost all
of these guys said but in $11 an hour they said some of them were they’re sick
years didn’t get any pay raises they’re still making $11 an hour not too
motivational for the guys to learn to do stuff and really hustle around and the
biggest complaint of people who do go there to get their oil change list oh it
took forever one person said it was four hours they’re gonna get their oil change
and that the people just ignore him and they looked in the bay and the guys are
just standing around bs and smoking cigarettes and stuff I have to say Sam
Walton the man was a hustler when he was young he at five and nine store he drove
all night to the other side of Arkansas so he could buy these women clothes
cheap then come back to his store and before they opened at six o’clock in the
morning he had it all displayed so he could undercut the guy across the street
and do more business by saving people money for making a profit himself
if only Sam could see the laziness and indifference of many of his workers he’d
be rolling over his grave seeing how they treated his customers sure they’re
only doing simple things like changing the oil
putting tires on the car but any batteries in but modern cars are a lot
more complex than they used to be to give you a perfect example at a customer
went to Walmart later he comes to me saying I’m having problems with this
battery I put my fancy load testing machine on this $800 Medtronic’s said
the battery was bad sir he went back to Walmart and he said all they did was get
a voltmeter and they measured the voltage says no it’s got enough voltage
is nothing wrong with the battery and of course anybody who knows anything about
batteries you don’t just measure the voltage that’s where you start you do a
low test you got to see how many cranking amps it is there are a bunch of
tests that can be done all I did basically was testing the voltage and
the testing of the amps and showed that the amp was low even though it was a new
battery it was just the defect and he needed a new battery
they gave him another battery haha but he had to jump through hoops to get
another battery they cost one year as big as Walmart
they’re the largest single company from number of employees they have and
they’re third in the world for anything only the United States Defense
Department and the Chinese Defense Department has more employees than
Walmart so it’s so big they’re certainly ganna have a problem with quality
control a few years ago a guy came with this new pickup it was about six months
old and he brought me a battery to test so I tested it
said hey the batteries got reverse polarity the positive and the negative
terminal were actually even though it said positive one negative the other it
was built wrong so it was backwards the positive was actually negative negative
was a positive so when he hooked up to his truck boom
burnout a bunch of stuff about the matter at Walmart and they said oh will
you put the battery wrong in your truck it’s not our fault you just installed it
backwards well after I just as I said no you installed it correctly it said it
was built wrong now I have to admit even I probably would have done that because
when I buy a battery I know you’re chilly stick ammeter to see if it’s made
right that the positive is positive negative negative I’m assuming that plus
is plus and minus is minus and I put it in carefully so the positive goes in a
positive terminal and negative a negative but after that guy brought me
an ad for a few months I was checking all the batteries with my meter to make
sure they were positive and not negative and they weren’t built wrong but I never
did find another one that was built wrong I do have to say they have
insurance and they had to pay a bunch of money for it it was thousands of dollars
the damage it did to the new pickup truck to the computer system but people
that are working there from my experience here in Texas a lot of don’t
even care I went to Walmart wants to buy big screen TV I was ignored I mean we
were talking about a thousand dollar TV right they just ignore me so dad with us
I walked on I bought it on Amazon which actually I liked better because they
delivered to our house free so I didn’t care you have to carry the giant thing
Amazon ended up as a better deal language but they lost the sale on that
one because of lazy unmotivated employees now with the complexity of
modern-day cars even changing a battery out can cause problems that’s why I
advise people to use one of these batteries memory savers this plugs in
the OBD part then you just hook this up to any 12-volt power supply so when you
disconnect the battery in place of battery it doesn’t reset a bunch of
stuff a lot more than your idea won’t work cuz you got to put in a special
code and if you don’t have the code and they put a battery in and you got to run
through hoops to find out where the code is from the dealer prove you own it get
the code and then input it it’s a lot worse I had a customer the mini dead
battery changed at Walmart and they brought to me it’s the Scotty my
sunroofs not working right the windows aren’t working right so idle and kind of
funky and I said what did they put one of these memory savers in they
said I don’t think so I had to reset my clock and everything I said well then
they didn’t do this because I’m modern cars like the many that’s basically BMW
technology you have to know what you’re doing when you’re working on them and if
you just change the battery you’re gonna have to reset a whole bunch
of stuff and often it requires a dealer level scan tool when I get one of those
cars come in I’ve got to hook up my $5,000 top-of-the-line scan tool and
start messing with resetting stuff because just changing the battery can
cause a problem if you don’t put one of these obd memory savers in before you
change the battery now they sell tires have competitive prices on tires there’s
no arguing that if you’re gonna buy tires you’ll buy from a place that knows
tires that has mechanics that can do front-end alignments doesn’t know how to
balance them correctly you don’t just want some guy was making $11 an hour
putting tires on your car and saying okay it’s done when I send customers the
cotton brothers that’s my front end alignment shop that’s half a mile over
there they look at everything first they look at the old tires and they’ll see oh
well this is worn here the struts are worn or the tow in is wrong and a front
end alignment they’re not just going to throw tires I’m they’re gonna wear out
fast because there’s another problem these places don’t have the trained
personnel to do that or the equipment to do alignments to do it correctly even
though they got good prices hey I’m not a fan of taking your car there and
having tires put on realize these days with the complexity of modern cars
things are so complex you want somebody who understands the whole car when
they’re working on it and yeah I personally seen horror stories were
somebody went to Walmart to get their oil changed and they screwed up the
drain plug and not was leaking and in one case it was on all-wheel drive Isuzu
and it was like a $900 job replacing the oil pan to fix it right you really want
to have to deal with that stuff man as a kid I started changing it all cuz hey I
didn’t have much money I wanted to keep the engine going but
I’m not gonna pay somebody to do a simple job like that I do it myself and
I advise people to do it themselves but if you don’t do it yourself have a
qualified guy doing it if you’re going to any big-box store it doesn’t matter
if it’s Walmart or Lowe’s you do not go there expecting any type of great
customer service they just pay their employees too little one
of the biggest complaints I saw online from employees of Walmart that worked on
their Auto Center was you didn’t get promoted because you did a good job you
got promoted if you nuzzled up to the manager and it
was more of a buddy system that it was a merit system, great place to buy stuff
that has good prices but I would not send people there to have their cars
worked on, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Heck even if the employees are not skilled as much you don't need to be just to put tires on and off wheels with new ones I mean really.

