What up dude bros, I’m Frank this is a black friday alert video. I’m going to point out a few deals that i found and sort of to alert you to go check out deals locally your locally not my locally you can check those out but I’m also kind of alerting you about those black friday is kind of interesting because you can get some awesome deals in its a bunch of companies that say hey let’s throw a bunch of deals with the American people and worldwide people now with the interwebs to get them to go out and consume a bunch of material items literally one day after we have a designated day to give thanks for everything yet you already have blue america made that joke last year if you remember you you’re awesome bro thanks for sticking around double awesome point of view if you tried to reach out and high-five me still trapped in this simulator YouTube thing I’m trapped in this little box and I’m only alive when you click on my videos so when you click away you kill me temporarily and it hurts the one guy that stripping right now is probably just like what we make so much sense okay i’m getting off-topic black friday so awesome deals for everything which also includes nerf guns oh yeah a lot of my ads were local ads so they might be different in your area and if you’re outside the united states I don’t know if you celebrate this holiday it’s not really a holiday and I feel bad calling the holiday after a real holiday like Thanksgiving but whatever is my stopwatch longest intro ever hear the deals let’s start out with amazon very annoyingly does not allow me to use the search function within their black friday section their search function then like bypasses it goes into the normal thing so i can actually search the marketplace efficiently but so far i found rival que haces for about 43 247 US dollars based on the color the red ones seem to be cheaper that’s also at the Apollo and the other blasters because read it looks lame sauce the balloons look way cooler match to supply and demand fewer people want the red ones but if you want to save a few bucks go buy a red one for three bucks which is the cheapest i found them i actually did not buy any because i already own nine that’s enough for me don’t need nine of them i just wanted a bunch of bonus mags btdubs not an official black friday deal along with all of these amazon ones and they might be gone by the time Black Friday actually comes around I film in advance it’s not actually thursday right now you can call me a time traveler sort of although you can click on this video and re-watch this in a year and i’ll still be trapped in this moment in time isn’t that funny how that works I’m getting off-topic man next the Apollo from 18 to 26 US dollars and that’s based on color and what why are you find it from that’s also marked down a little bit and the next two rival mags for 579 each and then after I place that order a few hours later they went up a little bit so this deal might be completely gone right at this moment when you’re watching this I’m sorry if I’m get your hopes up that’s only like a few bucks off of the mag cost but a few bucks at an eight dollar cost is almost half price which is pretty awesome but those are the 12-round Zeus mags that will fit in the Apollo in the shotgun and they also come with a man so that’s pretty solid deal and refill packs at 25 counts for little over four dollars which isn’t a whole lot again when you compared to the overall cost is a pretty good percentage change in making these actually cheaper than all of the third-party rival alternatives that i’ve reviewed recently and like I’ve said in those reviews i still think the nerf ones are the best just universally but not really furred per dollar for that I’d go to the head shot ammo but since these are now cheaper than everything else if you’re like oh I really want those rival blasters but the animals too expensive now would be a good time to load up little side note they have a quantity limit of three so you can’t load up a whole bunch and after i placed the order i tried to rebuy since some websites don’t have that program to block you from purchasing like four separate parts of their quantity limit and even on amazon sometimes they let me do it but they blocked me from ordering more than three of these but normal packaging and certified frustration-free packaging are two separate items so you can bypass the quantity limit a little bit and i also got three of the magazines which again stupid quantity limits ruining my day how dare you demand a profit for your service but a lot of these deals are going on beyond friday so you can get them over the weekend or for the week prior which is no longer relevant to the Black Friday used to be a day and then it was like a day and the day after and then a day in the day before so if you want to ruin your Thanksgiving wait in line to save a hundred bucks I don’t know ok I’d much rather spend time with my family on thanksgiving the wait in line to save a hundred dollars on a TV that you don’t need that’s just me though but that is all of amazon link in the description box to the Amazon black friday stuff next up toys r us the ad that I viewed was a local at least they said this is local for your zip code so some of these deals might not be applicable to you first the centurion’s 2999 or about 30 US dollars and the hail fire was 1999 or 20 US dollars around about these are both in-store only and a Thursday doorbuster so if you go in on actually like friday friday that might not be available which is weird because it’s totally labeled as the black friday sale section on the website instead of black thursday for thanksgiving thats it for toys r us next walmart i don’t really like Walmart but don’t get into that demolishers 420 US dollars which is down a little bit demolishers certainly fun blaster you know watch my review on that and i’ll talk about the actual blaster if you want to hear about that twenty bucks for a demolisher if you already wanted one probably worth it next up is target they advertise a mega