Nankang NS-20 Tire Review What Do I Think About Them

Nankang NS-20 Tire Review What Do I Think About Them

Nankang NS-20 tire review. What do I think about them. Let’s start with the good first. It seems to be a quite long lasting tire. This rubber is very soft and it has a good grip on wet and dry surfaces. It’s quite comfortable tire to drive And it is pretty quiet. What’s really bad about Nankang NS-20. It’s really unstable on side wind and when changing lanes. I think that Because of this tire has very soft sidewalls Rubber is soft and these grooves here are pretty huge. I think that this tire deforms too much on those situations When there is side load. This is very unstable on those situations and Have to say that I would not recommend buying the NS-20’s For this specific reason And if you need to buy Nankang brand tires Maybe the other models are better But definitely would not recommend buying the NS-20’s. If you have these tires leave comments below And thanks for watching.

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  1. Interesting. I bought a set of these for my now older BMW E39 528i. They are quiet and feel fine to me. I have been in the rain with them but with no critical situations, again, seemed fine.
    In Germany, on a number of occasions on the Autobahn as well. So far no problems.
    On one occasion I was in a great rush to get from Hannover to München and went flat out nearly all the way. My 528i can't do anymore than 145 mph/235 kph which i did most of the time when the Autobahn was free. It felt like any Continentals or Pirellis I had in the past. I'm inclined to say that unless you have some sort of extreme situations… these tyres are like any other. The tread wear strikes me as normal or possibly a little bit higher, but the latter doesn't bother me.
    My sizes are:
    Front 235 45 17
    Rear 255 40 17

  2. I just bought a 2006 335i e92 with brand new Ns-20s and they’re lethal without traction control. Would not recommend also

  3. What pressure did you have them inflated to? I have had to go above the vehicle recommended pressure on certain tires because they looked and felt underinflated.

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