  3. How much does a Walmart Auto Tech make?

    Auto Tech salaries at Walmart can range from $11 – $16. This estimate is based upon 3 Walmart Auto Tech salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Auto Tech at Walmart can expect to make an average total pay of $27,452 .

  4. I brought my car to the local TLE @ Wal-Mart and it was my first oil change on my new Pontiac Grand Am & they somehow managed to get oil on my serpentine belt and I lived about 25miles from there. And 15miles down the road my belt slipped off and they're lucky it didn't mess up my timing or water pump! But ever since that day back in 2002 I've changed my own oil & done any other work possible by myself; by myself. That way if anything goes wrong there's no one to blame but me.

  5. Once I was there at WMart buying oil for my car , and another customer came back carrying a tire : saying that his front tire just rollover free on the parking lot,just after they fixed !!

  6. Maybe the CEO of Walmart should look
    at what happen to Procter & Gamble before he offends the majority of his customers.

  7. It is embarrassing that the world's largest retailer does not pay its full-time employees a proper living wage. It's more than embarrassing, it's downright indecent.

  8. How much should one expect in regards to customer service at $11 an hour? Unbelievable that people expect a red carpet rolled out for them at places like Walmart and McDonald's..

  9. Only use Walmart auto service if you are in a pinch and nobody else can do it. Otherwise, Scotty nailed the issue.

  10. WMT is the best retailer in the US. People here mention the employees, I’ve never see one forced to work there! They have a great auto section, 5 qts Mobil 1 for $23. Is that made in China too? Lol. Well lit, clean bathrooms, WIFI, great prices. That’s a retailer!

  11. My dad went to Walmart for service and to change the oil and check the tires cause we were going to Vegas and when we got their we checked in for a hotel and the next morning one of the tires were flat.but good thing there was a tire shop 5 minutes away

  12. Walmart Auto Centers are HACKS! They will be sure to scratch it up and especially your wheels on a tire rotation. No respect for their customers vehicles.