Thunderbolt 417 US dollars which is a good deal if you want a thunderbolt for whatever reason because I mega loss but also the xshot there’s a sniper pack which has two snipers and two pistols for ten dollars which that’s actually fifty percent off which is a good deal if you want those blasters don’t have interest in those but finally we get to the only one that i have interests in from kohls they have the orange elite alpha trooper 420 US dollars although i think it’s hilarious that they say the regular is over 45 US dollars no it’s not Cole’s stop doing this like it’s illegal I’m pretty sure or somehow you bypassed because i know you have a team of lawyers to belittle dbags but you can’t say Oh regularly it’s 1 million dollars but i’m getting it you 420 you’re tricking uneducated buyers man about a frying pan from kohls a while like two years ago on black friday and it said regular $60 like well that’s probably an awesome frying pan and i pay twenty bucks for it looked on amazon it retails for twenty bucks I was a little upset but I’m not subscribe to any YouTube channels that reviews firing pants so I was unaware of that so hopefully I’m pointing this out to you and that’s why I’m whining and complaining think I’ve talked more off topic that on topic for this video but next item the zombie strike slinger fire for twenty-five dollars for 2499 and this is a unique one that comes with a 25 round drum instead of the standard six round magazine which it normally comes with they say regular cost over forty dollars no it’s not again tires but if you wanted to swing fire anyone of the drum it it is saving a few bucks and twenty bucks is a little bit cheaper than the normal for the lead out the trooper in the lead alpha trooper blaster that is worth buying so if you like a kind of on the fence kind of want something else don’t really want to use that money for twenty bucks it’s not worth it for the alpha trooper i don’t really dig this link fire but it’s just a goofy blaster if you spring combined alpha trooper in here actually in coal so you’re staring at both of them for five dollars more you’re going to get an inferior blaster I don’t see why you go bicycling fire I’m not even saying goodbye striker flywheel gun i’m not going to get into that up saying if you’re next to a sling fire and alpha trooper device like fire but that’s just my opinion I’ve gone over all of the shops that I regularly check into a black friday of course you can get black friday deals all over the place if you have an internet shop that sells nerve stuff they may be offering black friday deals or cyber monday deals so if you know a few days after Black Friday check cyber monday amazon runs deals like they’re running them all this weekend and all next week they’re doing deals like crazy so keep your eye out on that platform check your local ads you can search in Google like if you’re looking at target type in target black friday or whatever the shop you want to look at black friday and a lot of these companies will put up their black friday banners in their little advertisement on their website which can be found in google then you can search it without actually having to go in especially black friday it’s crazy busy I don’t do any physical shopping like in person i do everything online because I don’t want to waste all that time waiting in line and getting trampled and stepped on and stuff to save five dollars but that’s just me maybe I’m crazy that I don’t want to deal with that for five bucks seriously people are waiting line for like hours or days and they’re like already in line like a week before 2i need that TV for 200 bucks off you get a minimum wage job you can make that money back in actually be contributing to society instead of just sitting next to a building but okay maybe I’m coming across as judgy or just logical but that is black friday check out some deals maybe save a few bucks but i do have to remind you guys that if you’re on YouTube with a stable internet connection electricity if you have electricity at this point with internet you probably running water a stable food supply please just look around your life and then compare it to people that aren’t as well offer people a few hundred years ago compared to everybody else you’re doing really well so if you’re like oh I must have this nerf blaster and you get kind of upset if you can’t acquire it keep that in perspective you’re alive stable food supply your pursuit of happiness is relatively unrestricted with the internet it’s made it very easy just keep in mind everything that you do have before you start thinking what don’t have a what do I need because the perception of need is completely warped nowadays i hope you guys are having an awesome thanksgiving or you don’t celebrate thanksgiving you’re like what is this American talking about he’s what a Yankee wear his cowboy hat and well to you guys i know that i don’t have a response just whatever happy thanksgiving good luck saving a few bucks tomorrow or tonight or earlier this week or next week thanks so much for watching putting up with all my rambling state a cool

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  1. Dear frank cooper I just made a channel and wanted to be a nerf one so can I have your permission to use steriotyes,combos and reviews?

  2. i bought the oj alpha trooper for 45 dollars online so….. also it wasn't available on amazon.😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Kohls does that a lot. 10 dollar item, raise the price to 100 a week before Black Friday, on Black Friday, charge 20. 80 PERCENT OFF BITCHES

  4. coop you are so awesome you inspire me to try to by Nerf guns when I get my birthday money thank-you so much great videos I subbed a little while ago

  5. im watching this video its been almost a year and your still trapped in this video, damn Coop thats deep

  6. Hey coop there's a shopping site called wish. You can get a bunch of nerf darts and mags and other stuff for extremely low price

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