  13. I brought my '02 Acura 3.5RL to get it's oil changed a few years ago. First it took over 1.5hrs to get an oil change. It was NOT busy! Then when it was all said and done; I'm getting into my car to leave. A "technician" walks up to me and informs me that my "TURBO" is going out. I know cars and especially MY OWN CARS. I told him it didn't have a turbo and that I would never buy a car with a turbo in the first place. He told me YES IT DOES HAVE A TURBO…you can hear it when you rev the engine. I just looked at him and said, "Okay dude..I'll get my turbo looked at".

    I've never been back!

  14. That's why I do everything myself, I can't trust any shop anymore. The way I see it is; I pay someone to break my car or I do it myself for free and learn as I go.

  15. I first read this and thought “how the heck am I supposed to get to Walmart if I can’t drive there?” Lol having a long day I think

  16. Not really true about Walmart testing the batteries, at least at the one near me. Brought an Everstart (Johnson Controls) battery back that I purchased 2 years ago, they tested it, said it had a bad cell – their tester took 15 seconds to find that. I was out the door in 10 minutes with a new battery.

  17. Jeez I loathe Walmart. Just in there yesterday for paper products. Asking an employee for assistance is definitely less desirable than figuring your question out on your own.

  18. took my minivan to WM for new tires……next trip for rotation, I learned the jerkwad had used the wrong socket on the air gun, rounding off the lugnuts so a wrench wouldn't fit on. They tried to buy new lugnuts, but couldn't find enough.

  19. No thanks Walmart. I can crossthread and maybe even strip the threads of the oil pan drain myself for free. I can put my oil filter on crooked for no charge thank you very much.

  20. I been changing my oil at Walmart, every 3k miles I use the $19.99 Quacker State Oil, My Explorer Still Runs Like New With 162k On The Odometer 🙂

  21. Never bring my car to Walmart?
    Do you expect me to walk 4 and a half miles every time I need something at 2:37 am that I don't actually need???

  22. Took my moms corolla to walmart a few yrs ago for new tires, took forever for them to get the service done.. When I got home, i had aninclination to check their work, so I took off the hubcaps, and low and behold over 1/2 of the lug nuts were bolted on in reverse (bevel edge on the outside).. I was livid and went back for an explanation and apology.. All they gave me was a $20 gift card.. Never trust Wal-Mart with your car, they hire imbeciles off the streets..

  23. I had a customer that had tires replaced and Discount Tire. They said they had replaced valve stems and showed her the old ones. lol she has TPM in her rims

  24. Just got $20 oil change vs 35 at oil change place. took 2 hours however I just had coffee next door at Dunkin donuts.

  25. I had two tires replaced on car at Walmart they actually did a better job and did not scratch my rims like the dealership did. I think it really does depend on who you get and probably what Walmart you go to.

  26. I am a part time walmart auto tech, and I have a few things to say about this!
    First, the laziness. I work part time at a rural walmart while I attend university full time (they are super flexible with my schedule and I was offered over $13/h which is much better than I had found around my university). of all my co-workers I am the only one that does not smoke and am often left by myself between jobs as they take breaks together so I can agree on this point…however, we have a stupid policy where we can not turn down any customer no matter how busy we are and also take customers on a first come first serve basis… so to the many ppl complaining about long wait times, there is physically no way to do the six 4-tire jobs that got there before you and then finish your job in a "reasonable" time when we only have 2 tire bays and crappy equipment…

    The rules are VERY regulated… we have about 28 cameras that constantly record every step we take in the services we do… we get accused of "dents and dings" all the time, but when these customers realize that camera evidence proves we didn't damage thier property these people often immediately leave without a word then write bad reviews or come to these comment sections…if a walmart tech DOES damage the customers car in ANY way, it will be seen on camera and walmart will cover ALL of the charges…I have seen this twice in my 1 year working there, and it was lugstuds shearing on 30 year old cars when being torqued to spec…

    About the batteries… as a chemistry major it really annoyed me when I saw my "experienced" co-workers calling a low-volt or discharged battery a bad battery based solely on voltage output or amp output. We have a very good charging machine that does an in depth charge and load analysis to test the quality of battery, but from what I have seen, most of the techs are too lazy to actually carry the battery to the station to do the PROPER test and just rely on thier interpretation of volt measurement from our crappy handheld testers. My managers did this all the time too…(so I guess if you want to scam walmart, drain your warranted battery before getting it tested lol) at least at my walmart I had to explain the issue with judging a battery by its voltage to my managers using basic chemistry as a way to save money as a department haha….

    About the tires! We have an annual meeting with goodyear engineers( that's right, engineers not salesmen) that teach in depth properties of tread pattern and bad tire wear…on top of that our system MAKES us enter whether or not the old or current tires are worn improperly…this isnt that complicated of a concept…any child can see if tread is smoother on one side of the tire or scalloped from bad shocks…we dont do alignments, but refer cars to alignment shops every. single. day… so I disagree with scotty on this one…

    Anyway, there are a lot more things, so feel free to ask me anything!!

  27. Whenever you get your oil changed at Walmart you have to make very clear to the people that are doing it to not touch anything else on my engine. Trust me, I got my car back and it ran like crap because they disconnected something to check something and lucky the computer reset itself. Make sure if your car runs good tell them do not touch anything else just change the oil, and put that on writing on their worksheet!

  28. I had the same experience of getting an improperly made battery at Sam's Club a couple of years ago. I bought a 6V DuraCell battery for my 1956 Allis-Chalmers "B" tractor. It had not been running for about 10 years so i was working on it, getting it to run. TO make a long story short, I installed the battery in the tractor, POSITIVE ground, and when I hit the starter, it would BARELY turn over….odd for a brand new, charged battery. Tried it a couple more times, same thing. Then I noticed the starter was cranking the engine BACKWARDS. I checked the batt voltage, put the black lead on the 'neg' terminal marked on the batt and the red lead on the + terminal and it read -6 V DC. DamN, the batt was made backwards or labeled incorrectly. I did take it back to Sam's and they swapped it out for a new, properly checked 6V DuraCell batt. Oh well.

  29. Walmart has best prices on Michelin tires. Buy on line, are free shipped to store where mounted and balanced for free!!

  30. I got my oil changed exactly 1 time at Walmart…they didn't put the oil cap back on and I sprayed 2 qts of oil all over the inside of the engine bay on my road trip, good thing I stopped for fuel only an hour and 30 min into the trip and I always check my fluids.

  31. Witnessed the bad battery situation at Walmart yesterday while waiting in the return line. Customer in front of me had brought one back with receipt because it wouldn't hold a charge. They took it to their shop area "tested" it, then came back and told him the battery checked out fine and he couldn't get a refund even with his receipt. I guess it was past their 30 day return policy. Good ole' Walmart service.

  32. 5:37 Same here in Cincinnati. They won't open another register until 30 people are waiting in one line. Just buy it online. Walmarts prices are on average 10 dollars cheaper buying things on line. Have it sent to the store and pick it up.

  33. just bought a new Toyota rav 4 they told me there shop charge is $190 a hour, after my warranty runs out, its Bye, Bye Toyota Dealership ! a shout out to Scotty from Champaign ILL , yup nothing changed here , our Football team still sucks !

  34. They stripped the opening in the oil pan and acted as if they didn't know, meaning they stripped the threads. I drove home with oil dripping out. if you tapped the plug with your finger it would fall out.

  35. Someone working at Walmart for 6 years and not getting a pay raise is a complete lie. Scotty, either you heard wrong or that is a complete lie.

  36. Thanks Scotty I made one with a u9 9v battery, but I got one of those you put up on your site , much better .:) 🙂

  37. Well Scotty, I haven’t thought about getting a job at Walmart nor do I plan on getting stuff done there. I will only go there to buy stuff. As lazy as I am, I would only work there just so I can get paid to do nothing. I plan on servicing my own vehicles and doing my own maintenance despite how lazy I am in life.

  38. While visiting friends in Las Vegas stopped in a Walmart to buy food for a bbq. Turns out practically everything over $10 is locked up behind glass now! WTH!? Try, just try to find an employee to unlock the case to get what you want! Then, some stuff they want to walk it up to the register for you. We walked out and went to the neighboring Supermarket where they still have good ol" American freedom!

  39. I miss working at Wal-Mart tire center used to beat the living crap out customer cars if they were rude .first start after the oil change I'd sit it on the rev limiter ,horrible neutral drops,

  40. Never buy clothing there either JUNK. Also perhaps if Wal Mart treated their employees better, they in turn would treat the customers better, just a thought!

  41. My Walmart tires are only 5 mo the old, and all the tread is gone. Have not driven any different at all. They were supposed to last 45k but I don't believe that, because there is no way I drove that much in only 5 months

  42. I have used their batteries, oil, grease, and filters since the early 1990's with no issues. But an oil change at Walmart? Hell no!
    My family has over 100 years combined experience working at Walmart Distribution Centers (Warehouses). Spot on about Sam. He was the man!

  43. You have never given bad advice about how to fix a car. But you just said a bunch of stuff that doesn't happen at my Walmart in Kansas. You painted us all with the same negative brush. You won't miss just one subscriber, and you will still get views when I watch one of your repair videos. Best wishes.

  44. Most, if not all vehicles built today have diodes and other circuit protection devices that protect vehicle electronics systems in case the battery is hooked up backwards or jumped backwards. Unhooking a battery without using a "fancy "top of the line" scan tool" (autel is not top of the line, scotty) isn't going to damage or screw up anything. Reset the clock and reprogram your radio stations. You're done.

  45. When my 14 Chevy Silverado a/c stopped working I took it to a local Chevrolet stealership to have it repaired due in part that they have trained/certified techs and should receive great service. Well Scotty they (in my opinion) took advantage of the extended service warranty that I purchased and ran up a $1100 bill and stuck it to the insurance co. After I got my truck back home I did a post inspection under the hood and found hoses on each side of the v8 engine still disconnected. So just because you go to a dealership and have trained and certified techs working on your vehicle does not mean you will receive good trained /certified results!

  46. I went for years until they damaged and destroyed the plug hole. It was an $800 oil pan replacement that they paid for. Took a week to get my truck back.

  47. Never had Walmart replace my battery but I had AutoZone do it. No problems. They never hooked up any memory saver as I recall. But no problems. I had tires replaced at Walmart and no problems. But I would understand if somebody buys Walmart tires on sale and has a their trusted garage install them ( with aligning and balancing) instead of the Walmart garage. That makes sense.

  48. I never would let Walmart hacks touch my car, but I do buy auto and car products there, especially simple green, oil and filters and slick mist….oh and micro fiber towels if I can't get to (deal with) Costco

  49. Don't buy tires there either unless you're just trying to prep a car to sell. Lower grade tires negotiated with the manufacturer, meaning more quality problems such as being out of round.

  50. I've had pretty decent service at Walmart. I buy the battery and put it in myself… It's the customers I have to watch, especially in South Dallas… I have a Escalade EXT pickup (old 2009)… my hubcaps were stolen while I parked in the front of the store, in broad daylight… twice! The second time in under 5 minutes!! And they're not cheap!! If I have to go there again, I remove the hubcaps…

  51. Walmarts in Ontario Canada only employ indian exchange students from India now. Also they put in about 25 self check outs. The government pays half their pay.

  52. I worked at Walmart and you doing cars take a while and people complained "ive been here 4hrs". It took 4hrs because 12 people were ahead of you. Yeah, Walmart is frustrating but customers are just as childish when they treat a car shop like a fast food service

  53. I buy a lot of stuff online because walmart does not carry a lot of stuff in the store that I want , it comes from another supplier but is bought through walmart and I like to check put the supplier before buying most of the time it is an easy one to look up and they are in the U.S. so I don't have a problem , and a lot of the time it's something built or manufactured in the U.S.

  54. I like the videos but can someone please tie his hands behind his back before he makes the videos! Gets a little crazy with his arms flying around everywhere.

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